Title: Christianity is Knowing Christ

Focus: To be Christians, you must have a faith in Christ that produces a selfless humility

Function: To motivate the audience to know Christ in such as way that it evokes humility

Text: Phil 3:10-11

1.  Hadn't seen a friend in years - almost not recognize him
2.  Would we recognize Jesus?  That is the question of the day
3.  Review:  Phil 3:1-11
		-In regard to Bible-Conservative/Zeal-Persecutor of Denominations
		-Only thing that matters is knowing Christ
4.  Continue with thoughts from last week
	a.  Are we to know Christ merely through Bible study??
	b.  If I studied about my wife, would I know her?
		- ILL:  Brian Farnsworth - John you got to stop seeing Stacey, you 
		   never said "fixin" before.
		- Her brother brought me to her.  Could have told me about her, but 
		   not same as knowing her
		- Over time, my likes, dislikes, and language changed
5.  Bible A witness to Christ, not object of our faith (bibliolatry)
6.  Do you know Christ?  How do you know that you know?
7.  TEXT:  Key for this sermon - Phil 3:10-11  -  That I may know Christ ...
Conformed to his death. 
	a.  What does this mean?
	b.  IF understand what Paul is saying, we can know that we know Christ

I.  Background
	A.  The meaning of what Paul says goes back to chap 2 - Hymn start w. v.6
		1.  Why does Paul use this hymn about exalation of Christ?
		2.  Because of what Phillipi like  - Leading city, Roman colony, civic pride, 
		     affluence respectable
	B.  Stands in stark contrast to Christianity
		1.  Contrast to what Jesus looks like - Crucified (punishment for common criminal)
		2.  Contrast to what Paul looks like - In prison
		3.  What kind of religion is this anyway?
		4.  Nobody respectable would be a part of this religion
			- Philippian Christian seemed an oxymoron
	C.  Humility in Greco-Roman culture not a virtue
	D.  With all that in mind, let's look at what Paul does with this hymn

II.  1:27 - Conduct your citizenship - with one MIND - (v.29-30 - To suffer together)
	A.  2:1-4 - Statement of principle - A change of MIND
	B.  2:5-11 - Christ's example
		1.  2:12-13 - It is GOD who is at work in you to will and to work
		2.  Not by your own self - No confidence in the flesh
	C.  Example of Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus as good examples
	D.  Bad examples - The dogs, false circumcision

III.  Paul's admonitions
	A.  3:12-16 - Have this "mind" or "thinking"
		1.  No pride
		2.  No confidence in my own accomplishments
	B.  3:17-21
		1.  Walk according to the "pattern" you have in us
		2.  This "pattern" is not talking about baptism, or correct worship
		3.  In context, this "pattern" is talking about faith and humility
		4.  3:21 - What gets transformed to glory is our humble state
	C.  Paul's personal admonition  (4:1-3)
		1.  Stand firm in the Lord in this way.
		2.  In what way? Answer: Faith & Humility
		3.  Live in harmony with one another

1.  Back to original question
2.  Do you know Christ?
	a.  I know my wife, and I changed because of it
	b.  Knowing Christ will result in a changed mind, changed thinking
3.  This thinking may not be as the word thinks
	a.  Changed thinking may mean you lose civic "respectability"
	b.  If you know Christ, it will result in 2 things - Faith in him, and humility
	c.  Cannot have one without the other
4.  Do you now him?
	a.  If you truly know him, he will change you
	b.  Even if you look foolish, weak, strange, or stupid, you will be like him
	c.  You need to give him your pride
5.  We place no confidence in the flesh, because as Paul said, all that matters is knowing him