Remember the Eye Openers


One of the highlights of the Youth Ministry in the congregation was a skit groups known as the "Eye Openers."  The group began with a group of teens who desired to put together some skits for a parent appreciation banquet.  That original group consisted of Shawn Koke, Butch Louderback, John Telgren, and Jerry West.  The the following months, the group continued to practice and perform periodically for the congregation following Sunday evening services.  Eventually, Jerry West moved away, and the group ceased activity for awhile.  Eventually the group re-energized with new members.  The additional members of the group that came on board in the following years were Rick Foncree, Chris Stidham, and James Telgren.

In addition to the Youth Rallies hosted at Plattsmouth, Eye Openers also performed for Youth Rallies in the area as well as special events in their home congregation.  The group added a slide show to their performance to share their experiences and promote the group.  This section of the web site features photos and other items from Eye Openers.  As more material becomes available, they will be added to this page.

We would love to hear from previous members of the group or folks that were close to us.  If you have any photographs, we would love for you to share them with us so we can add them to this page.  Check back periodically to see what items get added to this page.


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