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Sender's name: Ron

I have heard some preachers say that the soul and spirit are the same.and also heard other preacher's say they are different. Could you explain with sacripture which is right?




In Greek, spirit is "pneuma" and soul is "psuche."  In Hebrew, spirit is "ruah" and soul is "nephesh."  Spirit is more often used of God than man, and soul is more often used of man.  However, it appears that these are used interchangeably.


John 12:27 - "soul" is troubled

John 13:21 - troubled in his "spirit"

Luke 1:46-47 - Poetic parallelism, soul and spirit are synonymous

1 Pet 3:19; Heb 12:23; Rev 6:9 - Soul/spirit goes to Heaven, they are synonymous


There are also these verses which speech of the soul or spirit departing at death


Gen 35:18 - as her soul was departing

Luk 12:20 - your soul is required

Psa 31:5 - into your hands I commit my spirit

Eccl 12:7 - spirit returns to God

Acts 7:59 - receive my spirit


The evidence shows that soul and spirit are used interchangeably.  What the soul does, the spirit does, and vice versa. 


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