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Niagara Falls, NY, Minister 03-19-19
St Clarisville, OH, Minister 03-16-19
Havana, AR, Minister 03-05-19
Tacoma, WA, Pulpit Minister 03-05-19
Tallahassee, FL, Associate 03-05-19
Clarksburg, WV, Minister 03-03-19
Benton, KY, Minister 03-02-19


January 28, 2019
Position Vacancy: Youth and Family Minister (Full Time)
North Tuscaloosa Church of Christ
081 Fairfax Park
Tuscaloosa AL 35406

No Parsonage
Contact Name: Clark Sims
Phone: 205-632-5679
Email: clarksims@bellsouth.net 
Website: http://northtuscaloosa.com/  
The North Tuscaloosa Church of Christ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has begun a search for a full-time Youth and Family Minister.

We would welcome and value your resume to be sent to:
North Tuscaloosa Church of Christ,
attn: YM Search,
1081 Fairfax Park
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35406.

Your interest, inquiries and questions can be shared by email with Clark Sims, preacher and one of the elders, at clarksims@bellsouth.net or you can send Clark a private message on Facebook.


November 26, 2018
Position Vacancy: Youth Minister
Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ
1207 Sherrod Ave. 
Florence, AL 35630

Size: 400    Salary:
Parsonage: No 
Contact:  James Nipper 
Email:  sherrodavenueemployment@gmail. com
Phone:  256-702-9925

Web Site:
Sherrod ave is looking for a full time high school youth minister. Please send your resumes to the email address provided.



September 22, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Anchorage church of Christ
2700 Debarr Rd
Anchroage Ak 99508

Size: 300+    Salary:
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Search Committee
Email:  minsearch@anccoc.org
Anchorage church of Christ is seeking a full-time pulpit minister with at least five years experience preaching with church of Christ congregations, deeply dedicated to the inerrancy of the Scriptures, and able to show the relevance of its message in today’s diverse culture. We prefer a family man with the ability to lovingly connect with saints of all ages. The successful candidate must be able to promote personal evangelism and be a role model as he demonstrates bringing souls to Christ Jesus. Anchorage church of Christ is an ethnically diverse group of more than 300 members in a city of 300,000 plus. Our community is also home to Joint-Base Elmendorf-Richardson and the University of Alaska-Anchorage. We have active Evangelism and Education Visions, youth group, deaf ministry, senior group, and prison ministry. You will serve alongside four shepherds and nine deacons. We have elder-centered leadership, believe in a literal interpretation of the Scriptures, hold that baptism is essential to salvation, utilize males exclusively in leading the public worship assemblies, and conduct traditional congregational-style a cappella worship services. We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience and education. If you feel you satisfy the above requirements and might like to work with us, please send your resume, personal and professional references (three) as well as a digital copy of one of your sermons to minsearch@anccoc.org (video preferred) by Dec 31, 2018.  If selected for a telephone interview, you and your wife may also be requested to visit us in Anchorage AK. During this visit, we will conduct a face-to face interview and you will be asked to present two sermons (morning and evening) and teach a Sunday morning auditorium adult class.
Note:  Anchorage is a beautiful city and winters can be harsh.




September 25, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Gaetway Church of Christ
22709 S Ellsworth Rd. 
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Size: 100    Salary: Open
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Mark Atencio
Email:  office@gatewaycofc.org
Phone:  480-497-6125

Web Site:
The Gateway Church of Christ is currently seeking a minister whose primary focus will be preaching, supporting the church vision and teaching. He will be a teammate who will unite with our current leadership to accomplish Gateway’s vision and purpose. The new minister will be capable of helping the entire congregation in its desire to mature spiritually.

As pulpit minister, his messages will be inspired, timely and audience-appropriate. He will exhibit a proven knowledge of the Word and a passion to develop Christ followers. He will work with our worship team in coordinating services that bring worshipers before the throne of God. His creativity and resourcefulness will be used to support the work for the vision for Gateway and to inspire the congregation.

The minister will have excellent interpersonal skills, leading by establishing relationships and empowering others for results. He will have strong organizational and planning skills, evidenced by his ability to effectively map out ministerial objectives and plan congregational purpose. He must have a demonstrated capability and a desire to teach adult Bible classes. He will support the adult education team led by the Deacons in developing rich, meaningful classes that will encourage spiritual growth in members and guests.

The minister will be a man of personal integrity who is Spirit-filled and Spirit-led. He will have a strong marriage and family relationship and a good reputation within his community, home congregation and the brotherhood. He will be spiritually mature and will be known as a prayer warrior.

Gateway has a campus in the Town of Queen Creek, AZ in a new development area known as the Villages at Queen Creek. Our campus is adjacent to a busy family-oriented town park. Our location in Queen Creek is in an excellent evangelistic location which borders a multitude of neighborhoods and in close proximity to Queen Creek downtown.

Queen Creek is one of the best-kept secrets in Arizona just 40 SE of Phoenix. Exceptional climate (with 330 days of sunshine annually), natural recreational riches and a relaxed, rural lifestyle combine to fulfill the dreams and visions of those who relocate to one of America's best small towns. Queen Creek's approximately 42,000 residents enjoy the benefits of small-town living close to a metropolitan area: low crime rates, easy commuting to and from metro Phoenix, excellent air quality and a variety of recreational activities, all elements of a low-stress lifestyle. Queen Creek is a family place, where the residents take pride in independence.

Our Family and Organizational Structure:
We are a Christ-focused family, committed to living for God, loving each other and lighting the world. We are significantly involved in community outreach and local missions. In all things, we seek to be a congregation that conveys to the community the never-ending love that God has for His children and seek any way possible to “Know God” and to “Make God Known”.

Body Life – Gateway currently consists of 100 members with a nice mixture of families in all stages of life seeking to grow and develop new relationships. 
Elders – Two men are the overseers and spiritual leaders of the church. They preach, teach classes, meet with members to counsel and support. They spend time in study and prayer.
Deacons – Two men are the administrators, the eyes, ears and legs of the Elders. They work directly with the ministry leaders making sure all ministries are running as a fine-tuned machine. They watch over the flock, offering assistance and guidance while communicating with the Elders. This is a role that requires good leadership skills with accountability to the Elders, staff and congregation.
Ministry Leaders – Leading ministries set up by the Deacons.
Staff – You will be supported by an administrative assistant.
Offices – The church office includes fully supported offices, kitchen and meeting rooms.

1. The Minister, in the performance of his assigned duties will report directly to the Eldership of the congregation. The desired model is a cooperative working relationship with like goals and plans.
o It is the responsibility of the Minister to keep the Elders informed regarding member issues, concerns, on-going projects, and all business-related issues, i.e., vacation, work load, etc.
o It is the responsibility of the Elders to provide wisdom, guidance, understanding, protection, and assist the Minister with issues requiring joint participation.
2. The duties of the Minister revolve around two primary areas:
o Teaching and preaching the Gospel to existing membership so as to enhance understanding and commitment;
o Assisting in the pursuit of church growth.
By guiding and participation in the congregation’s outreach efforts.
By attracting and holding new members to the church.
By helping to mold the worship service into spiritually uplifting event.
By actively participation in the visitation and follow-up with local visitors.
3. The Minister will work hand-in-hand with all other staff personnel to the benefit of the church, and the glory of the Lord.
4. The Minister will exemplify the highest standard of moral and ethical conduct while being a loving individual that is hospitable to all.
• Prepare and deliver Sunday AM sermon and PM devotional/function as scheduled.
• Participate in Gospel Meetings as approved by the Elders/Church.
• Work with the Outreach Ministry to provide special series classes/sermons for community consumption.
• Teaching Bible classes at various times of the year.
• Be an active participant in the work of the youth Education Ministry.
• Actively participate in the work of the Outreach Ministry.
• Contribute suggestions, ideas and guidance for specific outreach programs / efforts
• Offer, conduct and lead introductory “group” Bible studies.
• Make a special effort to reach out to newcomers and local visitors. Contact all local visitors, within a few days of their visit, either by phone, mail and if at all possible in person.  Coordinate contacts with other members of the congregation who participate in this contact effort via phone calls and cards.
• Offer individual Bible studies to new comers and visitors.
• Work with Elders and congregation to restore inactive members.
• Develop a personal relationship with all members of the congregation
• Initiate counseling sessions with those members of the congregation that have indicated or displayed a need. It is not expected that the Minister will handle all issues, especially deep seated, troublesome concerns.  It is expected that the Minister, with assistance as required from the Elders or other members, be available to provide “level one” counseling. For issues exceeding the capabilities of the church, it is expected that the Minister will have researched and identified competent licensed Christian counselors to refer people to.
• Set aside a regular period of time each week to be in the church office so members of the congregation may meet for discussion, guidance, etc.  Specifics to be agreed upon by the Elders.
• Make contact with and/or visit members of the congregation who are hospitalized, at home ill, in nursing homes; etc., as required.
• With respect to the ministries at Gateway Church of Christ, the Minister should be aware of what is going on in those ministries that impact the primary responsibilities of the Minister.
o OUTREACH: assist the Outreach Ministry in its efforts to reach the community.
o WORSHIP: assist the Worship Ministry in its efforts to update, and direct a meaningful uplifting, effective worship experience.
o EDUCATION: as it applies, and as it is required for special events, i.e., VBS.
o BENEVOLENCE: assist the Benevolence Ministry on an as needed basis.
• Prepare or obtain weekly bulletin messages
• Expectations: The Minister Will:
o Follow the lead of the Eldership, holding them up as counselors and spiritual leader of the congregation
o In concert with the Eldership contribute to the resolution of any and all problems, which may arise in the congregation. He will be guided by the spirit of reconciliation and love.
Via sermons and adult classes communicate the Lord’s message in a way that has real application in today’s challenging social environment.
o Assist the congregation in its desire to make a difference in the community in such a way that the various diverse segments of the congregation achieve a smooth, non-controversial, balanced move forward.
o Promote peace, unity, and Godly love in all endeavors
o Take ample time for study and meditation

Please submit the following materials electronically to the Office Administrator at office@gatewaycofc.org
· Cover letter that highlights your qualifications and fit for the position
· Résumé
· References – Name and contact information of at least three individuals familiar with your recent church ministry
· Web link to at least 2-3 sermons that demonstrate your preaching ability


March 5, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister (Preacher)
Western Yell County (WYC) Church of Christ
HWY 10
Havana Arkansas 72842

Church Size & Salary: 40 / See Details
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Kevin Darbee
Phone: 479-495-0070
Email: kldarbee@gmail.com
-  Part time pulpit minister (preacher)
-  The congregation has a good mix of ages with several young people
-  Attendance now averages 40 with 4 elders.
-  The congregation has a large facility and grounds with outdoor pavilion for special events.
-  Our current Minister with 55 years preaching experience is looking forward to a well-deserved retirement.
-  Responsibilities include
-  Preaching Sunday mornings
-  Support the Eldership as follows:
-  Outreach to congregation and community
-  Weddings and funerals (Desired but not required)
-  If candidate has no preaching experience than Biblical studies a must.
-  This position will need a second source of income as the congregation can only provide partial support.
-  Located in the shadow of magnificent Mt. Magazine State Park www.arkansasstateparks.com/parks/mount-magazine-state-park and nearby Blue Mountain Lake www.arkansas.com/fishing-spot/blue-mountain-lake .
-  Possibility of developing into a full time position.

September 12, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Newton Street church of Christ
412 Newton Street
Paragould, AR  72450

Size: 65    Salary: TBD
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Don Trout
Email:  dementfamily@centurylink.net
Phone:  (870) 236-8041
Well established loving congregation seeking a preacher.  Current preacher leaving on good terms for a work closer to his home. 

The congregation has a good mixture of ages with several young people.

The preacher will need a second source of income as the congregation can only provide partial support.

July 19, 2018
Position Vacancy: Children's Minister
Cabot Church of Christ
500 N 2nd st

Size: 550    Salary:
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Kevin Pfalser
Email:  minister.search@cabotchurch. com
Phone:  5018435688

Web Site:
Full Time Children’s Minister
Cabot Church of Christ       http://www.cabotchurch.com/
500 N. Second St.  Cabot, AR 72023
Attendance: Approx. 550 9 Elders
Youth Ministry Attendance: 60+
Children’s Ministry Attendance: 100+
Contact: Minister Search Team           
Email: minister.search@cabotchurch. com

Seeking an energetic and experienced Children’s Minister having the ability to educate and lead as well as the willingness to work with and assist the Deacon of Children’s Education Ministry and other team members to coordinate, organize, and implement the ministry serving children from birth through 6th grade. 


