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(Part 2) I have heard that the movie, "The Passion" is full of inaccuracies and untruths. Does it portray the details of the crucifixion accurately? - J.D.

Last time, I demonstrated that contrary to what the critics have been saying, there is no reason to doubt the Gospel accounts of Christ. I began with this because part of the criticisms of the movie were actually criticisms of the Gospel accounts as being biased and full of either half truths or outright fabrications. The Gospel accounts are indeed trustworthy.

As for the movie, its portrayal paints a picture that is consistent with the Gospels. However, there is some poetic license in the movie. I do not have the space here to go into detail on these. For a discussion of these, see the March issue of Christianity Today.

There is one significant fact that the movie did not include. When Jesus was crucified, not only did it get dark, not only did the earth shake, but saints who had died began to come out of the tombs (Matt 27:52). Through his death, there is the hope of life for saints, which are all of us who are faithful to Christ.

Unlike many other movies, this one is very accurate. But I would encourage you to read the four Gospel accounts yourself in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I would also encourage you to read the books of Philippians and Colossians as they tell of the significance of the crucifixion and resurrection.

We should not overlook how greatly Christ suffered on our behalf. He did this to provide an opportunity for us to receive forgiveness of sins through faith, which the Bible tells us must express itself in repentance, baptism, and a devoted life to Christ as Lord.

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