Title: God's Guarantee

Purpose: To motivate the hearers to be faithful in their service to God

	1.  Do you feel for someone whose dreams shattered?
	2.  Maybe a marriage vow, best years to a company, maybe your retirement account flop
	3.  We live in a world of broken promises and shattered dreams
	4.  Heb. 10:23 - "He who promised is faithful" (God's faithfulness, God's power)
	6.  Text Eph 1:11-14
	7.  He has assured us that we will never be cheated when it comes to our inheritance
	8.  3 Reasons why:

I.  Our inheritance is solid
	A.  The ground of our inheritance is "in Christ"
	B.  How do we get into Christ?
		1.  Gal. 3:26-27
		2.  Romans 6:3-4
	C.  ILL:  A just preached a funeral for someone close to us in Nebraska
		1.  He was a young man, only 58
	 	2.  Nothing is solid, not even life (life is a vapor)
	D.  Remember two truths
		1.  Outside of Christ, the only eternal things is condemnation (II Ths 1:8)
		2.  In Christ, every spiritual blessing
			a.  Spiritual, because it is permanent
			b.  Includes the inheritance of eternal life
			c.  Being in Christ is the ground of our inheritance

II.  Our inheritance is certain
	A. Read 1:13-14a  "sealed in him.....pledge of our inheritance"
	B.  What does this say about the Holy Spirit?
		1.  Holy Spirit is the seal
			a.  Notary seals today not unlike seals back then
				1)  Today, a seal is a stamp of authenticity
				2)  Back then, hot wax with a signet ring seal
			b.  Seals communicated several things:
				1)  Ownership
				2)  Protection
				3)  Authenticity
			c.  ILL:  Today, Birth Certificates prove who we are. At judgement,
			 	God will not ask for this, but will look for the seal
		2.  Holy Spirit is a pledge or deposit gauranteeing our inheritance
			a.  Grk:  "arrabon" - Down payment, part of the purchase price
			b.  What does it mean for the H.S. to be a down payment
			c.  I Cor 2:13;  also 13:12
			d.  This is just a foretaste, 

III.  It is Fulfilling
	A.  "To the praise of his glory"
	B.  This entire passage rings with praise for God (v. 6, 12, 14)
		1.  I used to think God's purpose for me was to be happy
		2.  If that's what you think, you will be miserable
		3.  Isaiah 43:7 - We were made for God's glory
		4.  Rev. 7:15; 22:3 - We will not sit around singing in heaven all the time
		5.  Rev.14:13 - Rest from our labors (grk:  uses kopos instead of ergon)
	C.  Heaven is a place for the weary, but only those who are weary in the work of
	      the Lord, not those weary of working for the Lord
	D.  How can I 
		1.  Make him the center of your life

	1.  Our inheritance is solid, certain, and fulfilling
	2.  If you are not in Christ, decide today
	3.  Maybe you are in Christ, and haven't been meeting the purpose for your 	 
	4.  Stimulation:  Jesus said "In my father's house are many mansions"
	5.  Come today