May 20, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister
Kentucky Avenue Church of Christ
Address: 470 Kentucky Avenue
Woodland CA 95695

Church Size & Salary: 60 / negotiable
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Antonio Gipson
Phone: 530-409-2288
Email: gipsonfamily4@att.net 
Website: http://www.thewoodlandchurchofchrist.com 
We are seeking for a fulltime gospel preacher, a man who is an example in personal work and evangelism to help us grow in this area. The candidate must fulfill his responsibility to preach the word, while engaging in the same kinds of works that all Christians must engage in to be pleasing to God. Currently, the congregation has around 60 in attendance on Sunday. We own our beautiful facility and have plenty of room to grow. All applicants will be considered. Please provide a copy of your resume and an audio file or link to a sermon. For more information please contact Antonio Gipson, at 530-409-2288 or by email at gipsonfamily4@att.net. compensation package will be commensurate with education and experience.

May 6, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister Bilingual (Spanish/English)
Inland Valley Church of Christ
Address: 1550 North Palmetto Avenue, Suite A
Ontario California 91762

Church Size & Salary: 80/Open
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Wayne Campbell
Phone: 909-456-5357
The elders of Inland Valley Church, a church of Christ in Ontario, California (35 miles east of Los Angeles), are seeking a full-time, bilingual (English/Spanish) minister for a fully integrated, multicultural congregation of about 80 members.

Salary and benefits are negotiable based on experience, education, and qualifications.

Qualifications Required: Bilingual (English/Spanish); able to teach adult classes, including college-age groups; willing to lead and participate in community outreach

Qualifications Preferred: Married; college or school of preaching graduate; able to lead singing

Contact Information:
Wayne Campbell (Elder): 909-984-5773, 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (Pacific)
Ron Womack (Minister Search Committee Member): 909-239-6162, daytime (Pacific)
Please send your resume to: IVCJCAMPBELL@OUTLOOK.COM
View submission


April 16, 2019
Position Vacancy: Fulltime Minister
Kentucky Avenue Church of Christ
470 Kentucky Avenue
Woodland CA 95695

Church Size & Salary: 68 / Negotiable
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Jack Mayberry
Phone: 209-704-0998
Email: jack@mfsca.com 
Website: www.thewoodlandchurchofchrist.com   
We are seeking for a fulltime gospel preacher, a man who is an example in personal work and evangelism to help us grow in this area. The candidate must fulfill his responsibility to preach the word (2 Tim.4:2), while engaging in the same kinds of works that all Christians must engage in to be pleasing to God (Matt. 25:35-36). Currently, the congregation has between 75-100 in attendance on Sunday, but it is our desire to grow in the word as well as in number. While the church does currently have two elders, due to the moving away of one of the elders the eldership will be dissolved. We recognize that it is God's will to have qualified men to fill that position (Titus 1:5); so eventually we hope to install qualified men. We own our beautiful facility and have plenty of room to grow. The Ideal candidate would have pulpit experience, involvement in growing pervious congregations and having served under elders. All applicants will be considered. Please provide a copy of your resume and a DVD, audio file or link to a sermon you have preached within the last year. For more information please contact Jack Mayberry, at 209-704-0998 or by email at jack@mfsca.com  . The compensation package will be commensurate with education and experience.


March 27, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister
Inland Valley Church of Christ

Ontario, CA

Contact Info

Mary Reed
Email alice@ses-trans.com
Phone 909-591-0851

We are in search of a minister. Inland Valley Church of Christ Ontario California. We are bilingual we worship and sing together at the same time.If you were recently at the Church of Christ in Beaumont California can you please contact me.


January 31, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister/Preacher
Twin Cities Church of Christ
1033 Royo Ranchero Dr
Yuba City CA 95993

Church Size & Salary:  100  /  TBD
Parsonage?  No Parsonage
Contact Name: Greg Oliver
Phone: 530-673-5443
Email: gollieg@pacbell.net 
Website: www.twincitieschurchofchrist.com 
We are about 100 members and attendance runs between 75 and 110 most Sunday mornings. We have Elders and Deacons. Feel free to submit a letter of introduction and experience including a brief resume. One of the Elders will contact you once your information has been reviewed. Our current preacher will be retiring once we have secured a new preacher.



January 4, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full time pulpit minister
Cortez Church of Christ
PO Box 145
Cortez, CO 81321

Parsonage? Yes, 3 Bdr
Contact Name: Nathan Nicholson
Phone: 970-565-3631
Email: cortezcofc@live.com

Website: www.cortezchurchofchrist.org

Looking to fill position of full time minister in beautiful southwest Colorado. Please email or mail resume Attn: Preacher Search.






March 4, 2019
Position Vacancy: Associate Minister
Meridian Woods Church of Christ
2870 N. Meridian Road
Tallahassee Florida 32312

Church Size & Salary: 225
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Melinda Singleton
Phone: 850-422-3657
Email: melinda@meridianwoods.org 
Website: www.meridianwoods.org 
This position provides ministry leadership for individuals of the junior high, senior high, college, and other younger adult ages of the church. The Associate Minister is responsible for recruiting and developing an engaged team of volunteer leaders, infusing passion and vision for the ministries. The Associate Minister also organizes and oversees all related curriculum, programs, and activities, growing the reach of the ministry beyond the church walls. As an important part of the job, the Associate Minister fosters strong connections with the young people for mentoring and discipleship while maintaining effective communication with parents and church leadership.

February 5, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister
Deltona church of Christ
1301 Providence Blvd
Deltona, FL 32725

No Parsonage
Contact Name: Deltona search committee
Email: dcocpreachersearch@gmail.com 
The Deltona church of Christ is seeking a fully supported, traditional, full time gospel minister. Deltona is located 20 miles north of Orlando, Florida and we have a current congregation of 100 to 115 Christians among a community of 100k. We are searching for a gospel minister that will bring God’s word in its purity and simplicity to a congregation of older well-established Christians as well as newer members of the Lord’s church.
If you are this traditional gospel minister we are seeking, please feel free to provide a resume and references to the address listed.


November 27, 2018
Position Vacancy: Associate Minister
Meridian Woods Church of Christ
2870 N. Meridian Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Size: 250    Salary: Negotiable
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Melinda Singleton
Email:  melinda@meridianwoods.org
Phone:  850-422-3657

Web Site:
This position provides ministry leadership for individuals of the junior high, senior high, college, and other younger adult ages of the church.  The Associate Minister is responsible for recruiting and developing an engaged team of volunteer leaders, infusing passion and vision for the ministries.  The Associate Minister also organizes and oversees all related curriculum, programs, and activities, growing the reach of the ministry beyond the church walls.  As an important part of the job, the Associate Minister fosters strong connections with the young people for mentoring and discipleship while maintaining effective communication with parents and church leadership.

August 13, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Lake Placid church of Christ
235 E Hibiscus St
Lake Placid, FL 33852

Size: 20-30    Salary: Negotiable
Parsonage: No 
Email:  lakeplacidcoc@gmail.com
A Full-time Minister desiring to serve the Lord faithfully while having the ability to connect with members of all ages in the community is needed for a small, rebuilding congregation of 20 - 30 members in Lake Placid, Florida. We need someone to preach and teach the Scriptures, evangelize the lost, encourage the brethren, and be involved in the community. A modest salary can be provided at this time, but suggest having supplemental income. Please email cover letter, resume, and references to lakeplacidcoc@gmail.com or mail to PO Box 1440, Lake Placid, FL 33862.

July 31, 2018
Position Vacancy: Full Time Pulpit and Outreach
Deltona church of christ
1301 Providence Blvd, 
Deltona Florida, 32725

Size: 120    Salary: depending on ability
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Jon Adams
Email:  rockytop2013@yahoo.com
Phone:  407 722 2187

Web Site:
city of 100,000, one church of  Christ, vast opportunity for evangelism.  able to work with older and younger, no elders at this time, but growing.   








October 15, 2018
Position Vacancy: Full Time Minister
Mt. Vernon Church of Christ
4305 Ilbury Street
Mt. Vernon, Illinois  62864

Size: 140    Salary: Competitive
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Gale Evans, Elder
Email:  roevans@charter.net
Phone:  6182466742

Web Site:
Our minister is leaving after 10 years to accept another position. The previous 2 ministers were here 19 and 8 years, respectively.  We are seeking a man strong in biblical knowledge and willing to work with 5 elders and 5 deacons.  We are very active in Lads to Leaders.




February 11, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Pulpit Minister
 Lebanon Church of Christ
1204 Indianapolis Avenue
Lebanon IN 46052

Church Size & Salary:   35 / $50,000
Parsonage?  No Parsonage
Contact Name: Eddie Cox
Phone: 765-481-2224
Email: e8cs@yahoo.com 
Website: www.lebanonchurchofchrist.net 
full time minister/evangelist in community of 16,000. Candidate should have traditional Bible degrees and a few years experience in ministry. We are seeking a couple to be involved in the community. Send requests or resumes to address shown.

November 11, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister-Full Time
Liberty Church of Christ
12884 E. McVille Road
Solsberry, IN 47459

Size: 100    Salary:
Parsonage: No 
Contact:  Jason Freeman
Email:  jasonfreeman@bluemarble.net
Phone:  812-327-2966

Web Site:
Seeking a self-motivated couple willing to serve a congregation in south central Indiana.  We are searching for a pulpit minister who will enthusiastically preach, be an encourager, teach Bible study classes, conduct personal Bible studies and visit the sick in homes/hospitals/nursing homes.  Ideal candidate would have 5+ years experience, be a graduate of a school of theology, trained in public speaking and married with a family.   






October 4, 2018
Position Vacancy: Evangelist
Sabetha/Hiawatha church of Christ
P.O. Box 213
Sabetha, KS 66534

Size: 50    Salary: $55,000-$60,000
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Don Fischer
Email:  djfisch@att.net
Phone:  785-285-1048
We are 2 congregations, 18 miles apart, looking for an evangelist to come and labor with us in northeast Kansas.  We have a number of young families who are actively involved in the work.  Both Sabetha and Hiawatha congregations currently support each others work in this area.  There are approximately 25,000 souls in the immediate area.  There are currently 5 congregations in this area without an evangelist.  This area is ripe for the harvest.  We are excited and praying about the possibilities of working with the right man.  So if you are interested please contact Don Fischer.




April 13, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Preacher
Bowling Green Church of CHRIST
17317 Haskins road
Bowling Green ohio 43402

Church Size & Salary: 25 members
Parsonage? Yes, 3 Bdr
Contact Name: James Tucker
Phone: 419-878-0574
Email: engrtucker@aol.com 
small church in town of bowling green trying to follow Gods word .no instruments .have need for a full time preacher to reach out to the lost.teach gods word from the old and new testaments.

March 2, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister
Fairdealing Church of Christ
8081 US Highway 68 East
Benton KY 42025

Church Size & Salary: 35 / TBA
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Email: FairdealingChurchOfChrist@outlook.com 
Website: www.FairdealingChurchOfChrist.com   
We are a very small congregation located in the beautiful Kentucky Lakes area of Marshall County, Kentucky. We are looking to hire a community/mission-minded minister who can help us grow in both faith and number. We are currently operating without elders and deacons and are seeking someone willing to work with us as we rebuild our congregation. Resumes can be emailed to FairdealingChurchOfChrist@ outlook.com.

August 9, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Watterson Trail Church of Christ
9607 Watterson Trail
Louisville, KY 40299

Size: 120    
Parsonage: Yes
Contact:  Dan Isenberg, Chuck Richardson or Derrick Smith (elders)
Email:  wtchurchofchrist@gmail.com
Phone:  (502) 267-7245

Web Site:
Watterson Trail Church of Christ is searching for a biblically-grounded man with a minimum of 5 years preaching experience.  A bachelor’s degree in Bible or a related field is desired.  Salary is negotiable based on experience and education.  Compensation includes a home located on the church property.  Visit wtcoc.com to learn more about us and the position.   

July 6, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Monticello Church of Christ
2680 KY-90
Monticello, KY 42633

Size: 85    Salary: Negotiable ~$40,000
Parsonage: Yes   3 Bdr
Contact:  Ralph Davis
Email:  ralph@jackshearerinsurance.com
Phone:  606-305-2456

Web Site:
   http:// monticellochurchofchrist.org/
Our Minister of almost 30 years just retired. We're looking for someone to present pulpit sermons twice on Sunday and to provide a Wednesday evening bible class. We would expect community outreach, as well. We desire a peacemaker who is willing to work hard to help our congregation grow and the kingdom to be expanded.







