Small Group Questions.  Upside Down All Around, Luke 2:21-38

Summary:  Jesus begins his ministry with two kinds of affirmations.  First, God affirms that he 
is his beloved son, which declares that Jesus is the Messiah that God had promised to send in
 order to save us.  Second, the geneology which follows affirms that Jesus, the Son of God,
 became the Son of Adam, a human.  As a result, we sons of Adam are able to become sons of God
 with the same Spirit that empowered Jesus at the beginning of his ministry.  With a clear sense
 of our identity in him, we are able to effectively live and ministry as children of God and not
 children of this world.

Optional Ice Breakers
-  What kind of career would you like?
-  What did your parents want you to be?  


1.  Why do you suppose Luke inserts his geneology after Jesus baptism?  What does it appear the
 purpose of the geneology is in the context of Jesus baptism and affirmation from God?

2.  How do you suppose God's words "You are my beloved son" have impacted Jesus and his ministry?

3.  How does this affirmation affect his life as a carpenter?  As the son of his parents?  Among
 other family and friends?  In his aspirations and plans?  In the way he viewed the world around
 him?  When he faced difficulties?

4.  In what ways was Jesus tempted to "re-define" himself by his family?  His disciples?  The
 Jews in general?  The religious leaders?

5.  Note Some of the ways God defines and identifies you in his word.  Are there any others not
 in this list?  Child of God; Disciple; Branch of the Vine; Crucified with Christ; Fellow Heir;
 Saint; Temple; A New Creature; His Workmanship; Member of the Body; Citizen of Heaven; Complete
 in Christ; Alien, Ambassador; other: ______________


6.  Which descriptions above do you identify with the most and why?  Which descriptions do you
 identify with the least and why?

7.  To what degree are you defined by the world?  By God?  How can you develop your identity more
 fully by God?

(Psalm 39:4-7)  Read and let this Psalm guide your prayer