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Sender's name: Sabrina

I have recently redeticated my life to Christ, and have a question about issues that are under legislation today--such as abortion and gay marriage. As a Christian, I know these practices are wrong, and I believe that I should encourage anyone I know who are considering abortion and/or homosexual lifestyle to listen to the word of God....but is it wrong that I believe we cannot force our opinion (through laws), or judge anyone if they will not follow God's commandments?God gives us free will, and God will judge in the shouldn't we do the same? I am appalled by the scenes on the news of Chritian groups forcing issues through violent means, and through the indirect preaching of "hate" toward others who choose not to follow God's laws.




What good would it do if you manage to get a person to see that homosexuality and abortion is wrong, and they never come to Christ?  Morality is important, but you will not change a person's morals through legislation.  That is not to say that laws that are moral and just are good and needed.  In fact, the Bible is clear the righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a disgrace to any people (Prov 14:34).   Throughout the Bible, God has at times judged, condemned, and punished unrighteous nations, especially those that had oppressed the poor and defenseless.


Standing for moral laws, media, programming, education, etc. are all good and worthy.  But realize that this itself will not change the morality of the country.  A nation is made up of people, and change comes from the inside out.  What people need are not moral laws, but a savior.  They need to hear the Gospel.  God left us on this earth to spread the Gospel.  Transformation comes through the word and the Spirit.


Recognize most of all that your faith and the faith of every Christian should permeate their entire life.  Faith is not a thing of private devotion.  Christ transforms your entire life.  Therefore he, the Lord of life, determines the direction of your life, your morality, and everything else.  Morality apart from Christ is subjective, empty, and ultimately bankrupt.  So the real issue is not morality, but conversion to Christ.  There will never be Christian morality without Christ.



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