May 3, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Preacher Minister
Huntingtown Church of Christ
Address: 4670 Solomons Island Road
Huntingtown MD 20639

Church Size & Salary: 65/ Based on Experience
Parsonage? Yes, 4+ Bdr
Contact Name: Walter McKain
Phone: 410-535-5228
Email: staff@huntingtownchurchofchrist.com 
Website: http://www.huntingtownchurchofchrist.com 
Please mail a letter of introduction, resume, and video link of recent sermons/classes and plan/vision how they would work to mature every member of this church in their thinking and relating to God, Jesus, each other, and to the lost.
For added information: www.huntingtownchurchofchrist.com/preachersearch 


April 4, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full-Time Preacher
Salisbury Church of Christ
 3322 Old Ocean City Rd
Salisbury MD 21804

Church Size & Salary: 35+ / Negotiable
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Church Office
Email: office@churchofchristsalisbury.org 
The Salisbury Church of Christ congregation is seeking a full-time preacher to provide a balanced ministry of preaching, teaching, and evangelism to help our 35-member congregation grow both in membership and spiritually in the word. We are located in beautiful Salisbury on the eastern shore of Maryland, approximately 100 miles from Washington DC, and 30 miles from the ocean.

The ideal candidate should have experience teaching and preaching (preaching school training preferred, but not required). He should be of strong personal faith and doctrinally sound in the scriptures. He should also be energetic and have the right heart to prioritize evangelistic work intended to grow the church and its mission.

Preaching, evangelism, teaching, and be actively involved in the life or our church family.

Additional Information
Our church offers a competitive salary, but no housing.

To Apply
Send a copy of your resume and statement of faith along with a picture and three references to





April 2, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Preacher
Ypsilanti church of Christ
Address: 1070 East Cross Street
Ypsilanti Michigan 48198-3906

Church Size & Salary: Average Sunday am attendance is 110 / Negotiable
Parsonage? Yes, 4+ Bdr
Contact Name: Bob Bowen
Phone: 734-482-6213
Email: ypsicoc@gmail.com 
Website: http://ypsichurchofchrist.org 
The Ypsilanti Church of Christ in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is seeking to fill our vacant minister position, which includes pulpit, class, and evangelistic duties. Out desire is to find a candidate who has a sound education in biblical studies and has several years of experience in preaching and teaching the full counsel of God. We are located about midway between Detroit Metropolitian Airport and Ann Arbor. Our leadership team, which consists of three elders is looking forward to working closely with our new minister in an effort to grow our congregation both spiritually and numerically (average Sunday a.m. attendance is 120) on a continual basis. Housing on church property for you and your family will be provided along with an appropriate salary. If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume and other pertinent documentation (including at least three sermons on DVD, CD, or website) to ypsicofc@gmail.com. For further information, please contact Bob Bowen (elder) at (734) 482-

October 26, 2018
Position Vacancy: Full Time Preacher
Brighton Church of Christ
6026 Rickett Rd

Size: 90+    Salary:
Parsonage: Yes   3 Bdr
Contact:  Preacher Search Committee
Email:  brighton-coc@sbcglobal.net
Phone:  810-229-7051

Web Site:
The Brighton church of Christ is seeking a full-time pulpit minister to assist the congregation in continuing God’s work in Brighton, Michigan and the surrounding area. We are looking for an enthusiastic man that can relate to all age groups and loves to bring others to Christ through preaching, teaching, and visitation. Additionally, it is a priority that he be outreach-focused and be willing and able to conduct personal Bible studies to help lead the lost to Christ and grow the congregation. Our preferred candidate will be married and have at least two years of post-secondary education with a degree or certificate and multiple years of pulpit and evangelistic experience in the churches of Christ. He must love the Lord and His Word, be committed to restoration principles, and be motivated to serve.

The minister is expected to prepare and preach sermons each Sunday and teach a Bible class on Sunday or Wednesday as directed by the Elders. Duties will also include performing weddings, funerals, and ministering to the sick, shut-ins and others in need. He must be available to the congregation by keeping regular office hours, by e-mails and/or phone, and in managing the church office and assisting the secretary in producing the church bulletin.

We are an a capella congregation of 90+, with a stable eldership and a history of more than 50 years serving the Lord. Brighton is located about 45 minutes west of Detroit and 20 minutes north of Ann Arbor, and boasts excellent health facilities, schools, shopping, and easy access to higher education.

Total compensation will include use of a three-bedroom parsonage adjacent to the church building, an insurance allowance, and salary negotiable based on experience, education, and qualifications.

If you are interested in this position, please submit a cover letter, resume, your experience and education, and two recent sermons either in audio or, preferably, video format, along with personal and professional references to:

Preacher Search Committee
c/o Brighton church of Christ
6021 Rickett Road
Brighton, Michigan 

E-mails submissions should be sent to brighton-coc@sbcglobal.net

For more information, please see http://brightonchurchofchrist. com/

August 26, 2018
Position Vacancy: Full Time Preacher
Bellows & Brown St. Church of Christ
1033 S. Brown St.
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Size: 65    Salary: ~50,000
Parsonage: No 
Contact:  Dave Lehnert
Email:  dave.lehnert@gmail.com
Phone:  989-289-3651

Web Site:
Looking for full time preacher that is grounded in the faith and preaches from the bible.  This person should be a married man with a biblical spouse that is able to assist in ministry work.  This person should like to visit and is a good communicator.  They should have good work ethic and be willing to teach classes and studies. 


August 9, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Northeast church of Christ
15537 East 9 Mile Road
Eastpointe, MI 48021

Size: 115    Salary: negotiable
Parsonage: No 
Contact:  Bill Nocita
Email:  northeastcofc@gmail.com
Phone:  (313) 910-2718

Web Site:
The Northeast church of Christ in Eastpointe, Michigan is accepting applications for a full-time Pulpit Minister. Our ideal candidate will be a  family man with at least two years of post-secondary education in Biblical  Studies (degree preferred) and preferably five years of experience in  preaching and evangelizing in a church of Christ environment, and who is motivated by a love for God and for people of all ages and backgrounds. Responsibilities will include cooperative leadership with our elders and deacons as part of our leadership team; preparing and preaching sermons for two Sunday services and teaching Bible lessons for Wednesday evening and other classes as guided by the elders; seeking out and conducting personal evangelistic Bible studies; officiating at weddings and funerals for 
congregation members; spiritual counseling to include pre-marital counseling for weddings; working with other worship leaders on organized and effective worship services; managing the church office and editing the church bulletin with assistance from the church secretary; and working a full and fair week while also balancing his time to allow for the needs of his family and for rest.  Total compensation will include insurance allowance and benefits and is negotiable and based on experience, education and qualifications. Please submit your cover letter, resume, two sermon samples and personal and professional references to: Minister Search Committee, Northeast church of Christ, 15537 E. Nine Mile Road, Eastpointe, Michigan, 48021, or e-mail to northeastcofc@gmail.com


July 4, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Lapeer Church of Christ
1680 N. Lapeer Road
Lapeer, MI

Size: 120    Salary: Negotiable
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Bob Norton
Email:  lapeercoc@lapeerch.com
Phone:  8106641611

Web Site:
full time minister needed for a congregation of 120+.  We have a 60-year history and are blessed to be a congregation of loving, hard-working members with a desire to reach the lost.  We have a passion for sharing the love of God through outreach ministries in our community and also through the missions we support.   Our building sits on 21 acres, just waiting for future development. 
The candidate we are seeking will be a strong communicator with a desire for ministering to our members and evangelizing the community. A minimum of 2 years of Biblical studies is required, a Bachelor’s degree in Bible or Ministry is preferred.    Our preferred candidate will be married and together with his wife, will be ready to join us in our work to grow and share God’s Word.
Salary range: negotiable
Send resume and CD or link to sermon to:
Lapeer Church of Christ
1680 N. Lapeer Rd.
Lapeer, MI  48446
Church office: (810) 664-1611
Email: lapeercoc@lapeerch.com




February 22, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Preacher
Aberdeen Church of Christ
424 Frontage Rod
Aberdeen MS 39730

Church Size & Salary:  95 /  Negotiable
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: John Allmond
Phone: 662-436-9395
Email: john@allmondprinting.com 
No Details Given





February 19, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Preacher
Bolivar church of Christ
401 S Killingsworth Ave
Bolivar Missouri 65613

Church Size & Salary: 100 / Neg
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Darrin Ankrom
Phone: 713-398-2857
Email: dankrom@spsmail.org 
Website: www.bolivarchurchofchrist.com 
No Details Given

January 24, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Pulpit Minister
Arnold church of Christ
2267 Scott Dr
Arnold MO 63010

Church Size & Salary:   300 / Negotiable
Parsonage?  No Parsonage
Contact Name: Elders
Phone: 636-296-2038
Email: elders@arnoldcoc.org 

Website: www.arnoldcoc.org  

The church of Christ in Arnold, Missouri is seeking an experienced pulpit minister to work under the direction and leadership of the Arnold elders. We are looking for a seasoned minister with 10 or more years of preaching experience. Demonstrated expertise in other areas such as counseling, local evangelism, encouragement, and member involvement would be considered a plus. The minister will focus on teaching and preaching with contributions in other areas of service and ministry based on need and ability. The minister will share ministry responsibilities with our existing ministers, who will also do some preaching and teaching. Our ministers work as a team of equal servants with no seniority or hierarchy. The candidate should have excellent knowledge of God’s Word and be able to communicate effectively and dynamically when teaching and preaching. The candidate should be Christ-centered, humble, willing to work, Biblically sound, and able to connect with all ages.

We are an active congregation of about 300 members South of St. Louis in Arnold, Missouri with 5 elders, 11 deacons, and 2 full-time ministers (one focused on prison ministry and one focused on youth ministry). Our aim and goal is to simply be a local congregation of the Lord’s church as found and specified in the New Testament. We follow God’s Word as our sole authority and guide for all things pertaining to life and godliness.

The salary is negotiable based on experience. If you are interested in the position, please email a cover letter and resume to elders@arnoldcoc.org.



August 15, 2018
Position Vacancy: Family & Youth Minister
Liberty Church of Christ
1401 Glenn Hendren Dr.
Liberty, MO 64068

Size: 528    Salary: DOE
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Search Team
Email:  libertycocsearchteam@gmail.com
Phone:  8167815134

Web Site:
   http://www. libertychurchofchrist.org
The Liberty, MO Church of Christ, a congregation that averaged 258 in 2017, is seeking a Family & Youth Minister who will partner with our congregation to promote the spiritual development of our families and youth, help strengthen the foundation of the home, mentor our families and youth in practicing our faith in the community and with one another, and assist families and youth in reaching the lost.  Secondary ministry responsibilities will be determined by the Family & Youth Minister’s personal strengths, spiritual gifts, ministry passions and experiences. 

Education—Preference will be given to those candidates that have at least a Bachelor’s related to ministry from a Christian college associated with Churches of Christ.  However, individuals with at least a two year certificate of completion from a recognized Preaching School associated with the Churches of Christ or who display a unique blend of talent and experience may be considered.
Personal—It is the view of the Liberty Church of Christ leadership that in order to be an effective Family & Youth Minister, prospective applicants should be married with children.
Experience—Preference will be given those applicants with a minimum of 2 years in a fulltime ministry position or equivalent life experience.

Compensation:  Liberty seeks to offer our Family & Youth Minister a competitive financial package dependent on experience.  We also offer up to five working days to attend seminars, eight paid holidays a year, and a competitive vacation package.

For a detailed description of the position and instructions on how to apply, please follow the link to our websitehttp://www. libertychurchofchrist.org/who- we-are/our-staff/family-youth- minister/.  A background check will be required before a candidate is offered the position.


August 11, 2018
Position Vacancy: Full Time Evangelist
Camdenton Church of Christ
Highway 5 So., Box 688
Camdenton,MO 65020

Size:     Salary: TBD
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Bob Williams, Jerry Wright, Rich Patzwald
Email:  ssbilletfactory@sbcglobal.net
Phone:  5733465651
We request that you send a resume to the church address listed above.




November 7, 2018
Position Vacancy: Associate Minister
Bellevue church of Christ
2311 Madison Street
Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

Size: 125    Salary: Negotiate
Parsonage: No 
Contact:  Gary Johnston
Email:  Elders@bcoc.church
Phone:  4027796634

Web Site:
Bellevue church of Christ searching for an associate minister. We are looking for a married, male candidate who has a degree in Bible, Family Life or Youth Ministry. Please send resume, references, online links  or DVDs of current sermons or lessons to elders at: elders@bcoc.church 

August 8, 2018
Position Vacancy:  Preacher/Evangelist
Harvest Field Church of Christ
Omaha, NE 68137

Size: 25    Salary:
Parsonage: Yes 
Contact:  Travis Heppner
Email:  travis.heppner@live.com
Phone:  4027070684

Web Site:
   https://www.facebook.com/ HarvestFieldChurchofChrist/
For more information please see our job description. 

https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ap3MR- kSnMjHgrYJkztd_H0Ad3S5lg












March 19, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister
LaSalle church of Christ
1121 N. Military Rd
Niagara Falls NY 14304

Church Size & Salary: 55 / Negotiable
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Mark Dailey
Phone: 716-754-2752
Email: minister@lasallechurchofchrist.org 
Website: www.lasallechurchofchrist.org/ 
Established Niagara Falls, NY congregation, without elders, is seeking a FT pulpit minister. We are an older congregation of 50+ members striving to serve our Lord and reaching the lost and hurting in our community. Prefer a married man, with experience and a 4 year Bible degree who will help us focus on ministry and evangelism.
Please send a resume, video/audio CD, or link along with a personal philosophy of ministry.
More information can be obtained from our website.

January 22, 2019
Position Vacancy: Evangelist
Ithaca Church of Christ
1210 N Cayuga St
Ithaca New York 14850

Church Size & Salary:  25 / TBD
Parsonage? Yes, 4+ Bdr
Contact Name: Ithaca Church of Christ
Phone: 607-273-7811
Email: ithacacc@outlook.com 

Website: www.ithacachurchofchrist.org 

Evangelist Search for Ithaca Church of Christ – 2019

Ithaca Church of Christ is seeking an evangelist to serve with us. In addition to leading an evangelistic effort, other duties will include preaching, leading Bible studies, and equipping the Saints for service.

We are a small congregation of 20-25 seeking to be a light in the area. Ithaca is in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, with a county-wide population of more than 100,000. Education is the major employer, with both Cornell University and Ithaca College located here.

The compensation package will include a four-bedroom house adjacent to our building with utilities paid.

To apply for this position, please send your resume, a statement of faith, at least one sermon video (or a link), and two-character references to:


Ithaca Church of Christ
1210 N Cayuga St
Ithaca, NY 14850






April 7, 2019
Position Vacancy: Fulltime Preacher Minister
South Fork Church of Christ
205 Keating Drive
Winston-Salem NC 27104

Church Size & Salary: 170 / Salary
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Email: Apply@SouthForkCofC.org 
Website: http://www.SouthForkCofC.org 
Congregation with 60 year history and average attendance of 170, looking for full-time preaching minister. We are blessed with a healthy blend of youth, young families with children, empty nesters, and seniors. We are also the sponsoring congregation of a local Hispanic congregation with 240 members and two Hispanic ministers. The preaching minister at South Fork will serve on a ministry team with a youth minister, elders, and deacons.
Requirements include a degree in bible, ministry, counseling, or other relevant area. Greater than 5 years in ministry, pulpit experience is preferred, with a personality that is family focused and highly personable.
Send cover letter and resume to Apply@SouthForkCofC.org .
Deadline: April 30, 2019

February 22, 2019
Position Vacancy: Evangelist (Full Time)
Deep River Church of Christ
2067 Deep River Road
High Point NC 27265

Church Size & Salary: Size / Salary
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Email: DeepRiverCoC@triad.rr.com 
Website: www.deepriverchurchofchrist.org/ 
Deep River Church of Christ is seeking a full-time evangelist, due to the recent retirement of one of our evangelists.

The ideal candidate will be outreach-focused, with a desire to win souls; and has the keen ability to appeal well to a cross-cultural audience.

We have a multi-cultural membership with a broad range of ages and socio-economic statuses and an average attendance of 250.

Our church leadership structure consists of a stable eldership, with deacons and two (2) full time evangelists.

For a copy of the full job description, visit the home page of our website at www.deepriverchurchofchrist.org.

To apply: Send a résumé, cover letter, and three professional references to DeepRiverCoC@triad.rr.com






March 16, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Pulpit Minister
St.Clairsville church of Christ
P.O. Box 308 47694 Reservior Road
St. Clairsville Ohio 43950

Church Size & Salary: 175-200 30-45000
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Rob Miller
Email: rdmiller1@comcast.net 
We have 4 elders and 9 deacons a new building and a nice area to raise a family




April 10, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full-Time Pulpit Minister
Cheyenne Church of Christ
 P.O. Box 26
Cheyenne OK 73638

Church Size & Salary: 30-40/ negotiable
Parsonage? Yes, 3 Bdr
Parsonage? Yes, 3 Bdr
Contact Name: Jonathan Hagar
Phone: 580-497-2288
Email: jghagar21@gmail.com 
Loving, sound congregation seeking a minister to provide energy and growth to the church. Previous minister is leaving on good terms with the congregation to be closer to family. Minister will be required to preach, be an active member in evangelical efforts, lead the church in activities, reach out to the community. Interested candidates will need to provide a resume to be considered and be willing to fill out a questionnaire.

April 5, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Sallisaw Church of Christ
1104 E. Choctaw
Sallisaw OK 74955

Church Size & Salary: Size130 / DOE
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Jim Dodson
Email: Dodsonmunro@yahoo.com 
Website: http://www.sallisawcofc.com 
The Sallisaw Church of Christ in Sallisaw, OK is seeking a full-time pulpit minister. We prefer a man with at least 5 years of experience, but will consider each on an individual basis. A Bible / Ministry degree is preferred but sufficient experience may be substituted. We are a congregation of around 130 people served by 3 elders, 5 deacons and a part-time youth minister. Salary will be dependent upon education level and experience. Send resume / CV to Dodsonmunro@yahoo.com 

January 27, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit preacher
Cleveland Church of Christ
Cleveland Oklahoma 74020

Church Size & Salary:   50
Parsonage?  Yes, 3 Bdr
Contact Name: Matt Miller
Email: mmillerok@gmail.com 
We are looking for someone who follows God’s word. The congregation needs someone that will help in our outreach efforts. The position also requires at least two sermons and two bible classes a week. We are looking for someone that is married with children. For more information please email us at mmillerok@gmail.com .

October 14, 2018
Position Vacancy: Full-Time Preacher
Cleveland Church of Christ 
209 w Delaware st
Cleveland, Oklahoma, 74020

Size:     Salary:
Parsonage: Yes
Contact:  Matt Miller
Email:  mmillerok@gmail.com
Phone:  918-358-1023

Web Site:
We are looking for someone who follows God’s word. The congregation needs someone that will help in our outreach efforts. The position also requires atleast two sermons and two bible classes a week. For more information please email us at mmillerok@gmail.com

July 14, 2018
Position Vacancy: Part Time Minister
Yale Church of Christ
826 E Detroit
Yale OK. 74085

Size: 35    Salary: TBD
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Marty Foutch
Email:  Martyfoutch@yahoo.com
Phone:  918 740 7218
We desire to find a minister to assist us in "Loving God, loving others, and making and maturing disciples".  The minister will be involved in community outreach, preaching, and teaching to meet the needs of our entire church family....children, youth, adults, and seniors.

We hope that this position will evolve into a full time position.

October 18, 2018
Position Vacancy:  Full Time Pulpit Minister
Metro church of Christ
1525 NW Division St

Size: 300+    Salary:
Contact:  Tom Hamilton
Email:  applicants@metrocofc.org
Phone:  5036670773

Web Site:
The Metro church of Christ in Gresham, Oregon is allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us to the man of God that He wants here in the Pacific Northwest.  We are a congregation of 300+ members that is looking for a dynamic pulpit minister with a heart for evangelism.  We are praying for God's wisdom to guide us in this effort!

If God is calling you to serve with us at Metro, please send your resume to:














April 3, 2019
Position Vacancy:  Fulltime Pulpit Minister
LaFollette Church of Christ
205 S Cumberland Ave
LaFollette TN 37766

Church Size & Salary: 80+ / $46,800
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: David R Longmire
Phone: 423-907-4236
Email: 4auction@longmirerealty.net 
Looking for a new gospel preacher, prefer someone who is married. Want someone who is a self starter and willing to work with eldership to help do outreach and evangelism in community and help our church grow. Would like applicant to be familiar with audio visual equipment and social media. Please send your resume to David Longmire (one of our elders) email. Our church is located in Campbell County in East TN. Our area is a tourist attraction has ATV sports, mountaineering, hunting, and lake sports are a big draw to this area.


March 26, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Getwell Church of Christ
1511 Getwell Rd
Memphis TN 38111

Church Size & Salary: Size 100/
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Ron Wallace
Phone: 901-743-0464
Email: mail@getwellchurchofchrist.org 
Website: www.getwellchurchofchrist.org 
The Church of Christ at the Getwell Church of Christ in Memphis, TN is looking for a pulpit minister. The ideal candidate has the equivalent of a bachelor degree in Biblical studies or a certificate from a sound school of preaching. We prefer the candidate to be married. Duties would include sermon presentation, teaching Bible class, weekly radio programs, editor of the bulletin, article contribution to the quarterly Spiritual Sword, directing yearly lectureship, editing and proofing lectureship book and various ministerial duties. Those interested should email or surface mail their resume, a picture and a link to two recent sermons. Also send three reference contacts. Contact info: mail@getwellchurchofchrist.org.
Attn: Ron Wallace Getwell Church of Christ
1511 Getwell Rd.
Memphis, TN 38111
901-743-0464 ext 302

January 27, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Estill Springs church of Christ
606 Main Street South, P O Box 92
Estill Springs TN 37398

Church Size & Salary:   90   /   Negotiable
No Parsonage
Contact Name: Lewis D. Ellenburg (AKA David)
Phone: 931-636-7101
Email: dellenburg1@gmail.com 
Website: http://esprings.churchofchrist.info  
Job description available. If you are interested in a small congregation with elders looking to grow, contact us. More info available.

November 20, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Doyle Church of Christ
5190 McMinnville Hwy
Doyle, TN 38559

Size: 40    Salary:
Parsonage: Yes   4 Bdr
Contact:  Kenneth Neal
Email:  Neal04@blomand.net
Due to an illness in the family of our current/recent preacher, the Doyle Church of Christ is in need of a preacher. The Doyle congregation is located between Cookeville and McMinnville, Tennessee. We have about 40 in attendance. We have a house available with three bed rooms and an office. We believe in serving God as He directs in the Bible. The preacher will need to be balanced in his teaching. Email is the best way to contact us. Thank you! 

November 20, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Smith Street Church of Christ
411 East Smith Street
South Fulton, TN 38257

Size: 80+    Salary:
Parsonage: Yes   3 Bdr
Contact:  Jared Bellamy
Email:  smithstreetchurchofchrist@gmai l.com
Phone:  731-223-0044
The Smith Street church of Christ in South Fulton, TN is looking for a full time pulpit minister who is a spiritually sound and knowledgeable man of God.  Our church wants to continue to grow both in spirit and number and seek a minister to help move us in that direction.

We are looking for a minister who will be enthusiastic and self-motivated in his works of being an encourager, a teacher of the Bible, visit the sick and shut ins of our congregation and be a witness of God’s grace in the community. 

Our community is located in Tennessee on the TN/KY stateline and we border the town of Fulton, KY.  We are affectionately referred to as “The Twin Cities”.   We are a loving and compassionate congregation with about 80 in regular attendance. 

We offer a competitive salary to commensurate with experience and a housing benefit.   Please email resume and any questions you may have to smithstreetchurchofchrist@gmai l.com or contact Jared Bellamy at (731)223-0044,  Chad Taylor (270)627-0445 or Michael Hicks (731)446-1593.

October 17, 2018
Position Vacancy: Youth and Family Minister
Troy Church of Christ
1215 N US Hwy 51 (PO Box 216)
Troy, TN 38260

Size: 125    Salary: negotiable
Parsonage: Yes   3 Bdr
Contact:  Rachel Clark
Email:  rmclark5@live.com
Phone:  731-446-7649

Web Site:
We are a church of about 125 members in a small rural town in Northwest TN. We may be small in number, but we are big in heart. We are looking for a youth minister that will partner with our congregation to strengthen our youth group and help reach our community. We are seeking someone with a passion for Jesus who is led to work with ALL our children, focusing on 6-12th grade, to help build a long-term, sustainable youth ministry. The goals of this youth ministry are 1) working with volunteers to make sure every child is plugged in, 2) working and volunteering in our school system in order to get to know and love our kids & community, and 3) building a ministry that will be community focused.

August 31, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Green Hill church of Christ
11706 Lebanon Road
Mount Juliet, TN  37122

Size: 110    Salary:
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Richard Kendall
Email: networkk@comcast.net 

Web Site:
   http://greenhillchurchofchris t.com
We are a very conservative congregation located in the heart of Mount Juliet with over 100 years of history. We are currently seeking to fill the pulpit with a man who is committed to preaching the whole counsel of God, and has experience growing a congregation. Our membership has diminished over several years due to attrition. Our demographics favor the senior end of the age spectrum. We are looking for someone that can be a catalyst for rejuvenation. We are not looking for innovation beyond what is spelled out in the Bible.

If you would like to be considered, kindly email me your resume, salary requirements, and (if possible) attach audio files or links to several sermons that you have presented. Feel free to include any other documents that will help us make an informed decision about your abilities and character.




May 15, 2019
Position Vacancy: Youth, Family Education
Address: 1401 S MAIN ST

Church Size & Salary: 200 AVG / TBD
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: DUSTIN BAKER
Phone: 432-263-1303
Email: 14thmainchurchofchrist@gmail.com 
Website: http://www.14thandmainchurchofchrist.com 
Youth / Family / Education Minister
The 14th and Main Church of Christ, in Big Spring, TX is seeking to find a minister who has a servant’s heart and will serve the Lord under the direction and guidance of the preaching minister and the elders of the congregation. You will have a supportive, healthy and unified Body of Christ to accomplish the main objectives of this ministry. The position will consist of helping lead and organize the teaching involving teens, younger children and their families in activities for spiritual development through enrichment, education, and family-based events.

The person we are looking for will demonstrate a Christ-like spirit that reflects the ability to connect with the youth, their parents, and those of the pre-youth group age. This spirit will mirror God’s love for all people and will help our youth demonstrate a love and an appreciation for the entire church family. The ideal person will have an evangelistic heart evidenced by personal experience and a Christ-like example of helping young children and teenagers grow in their relationship to God to the point of reaching out to others in the community.

While the primary emphasis of work will be with the youth and younger families there will be regular opportunities for assisting in other areas facilitating the church growth including preaching on an as need basis. We are looking for someone who is able to provide biblical and relevant teaching by being committed to the authority of God’s Word and the application of it in your personal life.

Qualities and Character Traits We Expect in our Youth and Family Minister
• Christ-like Spirit - Should be evident and reflective in all his relationships.
• Humility - The individual should be open to the direction of the pulpit minister and eldership in assisting the families of the youth and not his own personal agenda.
• Self-disciplined - The position takes a lot of energy so it is vital to have a servant’s heart.
• Positive and Patient - Valuable traits in teaching and training youth and parents.
• Responsible and Organized - Able to see a project through from start to finish. Youth camps, retreats, service projects, VBS, mission trip, etc.
• Biblically Based - Minister must be committed to the authority of God’s Word seeking to apply it in his personal life and in the classroom.
• Committed to Youth and the Church Family - It is important to be with the youth and assist the parents in the spiritual development of their children (both in and outside the classroom). Develop in the youth a godly appreciation for the entire church family.

Interested applicants apply at:


April 23, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Pulpit Minister
Crosby Church of Christ
3737 Hwy 90
Crosby Texas 77532

Church Size & Salary:  Size 165/negotiable
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: David
Phone: 832-435-5781
Email: preacherresumes@crosbychurchofchrist.com 
Website: Http://www.CrosbyChurchofChrist.com 
The Crosby Church of Christ is accepting applications for full-time pulpit minister. We are a loving and active church family of about 165. We are currently being served by three elders and four deacons. We are situated east of Houston , Texas in a rapidly growing area. We are blessed to have a seasoned youth minister with 14 years experience working with our youth at the present time.
We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and faithful gospel preacher, preferably married with children ,to work with us here at Crosby. You’ll be preaching sermons and teaching Bible classes while ministering to the flock and helping evangelize our community and encourage, strengthen, and increase our number. Must have a positive outlook, great communication, and interpersonal skills with the ability to connect with all ages, visit the sick(both physical and spiritual )and conduct Bible studies.
... competitive salary/ 3 weeks vacation
...lectureships or continuing education to be negotiated
...Office hours will be expected
Web site: CrosbyChurchofChrist.com
Please submit resume and if possible link to audio/video sermons to: preacherresumes@crosbychurchofchrist.com

April 18, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister
Goliad church of Christ
 2770 N Hwy. 183
Goliad Texas 77963

Church Size & Salary: 04 / S1850/month
Parsonage? Yes, 3 Bdr
Contact Name: Charles Whatley
Phone: 361-645-1023
Email: whatlecj@hughes.net 
The Goliad Church of Christ located in Goliad, TX, is seeking a full time minister. Our present minister is retired. Our average attendance is 40 on Sunday mornings. We do not currently have elders. We are involved in a number of outreach ministries such as House to House, CASA (Christians Against Substance Abuse), nursing home singing, and jail ministry. We can provide partial support, and a very nice 3 BR residence.

April 17, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Minister
Rock Hill Church of Christ 
9426 Rockhill Parkway 
Frisco, TX 75035 

Church Size: 80 Salary: Based on Experience Parsonage? No 

Contact Name: Zerrial Bass
Contact Phone: 214-394-3784
Email: zerrialb@abw.com

Website: www.rhcoc.org 

Our minister of 30 years is nearing retirement and we are looking for a young preacher to work with us.


April 16, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full Time Pulpit Minister
Crosby Church of Christ
3737 Hwy 90
Crosby Tx 77532

Church Size & Salary: 165/competitive
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: David/Jon/Kelly
Phone: 832-435-5781
Email: preacherresumes@crosbychurchofchrist.com 
Website: https://www.crosbychurchofchrist.com
The Crosby Church of Christ is excepting applications for full-time pulpit minister. We are a loving and active church family of about 165. We are currently being served by three elders and four deacons. We are situated east of Houston , Texas in a rapidly growing area. We are blessed to have a seasoned youth minister with 14 years experience working with our youth at the present time.
We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and faithful gospel preacher, preferably married with children ,to work with us here at Crosby. You’ll be preaching sermons and teaching Bible classes while ministering to the flock and helping evangelize our community and encourage, strengthen, and increase our number. Must have a positive outlook, great communication, and interpersonal skills with the ability to connect with all ages, visit the sick(both physical and spiritual )and conduct Bible studies.
... competitive salary/ 3 weeks vacation
...lectureships or continuing education to be negotiated
...Office hours will be expected
Web site: CrosbyChurchofChrist.com 
Please submit resume and if possible link to audio/video sermons to: preacherresumes@crosbychurchofchrist.com 


April 3, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full-Time Minister
Highway 70 church of Christ in Spur
PO Box 479 East Highway 70
Spur TX 79370

Church Size & Salary: 70 / to be determined
Parsonage? Yes, 3 Bdr
Contact Name: Benny Robertson
Phone: 806-370-0618
Email: spurchurchofchrist@gmail.com 
We are a rural congregation with lots of young families, along with every age group of members. Looking for a full-time pulpit minister.

February 16, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister (Full Time)
Cross Timbers Church of Christ
1515 W. Cedar Street
Stephenville Texas 76401

Church Size & Salary: Size / Salary
Parsonage? No Parsonage

Email: applicants@crosstimberscofc.org 
Website: www.crosstimberscofc.org 
Cross Timbers Church of Christ in Stephenville, Texas is seeking a full-time minister who will partner with our congregation to support spiritual growth, while furthering our presence in our community. We believe in God’s grace and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Our congregation is made up of approximately 75 members, including numerous long-time families, in a community of 21,000 people. Our church family has 2 elders, 5 deacons, and 5 ministry leaders. We have a fledgling college ministry, along with a growing youth group. Cross Timbers is a somewhat progressive church: we are joined in worship with a praise team, and we encourage women’s participation in public worship in ways not typically found in Churches of Christ in this area. We meet for Bible study and worship services at the building on Sunday mornings, and meet for Bible study Wednesday evenings. On Sunday evenings, members are encouraged to participate in Life Groups where we fellowship, study God’s word, and pray for one another.

We are searching for a minister who is immersed daily in God’s word, teaches Biblical truths, and is able to effectively communicate those truths in a manner that is applicable in today’s world. We seek a minister who is prepared to be fully engaged in the life of the church, will become an integral member of the community ministerial alliance and engage in community activities, will visit members in need, and will support our current ministries. In addition, we seek a minister who is an enthusiastic self-starter who is intent on encouraging spiritual growth and relationships within our congregation and within the Stephenville community.

If God is calling you to serve with us at Cross Timbers, please email a cover letter and resume along with links, recordings or DVDs of recent sermons to applicants@crosstimberscofc.org.



February 12, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Wheeler Church of Christ
PO Box 454
Wheeler TX 79096

Church Size & Salary: 120 / contingent
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Stacy McCasland
Phone: 806-886-4000
Email: mccas@me.com 
Website: www.wheelerchurch.org 
We are a congregation of the Lord's church, with a desire to worship and serve Him in a very Biblical way. We stress the power of God's grace and encourage the continued growth in active obedient faith among all members of the Lord's body. We seek to do the entire will of the Father as manifested in the Scriptures and respect the silence thereof. We are non-instrumental and believe firmly in essentiality of repentance and baptism for eternal salvation. We are looking for a pulpit minister with these same values and a desire to embrace our small community with a zeal for evangelism. Our preference would be to find a married man with some experience as a fulltime preacher, with a Biblical degree and a deep knowledge of the scriptures. Our 120 member congregation is diverse in background and age. We have many young families, who will be a major focus of our mutual efforts. We have two elders, Buck Dollar and myself. Please consider our pulpit position. If you know of a minister who would be a good match for us other than yourself, please put him in contact with us. We know the Lord will be active in our search; and may He richly bless your endeavors as well.

January 27, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister
Avery Church of Christ
465 US Hwy 82
Avery Texas 75554

Church Size & Salary: 30-40 / Salary neg.
Parsonage? Yes, 3 Bdr
Contact Name: Craig Loe
Phone: 903-278-1393
Email: Craig@loesautosales.com 
The Avery Church of Christ in Avery TX is looking for a new minister. We are a small congregation in a small NE Texas community. We are praying for someone who wants to come join our community. Our needs are simple...we need someone to help revive our members, as well as, helping us to bring other lost souls to Christ, visit the sick and elderly yet is youth-minded also. We will provide a three bedroom home for our minister as well as a salary. Our town has a great school system if you have children. We also are within an hour's drive of many major campgrounds, shopping excursions and any other forms of entertainment you could ask for. We are surrounded by many other congregations of the Lord's Church within 10 to 60 miles for enrichment opportunities. Please contact us for further information.


December 4, 2018
Position Vacancy: Part-Time Minister
Ave T Church of Christ
2009 W Ave T
Temple, TX 76504

Size: 45    Salary: Negotiable
Parsonage: No 
Contact:  Tom Robello
Email:  avetcoc@hotmail.com
Phone:  325 451 0058

Web Site:
   http://www. avetchurchofchrist.org
The Ave T Church of Christ in Temple, TX is looking for a part-time pulpit minister who will preach and teach the Lord's Word in love and faithfulness.  We are a small, primarily elderly congregation with much love to share.  Our new minister will need to have some supplemental or retirement income.  Please send a physical resume' and audio cd's of sample sermons to Ave T Church of Christ, 2009 W. Ave T, Temple, TX  76504.

November 16, 2018
Position Vacancy: Youth and Family Minister
Huntsville Church of Christ 
PO Box 8237

Size: 300    Salary: DOE
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Jeff Dunn
Email:  jeff@huntsvillecoc.com
Phone:  2817319974

Web Site:
The Huntsville Church of Christ is seeking applicants for the position of Youth and Family Minister.
Our congregation is a loving, vibrant group of believers who seek to love God, love people and to serve the world. 
The Youth and Family Minister will facilitate the complete ministry to families within the church as well as articulate and advocate a comprehensive vision for faith development of students. With a primary focus on adolescents and their families, the Youth and Family Minister will develop relationships while fostering discipleship to point youth and families into relationship with Christ. The Youth and Family Minister will coordinate outreach and “open-door” activities to welcome the families of our community.
This ministry to families includes a complete big-picture ministry that views the discipleship journey of students as a complete package. This includes ministry to parents and care-givers in training and equipping for the task of faith development and parenting. This includes teaming with the leaders of Children’s ministry to create a cohesive and inclusive ministry to all ages as they grow and mature. The primary focus will be on ministry to adolescents as they mature in faith as well as integration into the active work of the body. The Youth and Family Minister will not see ministry as segregated by age but instead have an overall vision of discipleship and faith development which includes the integral role of family as well as the role of the church body as faith community.
The successful candidate will have a love for God that is evident in their life, a zeal for teaching God’s Word and a passion for faith development and discipleship in young people. They will have a proven record of connecting with children, students and families. A Bachelors degree in Bible, Counseling, Ministry or Christian Education is preferred. Proven leadership ability as well as relational and team building skills. They will be able to manage technology including presentation software, word processing, publishing and social media.

Salary is based on experience.

Summary of Position
A leadership staff position that will provide vision, energy, oversight, and daily direction to all aspects of Family Ministry leading youth and families into discipleship; enthusiastically implements vision and values through student ministries; keep before the church body, staff, and elders a vision of the necessity of winning Families to Christ and discipling them to greater maturity; working as a team member toward the mission and vision of HCOC through ministry to youth and families.

October 10, 2018
Position Vacancy: Family and Youth Minister
Creekside Church of Christ
6113 Jack Finney Blvd.
Greenville, TX 75474

Size: 340    Salary:
Parsonage: No   
Contact:  Michelle Gilbert - secretary
Email:  creeksidecofc@gmail.com
Phone:  903-455-3710

Web Site:
   http://www.creeksidechurchofc hrist.org
The Creekside Church of Christ in Greenville, Texas is seeking a Family & Youth Minister who will partner with our congregation to promote the spiritual development of our youth and families, help strengthen the foundation of the home, and mentor our families and youth in practicing our faith in the community and with one another while reaching the lost.

•       Coordinate retreats for families, married couples, and youth
•       Coordinate Family and Youth events
•       Coordinate Leadership Conventions (LTC or L2L and Teach the Truth – T3)
•       Coordinate domestic and/or international mission trips
•       Coordinate Youth camp(s)
•       Help coordinate VBS
•       Make in-home visits to each family’s (youth and young families) home a few times a year
•       Coordinate after school programs for youth and young families
•       Be in a teaching rotation
•       Be willing to fill in preaching

We offer a competitive salary and vacation package.

Send resumes and inquiries to: creeksidecofc@gmail.com OR Creekside Church of Christ, 6113 Jack Finney Blvd, Greenville TX 75402

August 9, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Northside Church of Christ
2020 N. Center St.
Bonham, TX 75418

Size: 200    Salary: $50 - $65K
Parsonage: No
Contact:  White Menius
Email:  questionstonorthside@gmail.com
Phone:  469-524-9706

Web Site:
The Northside Church of Christ is a congregation of approximately 200 members in a community of about 10,000 total population. Bonham is located about 75 miles north east of downtown Dallas and is the county seat of Fannin County-a rural county of some 35,000 souls.  We are a mature congregation with 3 elders, 6 deacons, and a youth and family minister with whom you will have a peer relationship and share administrative responsibilities.

We are searching for a Pulpit minister/Evangelist who will nurture, uplift, and spur our members to an ever-present love of the Lord and consistent spiritual growth.  We seek a pulpit minister who defines his ministry as preaching, teaching, and equipping others to serve - all focused on spreading the Gospel and saving the lost of our community and abroad.  The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic and highly motivated self-starter with a focus, not only on developing strong interpersonal relationships within the membership but moreover possesses an evangelical attitude with a desire to reach out to the community in order to grow the church in our area.

We are ready for the candidate that can help us grow from where we are today, to where the Lord wants us to be in the future.  Our preference is a candidate that is married with children.  Under the oversight of three elders, he and his family should be active in church ministries and in the lives of individual members of the congregation.  The ideal candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of God's word, hold fast to Biblical truths, and be able to effectively communicate those truths for the edification of the congregation and growth of the church.  He should demonstrate the ability to relate well with members of all ages.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume along with links or recordings of sermons to the attention of: Minister Search Committee at the address reflected above.  For sending video or audio recordings, we encourage the use of file sharing programs for ease of transfer of the files.

July 13, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Church of Christ Roby
P. O. Box 277
Roby, Texas 79543

Size: 50-60    Salary: 40,800
Parsonage: Yes   3 Bdr
Contact:  Jeff Posey
Email:  poseyfarms1@gmail.com
Phone:  325-235-6904
We are a family oriented congregation that loves the Lord and desires to grow stronger in our relationship with Him. We desire a Minister that is willing to encourage us to grow and to grow with us as we serve our Father in Heaven daily.
Applicants must have a Degree in Biblical Studies from an accredited school of Preaching or College.
You must preach God's Word in all of its fullness, speaking the truth in love.
Please send your resume and a video or audio recording of one of your recent sermons to the Church of Christ P.O. Box. (Video and audio recording is not required, but it will be beneficial.)
Please know that we are praying for you. 







April 1, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister Full Time
Fredericksburg VA Church of Christ
P.O. Box 657
Fredericksburg Virginia 22401

Church Size & Salary: 90 / Salary
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Bill Buckingham
Phone: 540-373-1606
Email: fredericksburgcofc@gmail.com 
Website: www.fredericksburgcoc.com 
The Fredericksburg Church of Christ in Virginia is looking for a well-rounded preacher who is capable of inspiring members of the church and community. We are a congregation of 90 with elders and deacons. Interested men should mail or email a resume, three references, recent sermons (audio), and examples of recent classes taught. Go to www.fredericksburgcoc.com  click on Preacher search for a full job description.

P.O Box 657, Fredericksburg VA 22401



February 5, 2019
Position Vacancy: Full-Time Preacher/Minister
Central church of Christ - Bedford, VA
1126 Commercial Road, P.O. Box 1001
Bedford, VA 24523

Church Size & Salary: 30-35 / 40,000
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Jody Martin
Phone: 540-339-2431
Email: ccofc.bedford.va@gmail.com 
Website: www.bedfordcofc.org 
Central church of Christ in Bedford, VA is looking for a full-time minister to replace our current minister who is retiring after 15+ years of working with us. Bedford is a small town with approximately 6500 residents located in a county with just over 75,000 people - it is in the central part of the state near the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and near Smith Mountain Lake. We are a congregation of 30-35 members who are dedicated to GOD, JESUS and HIS Word striving to serve HIM daily to the best of our abilities. We strive to "Share God's Love" throughout our community by spreading the seed of the Gospel through our words, deeds and our daily lives.
We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and faithful gospel preacher to work with the members here in Bedford. Ideally, the candidate will be preaching sermons and teaching classes while ministering to the flock to help evangelize our community and to encourage and strengthen our number. The minister will be someone with a positive outlook, good communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to connect with all ages - visit the sick (both physically and spiritually), help conduct Bible studies and encourage others as well to grow as Christians, in both spirit and truth.
Financially, GOD has blessed us to be a self-supporting congregation and we own our own building in town across from the Bedford YMCA facility and behind a local funeral home. Starting salary for the position would be $40,000 with 2 weeks vacation to start - other benefits would be negotiable concerning time for lectureships, seminars, gospel meetings, expenses, etc. The minister would have his own office at the building along with a church library, computer/printer, internet access, projector with screen in our auditorium for use in lessons/classes and additional audio/video capabilities. The preacher would be encouraged to have some regular office hours for community and member access, if needed. Any other compensation or future expense concerns can be discussed at a later time during our interview process.
If you are interested in the position, we would like you to send a resume to us along with any references. We then will send you a short survey questionnaire that we would like you to fill out, answer and return back to us along with a video sermon of a recent sermon you've given (or access to one via YouTube, etc.). After we have received those items and viewed the video sermon, we will let you know if we would like you to come to Bedford for an in-person visit (all expenses paid) where you would teach and preach during our Sunday morning and evening services and get to meet our church family. If you are interested in the position, please send your resume to our contact information above via e-mail or to our P.O. Box address to begin the process - Thank you and GOD bless!



May 14, 2019
Position Vacancy: Minister/Evangelist
Kennewick church of Christ
Address: 3926 W. Kennewick Ave.
City, State, ZIP: Kennewick, WA 99336

Church Size: 70-80 Salary: Healthy and Negotiable
Parsonage? Yes Bedrooms:3

Contact Name: Dustin McCrickard
Contact Phone: N/A
Email: kencoc@gmail.com 

Website: https://www.kennewickcoc.com 

The church in Kennewick, Washington is looking for a full-time preacher. They are a congregation of 70-80. The current minister is leaving on good terms, and will not be leaving until August 1st. The minister chosen needs to be grounded in the Truth, bible based, and have the zeal to proclaim it. The minister needs to be able to relate to all ages. The congregation has two elders. The church owns their building and a 3 bedroom 2 bath parsonage across from the building. The minister will be expected to fill the pulpit duties full time, teach classes on a regular basis including working with the youth, make visits as needed and assist members in evangelizing the community. They would prefer the applicants to be married and have some preaching experience. Preaching training school graduate and being tech savy is considered a plus. They are offering a healthy salary with several benefits included. All applicants will be considered. Please provide a copy of your resume and a DVD, audio file or link to recent sermons. Due to the many false doctrines creeping into the church today the applicants will be required to fill out a questionnaire from the elders of the congregation. Please send all information or questions to kencoc@gmail.com.

March 5, 2019
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Minister
Lakeview Church of Christ
1709 112th St. South PO Box 44347
Tacoma Washington 98448

Church Size & Salary: Size / Salary
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Jim Karkosky
Phone: 253-537-5181
Email: jkarkosky@lakeviewcofc.org 
Website: www.lakeviewchurchofchrist.church 
Lakeview was first established in 1962 in an effort to support and evangelize two adjacent Military Bases. Over our 50 plus years we have become a welcoming, multi-ethnic and diverse congregation. We are looking for a seasoned minister who will preach, edify, evangelize and work in harmony with us to reach lost souls in our region. Some highlights of our congregation and current staff are listed:
5 Elders
6 Deacons
1 Family Minister /Life Group Coordinator
Life Groups meeting weekly at various times and locations
Soon to be completed Multi- Purpose Fellowship and Children’s Education Wing
Major supporter for Delano Bay Christian Camp
If you feel you have the qualities, experience and desire to be a part of our ministry team please forward a resume to the
Lakeview Church of Christ
Attention Jim Karkosky
P O Box 44347
Tacoma, WA 98444

December 4, 2018
Position Vacancy: Pulpit Preacher
Orchard Street church of Christ
3601 S. Orchard St
Tacoma WA 98466

Size: 65-80    Salary: TBD
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Art Wilson
Email:  info@orchardstreetchurch.org
Phone:  1 253 267 1303

Web Site:
   http://www.orchardstreetchurc h.org/
The Orchard Street church of Christ located in Tacoma Washington is looking for an experienced preacher who is capable of proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ and our relationship with him as a first priority. The congregation has a membership of 65-80. We would prefer a married man with a wife who will be involved with the congregation. The church currently has no elders or deacons; rather it has a leadership group consisting of four men. If you are interested please send your resume and cover letter to info@orchardstreetchurch.org
Or if you prefer to mail it, please send your information to...
Orchard Street church of Christ
ATTN: Selection committee
3601 S. Orchard St
Tacoma, WA 98466

August 18, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Valley church of Christ
17221 E Broadway Ave
Spokane Valley

Size: 100    Salary: negotiable
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Jabez Harlan
Email:  preachersearch@valleycofc.org
Phone:  5099284084

Web Site:
Valley church of Christ in Spokane Valley, WA is seeking a pulpit minister/evangelist for a congregation of approximately 100.  We have three Elders and four Deacons. (We are looking for a seasoned minister who can preach, edify, and work in harmony with us to reach lost souls in our region.)  If you have the qualities, experience and desire to be a part of our congregation, please forward your resume with character references to the Valley church of Christ.




March 4, 2019
Position Vacancy:  Full or Part Time Preacher
Westside Church of Christ
Old Davisson Run Road
Clarksburg WV 26301

Church Size & Salary: 30/negotiable
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Brian Cochran
Phone: 304-669-9684
Email: coxhran5296@aol.com 
Job Details: None given

July 8, 2018
Position Vacancy: Minister
Pumpkin Center Church of Christ
18 Darrah Lane
Fairview, WV 26570

Size: 60    Salary: ~36,000 (Negotiable)
Parsonage: Yes   3 Bdr
Contact:  Timothy Gump
Email:  timothylgump@gmail.com
Phone:  3046293726

Web Site:
   http://www. pumpkincenterchurchofchrist. org
Duties include, but are not limited to: preaching/teaching, visiting members with special needs at their homes and in hospitals, highly active in community outreach and personal evangelism, working with and supporting our youth, is organized and preaches the Bible and must be dedicated to the spiritual development of the congregation. House and Utilities are Included. 



August 5, 2018
Position Vacancy: Evangelist
Church of Christ 
1491 County Road A
New Richmond, WI 54017

Size: 15    Salary: $3000.00/month
Parsonage: No
Contact:  Mark Knutson
Email:  churchofchristnr@gmail.com
Phone:  7154977596

Web Site:
The Church of Christ in New Richmond, Wisconsin is a small non instrumental congregation with an average attendance of fifteen.  With a zeal for sound doctrine and a strong belief in the repentance of sin through baptism as the means to salvation, we are in search of an evangelist who is sound in the faith and is seeking to engage in the challenge of spreading God’s word in a growing community.
The church here is looking for an evangelist who is sound in the faith and has an earnest desire to preach to save souls in efforts to build the congregation by installing all positions of the church including deacons and elders to a completion of biblical standards.

September 21, 2018
Position Vacancy: Full Time Minister
Lander Church of Christ   
1320 Sinks Canyon Road
Lander, Wyoming 82520

Church Size:75-80
Salary: $50-55,000 +
Parsonage? No

Contact Name: Dennis Oman
Contact Phone:3073497364
Email: dennisanadvickie@gmail.com

Website: www.http://landerchurchofchris t.com
The Church of Christ in Lander, Wyoming has begun a preliminary search for a fulltime experienced minister or evangelist. The church here is a stable, self-supporting congregation with approximately 75-80 members, active in many areas of ministry and mission work, and has an established eldership with deacons in place.
Lander is a town of 7,500 people, located at the base of the beautiful Wind River Mountains. Lander offers a local hospital and clinics for health care. Wyoming has no state income tax and offers abundant opportunities for those who enjoy outdoor sports including trout streams, mountain lakes, winter sports, and world class big game hunting.
Please send inquiries and resumes to “Search Committee” at the following e-mail address:
landerchurchofchristsearch2018 @gmail.com
Also visit us on the web - http://landerchurchofchrist.co m
Learn more about Lander - http://landerwyoming.org




May 20, 2018
Position Vacancy: Short Term Teacher
Khon Kaen Bible Institute, Thailand Contact Info:  Steve Webb,  stevew0512@yahoo.com.
Thailand: The Khon Kaen Bible Institute is looking to have preachers or elders to teach a Bible course in English. It is 6 weeks trip with two of those weeks “vacationing in paradise.” You would need to raise your own support for the four weeks to teach Bible. Contact Steve Webb if you wish to know more: stevew0512@yahoo.com.










Support Needed
Date:  April 17, 2019

32 East Katherine Avenue
Washington Pennsylvania 15301

Contact Name: Jeff Bunner
Phone: 724-263-3615
Email: neajb93000@gmail.com
Website: https://www.narrow-is-the-way.org/
Details: I am leaving my church (Washington, PA C of C), job, home, and family to enter a Church of Christ preaching school in Knoxville, TN (Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies). While this is a blessing it is very difficult. Please pray for me and offer support if possible.

My information:


Support Needed
Date:  March 23, 2019

Christopher Gilkey
Email GilkeyFamily0825@gmail.com
Phone 316-207-7943
Message subject Question
I am attending Bear Valley Bible Institute in August of this year and moving my family in July. It is a full time 4 year program for a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies completed in only 2 years. So the school requires students not to be employed during the program. Would I be able to send you something to post in the support section? Do you have other suggestions for raising support? This is new territory for myself and my family.
Thank you,
Chris Gilkey Jr.

Support Needed
Date:  March 12, 2019

Name: Jeff Bunner
Address: 32 East Katherine Avenue
Washington Pennsylvania 15301
United States
Church Size & Salary: Size / Salary
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Jeff Bunner
Phone: 724-263-3615
Email: neajb93000@gmail.com
Website: www.wedopreaching.com
Details: Mission Statement:
Knowing Jesus & Making Jesus Known

Dear Brethren: Greetings in the name of the Lord. My name is Jeff Bunner from the Washington, Pennsylvania Church of Christ. I’m an experienced school teacher seeking a more eternal purpose through a closer relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ.

All for the Glory of God! Amen! It’s about faith, hope, and love. I am leaving a full-time teaching job with good benefits and Renea is leaving a full-time job helping to manage a major hospital physician’s group, but it’s in our hearts and minds to make this life-changing move. Oh boy! You’re probably thinking that the first thing I’m looking for is support money. Actually, the first thing I need is prayers, the meaningful heartfelt kind, not the “we’ll keep you in our prayers” casual comments kind. Then I want to remind you of the power of God’s world of numbers. There are approximately 13,000 Churches of Christ in the United States. If I could receive $40 a month ($10 a week) from just 100 Churches of Christ, I would have the monthly support I need. I managed missions for our Church of Christ in Washington, PA for some time and realize that there’s only so much money to go around, but I do know that $40 a month is a reasonable amount yet powerful in its impact in combination with others in the Body of Christ.
Of course, any amount is greatly appreciated for the glory of God. Monthly contributions and one-time offerings are both helpful. If the church organization is not able to contribute maybe you could post a request in your church bulletin for me in the hope that some individuals may want to reach out to assist me with this journey of faith.
I would like to share an exciting opportunity I’ve been given for the next two years that has eternal implications. I have prayed and thought about it a lot and have decided to devote my life to God by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and planting the word of God through Bible-based teachings. My hope is to guide people from all walks of life to the Lord through His Son Jesus Christ.

Mark 16:15, “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

After much prayer and consideration, my wife and I have decided to move to Tennessee, where I plan to attend the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies (SEIBS), which is a preacher training school overseen by the elders of the Karns Church of Christ located in Knoxville, TN. I will complete a two-year program of study and will graduate with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree. Southeast students study the entire Biblical text under men with over 200 years of combined preaching experience. Southeast has been training preachers for over 45 years and has an excellent reputation for training men to take the gospel to the whole world. To read more about SEIBS, see their website: www.wedopreaching.com

As a high school teacher, I’ve spent much time interacting with young people and their families, many of whom have no depth of understanding about God and His Son Jesus Christ. A lot of students and parents receive their spiritual and moral direction from TV, YouTube videos, music, movies, social media, politicians, and celebrities. Many also subscribe to feel-good ministry that promises the good life now and earthly success versus good Bible-based, Gospel teachings that focus on the spiritual life, heavenly things above, sacrifice, trials, temptation, real joy, forgiveness, I Corinthians 13 love, and obeying God. I don’t want to preach just doom and gloom; on the contrary, I seriously desire to preach the good news of Jesus Christ, the abundant life and joy it brings; however, heaven and hell must both be preached. I have a strong desire to make this my purpose in life. Please pray for me.

Matthew 28:19-20, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

I’ve been a member of the Washington, PA Church of Christ since birth. I have taught Bible School, managed missions programs, and served the church in any way possible. I have led the Bible Club at our local public high school for the past six years. My family has been part of the Church of Christ for many generations starting long ago in Grafton, WV. I have worked hard, first as a business marketing manager, with domestic and international experience, and presently as a high school teacher for the past 17 years. In 2000, I was married to Renea, a wonderful and supportive Christian woman. I’ve done my best to be a servant of God in all aspects of life. Though I have not held a full-time preaching job yet, I have a passion for preaching and have been told many times, by many people, that I should be a preacher. Attending Southeast will help me accomplish this goal, with more in-depth knowledge of the scriptures, under the instruction of faithful gospel preachers. Renea will also be required to attend ladies’ classes designed to help prepare her for the “preacher’s wife” role.

I am writing to ask you to partner with me in this work. Although Southeast is a tuition-free institution students are responsible for their living and educational expenses such as books, technology, and other supplies. Southeast recommends that a person in my situation would need at least $3,300 per month or more to live in Knoxville, TN. This schooling requires much time and dedication, as there is 4 years worth of study and training packed into 2 short years. Southeast requires that I devote my full effort to this intensive and comprehensive study of God’s word and therefore cannot take a job during my time at the institute. As a teacher with a graduate degree, I understand and desire the level of commitment that is necessary to develop a deep understanding of God’s word.

2 Timothy 2:15, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.”
We will need financial support for rent, utilities, phones, internet, car payments and repairs, gasoline & travel expense, insurance, health insurance, medication, food, clothing, travel, etc. I will leave my current teaching job after 17 years and move to Tennessee with my wife Renea. We are selling our home to fulfill all current obligations so that we may start our new lives in Tennessee with a clean slate. I earnestly and humbly ask you to partner with me in this work through prayer, and if possible with financial assistance. Would you be able to contribute to our monthly needs or make a one-time donation for our expenses? Your monthly support or a one-time gift of faith and love is greatly needed and would be sincerely appreciated. Any amount will help us with this challenge as there is power in God’s numbers. All donations go directly to the school.

Philippians 4:19, “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

All supporters will be kept informed of my progress at least once a month. As a current school teacher, I understand, support, and am devoted to regular status and growth reports to administrators and families regarding my students. I believe in being transparent in my actions and being accountable to those who support my work for the Kingdom. Classes begin early in August 2019, so I need to have all of my support raised by July.
All monthly support and school expenses should be sent to the school, with “Jeff Bunner/Support” in the memo of the check. Monthly support checks should commence with July 2019. One-time support checks can be sent at any time. All support must be sent directly to the school:
Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies (SEIBS) 6612 Beaver Ridge Rd. Knoxville, TN 37931

Please contact me if you have any further questions. I would be more than happy to meet with you in person as well if time and distance allow. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Please pray for us as this is the greatest gift of all.
James 5:16 “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Your brother in Christ,

Jeff Bunner



Support Needed
Date:   January 25, 2019 

Position: Support Needed

Church/Name: Church Of Christ
Address: P.O. Box 56
Normanna Texas 78142
United States
Church Size & Salary: 15
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Jose C. Samudio
Phone: 361-389-1356
Email: jsamudio11@yahoo.com

Details: God first, I have served the Lord on a full-time basis since May 1998. After twenty faithful years of faithful service as an evangelist, I am now semi-retired. I am teaching Bible and preaching sermons in a "fill-in" capacity as needed. I am 63 years old and supporting myself and my 14 year-old daughter as a handyman.

I am prayerfully asking my fellow brethren to help my family by providing us with a small car or pickup. The 2001 car I had broke down and the repairs surpassed its total value. I had to have the car dealer service department stop repairs when the costs kept adding up and still the car was not repaired.

I need a vehicle to travel when I am called as a fill-in preacher/evangelist. I also have many handyman/remodeling projects pending but no vehicle to get to them.

I do not have the finances to provide a down payment but as I earn a salary from the handyman projects, I can make payments as needed.

I am available to present a weekend church growth seminar on biblical discipleship, evangelism and outreach.

I reside in Normanna, Texas and I am part of the Quinn Street Church of Christ family in Beeville, Texas.

In faith, I look forward to hearing from you.

In the Lord's service,

Jose C. Samudio, Evangelist

Support Needed
Date:  September 5, 2018, 11:59 am [EST]

Church/Name: Duski church of christ
Address: Vill:Hakim Para,PO: Duski,PS:Teliamura,Dist:Khowai State, :Tripura Northeast India.

Contact Name:Worldson Debbarma
Contact Phone: 7005242634

Details:I am looking for the support to spead or share the Gospel in Tripura state.

May 23, 2018
Support Needed
Nkulumane Church of Christ Bulawayo 
House no. 178 Nkulumane 

Size: 80    Salary: $1000-3000
Contact:  Jonathan Chuma Nkutika
Email:  jnkutika@gmail.com
Phone:  +263784543734
Looking for suupoort working with a congregation in Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Support Needed
Date: September 10, 2017, 2:51 pm [EST]

Position: Vocational Missionary Couple

47th Street church of Christ
601 West 47th Street South
Whictia, Ks. 67217

Contact: Byron Barrientez
Email: 47thcoc@gmail.com
Phone: 316-524-6085

Web Site:

Details: We are a small congregation in south Wichita. Seeking to support Joe Broz & his wife as vocational missionaries to the Philippines and to help local congregations in the area. Please visit the website listed for more information. You may also call the church building and we will answer any questions you may have.
Thanks and have a blessed day!

Support Needed
Date:  May 24, 2017, 6:27 am [EST]

Message: Dear Church Elders.Iam hereby kindly seeking to be considered in your church budget for a support.My name is Nhamo Mumba married with 3 children and i live in a small poor town here in Zimbabwe.I work with a smally newly congrgation.The church does not have much means of support at time.I do not know what had happened to my first two letters.I look forward to hear from you.Yours faithfully.Nhamo Mumba.Magamba Church of Christ.P.0. B0X 341. Rusape, Zimbabwe


Support Needed
Date:  April 30, 2017, 8:07 am [EST]

Position: Missionary to Italy

Chad Fetters
901 Lakeview Dr.
Bay Minette, AL, 36507

Size: Any    Salary: 4,200 monthly

Contact: Chad Fetters
Email: chdfet@yahoo.com
Phone: 251-307-0199

Web Site:

Details: The Lord has blessed me with a heart for missions. He has sent me to China twice and Italy once for over a year at both places. However, recently, with the amount of refugees coming to Italy from Syria, God has opened up another opportunity to reach people of Islamic faith. Many have never heard the Gospel preached, but are opening their minds to the idea that their faith is not correct. There are many refugees in Italy to reach, but there are few workers.

"Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." - Matthew 9:37-38

Another aspect of the work there is that a group of young people who are on fire for God need help with giving them training and direction.

"and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." - 2 Timothy 2:2

I would like to dedicate 5+ years to this work. If you, your congregation, or if you know of a congregation that would like to partner with God and me in this mission effort, I would love to hear from you. I am open to one time support or monthly support.

God Bless!


Support Needed
Tartu Church of Christ

Tartu, Estonia

Size: 6 Salary: $1200.per month
Parsonage: No
Contact: Dennis Hofschild
Email: hofschild@gmail.com
Phone: 518-8330291
 Dear Brethren,
I have been a child of God for over 45 years. I have served as a minister, missionary,evangelist, and an elder for the Lord's church at different periods of my Christian life. I am a graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute, class of 1975, and of the school of missions. The Lord has blessed me with great health over the years, allowing me to go and work in several mission fields.
I served as a missionary to Kenya and South Africa for 8 yrs. from 1977-86. I worked as a minister and evangelist with several congregations in the U.S., being partially supported or self-supporting in some of those cases. From 2001-2004 I was part of a small mission team that helped start a small congregation in Tartu, Estonia in northern Europe. There were 30 souls baptized into Christ over the 4 yrs. we were there. unfortunately due to my wife's health issues, we needed to return to the U.S. where she could better have her health needs met. Unfortunately, she passed away from a brain anyerism les than a year later. I continued to serve as a minister for two congregations over the next five years.
Since I left Tartu in 2004, the Tartu congregation has had two families, and one brother and sister team working with them at various times. However, due to family issues that arose, none of these workers were able to stay for more than a year or two. Therefore, there have been many times when this congregation has not had a missionary presence; as is the case right now. It has been over a year since the last missionary family to work with them returned to the states. So they are struggling to keep the church meeting. I have been back to Tartu a few times to provide teaching and encouragement for those that remain. I also remarried in 2014, and my wife is an Estonian Christian. We are currently living in up-state New York, but would like to return to Tartu and provide teaching, leadership, and encouragement for the church there. We are trying to move there by the end of this year, or by early 2017. We need your help, prayers, and support. Our support needs are as follows:

1. An overseeing or sponsoring congregation
2 $1,200. Monthly support
3. $2,500. One-time Travel and set- up funds

Please let me know if you could help meet any of these support needs. Also please let me know if I could have the chance to come and speak to your congregation about the work in Tartu.

References available upon request.

Contact Information:

Address: 56 Thompson St. Troy, N.Y.12180

Phone: 518-8330291

E-mail - hofschild@gmail.com

Thank You for your prayerful consideration




Online Resume Service
Info Here


Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: April 30, 2019

Position: Minister looking
Church/Name: Eldon Stephens
Address: 302415 State Hwy 53
Velma Ok 73438

Church Size & Salary: Size / Salaryany
Parsonage? No Parsonage

Contact Name: Eldon Stephens
Phone: 580-977-9014
Email: stephens.eldon@yahoo.com 

Details: Looking for a minister position or fill in position in Oklahoma or Northern Texas I love preaching the Word have resume looking forward to see where God sends me

Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: April 23, 2019

Position: Gospel Preacher/Evangelist
Church/Name: Quinn Street Church of Christ
Beeville Texas

Church Size & Salary: Size 5-150 / Salary $25-30,000
Parsonage? No Parsonage

Contact Name: Jose C. Samudio
Phone: 361-389-1356
Email: jsamudio11@yahoo.com

Details: Giving God our Heavenly Father all the glory, honor and praise, I am a gospel preacher and evangelist in the glorious church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ.

My name is Jose C. Samudio, and I’ve been serving the Lord as a preacher/evangelist on a full-time basis since graduating from preaching school on May 15, 1998.

I am seeking a full-time preaching/evangelist position. I am fluent in English and Spanish, and capable of teaching and preaching in either language. I have extensive experience teaching and preaching bilingually.
God first, I’ve served as a church planter for English and Spanish language churches of Christ. I have served as a gospel preacher/evangelist with churches seeking to restore both spiritual and numerical growth. 3.) I’ve served as a “Spiritual Growth and Discipleship Minister.” 4.) I’ve served as an evangelist and gospel meeting preacher in the United States, and on mission trips to northern Mexico and central Guatemala. 5.) I am a presenter of a weekend seminar on “Church Growth 911.”

My personal Christian commitment parallel’s the apostle Paul’s as recorded in (Acts 20:27), “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.”

Furthermore, as a gospel preacher, I faithfully serve the Lord precisely as the apostle Paul exhorts the young evangelist Timothy in (1 Timothy 4:16), “Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.” Thus, I will never be found guilty of sinfully preaching “modernized” or “winds of change” false doctrine.

In the Lord’s service,
Jose C. Samudio, Evangelist

Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: January 26, 2019

Position: Youth/ Associate
Name: Jordan Pugh
Address: 1935 Celebraton park circle
belleville IL 62220

Church Size & Salary: Size / Salary
Parsonage? No Parsonage
Contact Name: Jordan Pugh
Phone: 618-406-7634
Email: jordanp7@hotmail.com
Website: www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMFFAafEe1qyylv01vJRjw

Details: Hi my name Is Jordan Anthony Pugh. I am a 26 year old single preacher of the Gospel. I am a 2017 Graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching and a current student of Amridge university online. At the School of preaching I was the associate youth minister at the Forest Hill church of Christ. I love working with youth to expose them to the power that faith through Christ can bring them in their christian journey. I love to preach the Gospel and I enjoy learning under men who have done It before myself. If you would like to hear some of my work please listen to my podcast listed on the website above or you can listen on Spotify or iTunes. I host a weekly Podcast entitled When the the Scriptures Become real. I look forward to hearing from you brethren. The best way to contact me is through email first then phone.

In Him,

Jordan Pugh

Seeking Position Vacancy
Date:  January 26, 2019 

Position: Preacher / Missionary
Church/Name: Church of Christ

Church Size & Salary: Size / Salary
Parsonage? Yes, 1 Bdr
Contact Name: Ryan Cooper
Email: ryancolecooper@gmail.com

Details: 35 years old from America. On the mission field in Asia for the last 7 years. Intrested in pastoring a church who is interested in being fed God's word.
Looking to baptize more in the wonderful name Of Jesus for the remission of sins.

Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: November 21, 2018, 4:57 am [EST]

Position:  Evangelist

Church of Christ Smythe Road
Old Road, Sinkor

Size: 200    Salary: $ 200
Parsonage: Yes    Bdr

Contact:  James F.B.Faiya
Email:  jamesfcocevangelist@gmail.com
Phone:  +231777922375

Web Site:

Details: Dear Brethren,i write to apply for the position as Evangelist/ Preacher of the Gospel.I am a member of the Lord's church and a preacher for over 10 years in Church of Christ. I would be grateful should my letter be considered into an your Ministry appointment.
yours in Christ,
James F.B.Faiya.

Date: November 20, 2018, 7:56 am [EST]

Position:  Interim 

George McCormick
318 Bowen Place
Dalton, Georgia 30720

Size: 50-500    Salary: $900.00 Weekly
Parsonage:     Bdr

Contact:  George McCormick
Email:  gomcc26@gmail.com
Phone:  3094538622

Web Site:

Audio sermons        2018--08-02 George McCormick.mp3       2018--08-19 George McCormick.mp3
My name is George McCormick,
I was born May 3, 1933 in Seattle, Washington and buried with Christ in baptism May 10, 1941 at the Green Lake Church of Christ in Seattle.
1951-1955 Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Texas – Major subject: Bible – Minor – subject: speech
1956-1961 Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington –Drafter Training (Two Years Credit at University of Washington, Seattle in Pre-Engineering). On the job training in the installation and calibration of flight test equipment: oscillographs, brown recorders, tape recorders, photo recorders and installation of strain gages.
1970 -Western Electric Company, Chicago, Illinois. Two Weeks – Engineering Orientation.
1947 to1955 Carpenter – McCormick Construction Company
1956  to 1961 Flight Test Engineering Aide – Boeing Company
1961 to 1963 Journeyman Carpenter – Seattle Carpenters Union
1961 to 1972 Minister Churches of Christin Washington State; Seattle, Federal Way, Othello and Pateros. In Illinois at Brookfield, Northwest, and Elk Grove Village.
1970 to 1971 - Associate and Product Engineer with Western Electric Company.
1971 to 1974– Minister Churches of Christ in California; Fairfield and Morse Ave Sacramento.
1974 to 1976 – Carpenter – Strode Construction Company – Seattle, Washington.
1976 to 2000 – On Contract Computer Aided Engineer with several companies including, Boeing Military and Commercial, Lockheed, Martin Marietta,  Gulfstream, Aeronca, Harnishfeger P&H, Fairfield Controls, Canadair, and Harmon Motive.
Retired 2000 to 04-2009.
04 to 11/1/2013 Minister - Graton Church of Christ Graton, California.
11/1/2013 to Minister – East Peoria Church of Christ, East Peoria, Illinois

 Wanda Couch 11:  2 Butternut, Morton, IL 61550   -   Cell : 309-645-6692
David Glover 159 Baker St. East Peoria, IL 61611   -   CELL   -   309-258-2663
Paul Willett 114 Florence Ave, East  Peoria, IL  -  Cell:  309-361-0798

George McCormick
318 Bowen PL
Dalton, GA 30720

Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: November 19, 2018, 7:45 pm [EST]

Position:  Evangelist/Pulpit MInister

Ben C Estes
531A Mifflin Ave

Size: any    Salary: 200-250 per week
Parsonage: Yes    Bdr

Contact:  Benjamin Estes
Email:  bestes1284@gmail.com
Phone:  7317300285

Web Site:

Details: Im Looking for a Sound Congregation that will give me a Chance to Prove My Worth in The Lord's Church Parsonage Desire but not required


Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: October 2, 2018, 11:12 am [EST]

Position:  Full-time Preacher/Evangelist

Harveyville, KS Church of Christ
2300 Wakarusa Drive Apt. C5
Lawrence KS 66045

Size: Any    Salary: sufficient
Parsonage: Yes    Bdr

Contact:  John Kitchens
Email:  jkitchens84@yahoo.com
Phone:  7854093652

Web Site:

Details: I am a visually-impaired part time preacher working on an M.Div. but have had employment as an attorney to support myself. Now I am looking for a full time preaching post. An application packet is available upon request.


Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: September 20, 2018, 3:17 pm [EST]

Position:  Full Time

Jason Adams
110 N. Chaney Dr
Belle Rive, IL 62810

Size: Any    Salary: 40,000 (benefits if possible)
Parsonage: Yes   4 if possi Bdr

Contact:  Jason Adams
Email:  jjtvadams@mvn.net
Phone:  618-6630460

Web Site:

Details: Please allow me to introduce my family and myself. My name is Jason Adams and my wife’s name is Jessica. I am 42 years old and my wife is 40 years old. As of this coming January we will have been happily married for 20 years.

We have three beautiful children. Our son Travis is 15 and a sophomore in high school. Our daughter Vivian is 11 and in the 6th grade. And our daughter Charlotte is 4 and full of life.

I have been involved in the ministry since 1995, when I went on my first overseas mission trip. My family and I have been involved in the full time ministry since February of 2000.

I am seeking a congregation to serve.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 

Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: August 18, 2018, 10:40 am [EST]

Position:  Preaching Minister

Dan Robinson
151 Lyons Chapel Road
Tompkinsville, KY.  42167

Size: 75 to 100    Salary: 35,000 annual
Parsonage: Yes   3 Bdr

Contact:  Dan Robinson
Email:  dhrrobinson@yahoo.com
Phone:  (270) 570-1151 (cell)

Web Site:

Details: I am semi-retired, with 47 years of pulpit and ministerial experience.

I have preached on radio and television. I have worked in community activities.

I can identify with diverse groups of people.

I love God, His church, my family, and all people.   

Seeking Position Vacancy
Date: July 23, 2018, 5:56 am [EST]

Position:  Preacher/Teacher/Minister 

Robert Dozier
Woodlands, Texas 

Size: 50+    Salary: Negotiable
Parsonage:     Bdr

Contact:  Robert Dozier
Email:  rfdonlk@yahoo.com
Phone:  281630-2726

Web Site:
   http://www.sinnersanonymous. net

Details: Seeking opportunities to preach, teach, help church grow or serve as interim minister.  Duration (as needed or set term) dependent on location, distance, in state or out.  Age 64, single, healthy, active.  Biblical.  Balanced.  Dedicated. Flexible. Mature.  References/Audio available upon request. 







Seeking Position Vacancy
Date:  May 4, 2019

May 4, 2019
Position Vacancy:
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