Title: Christians and Flying Bats

Purpose: To move the hearers to live by God's power and not their own

	1.  How Bats see - differently, by sound, Dogs, smell, Cats at night, 
		different than humans
	2.  Perceiving life, Christians are different than everyone else
	3.  Context and Text:  Eph 1:15-19 (written to Christians)
	4.  Enlightenment - Causes us to "KNOW" - Understanding, relationship, 
	5.  ILL:  Lack of Enlightenment:  Preacher is preaching on judgment day, 
	     a child says, "Do you think they'll let school out that day?"
	6.  ILL:  I "know" the Commander, v.s. I "know" my wife
	7.  3  Benefits to "know" or "understand" and live by

I.  Understand and live by the hope of his calling
	A.  Hope is a certainty (an expectation  ILL:  I hope Christmas comes) 
	B.  A non born again Christian cannot understand this hope
		1.  I Cor 2:12-14 - Only those with the spirit can appraise them
		2.   Hope is of his calling (only if you follow his call)
	C.  ILL:  Movie, Field of Dreams - Field in Iowa Cornfield, players in past 
	      came to play there. those who did not believe could not see them
	D.  Something like that happens to Christians
		1.  Non-Christians see cars, houses, etc. and assume that is the 
		     sum of reality
		2.  Christians know of an entirely different dimension
		3.  Can perceive it with the "eye of our heart"

II.  Understand and live by our inheritance
	A.  Inherit eternal life
	B.  It is interesting that people always think of eternal life in respect to time
		1.  I don't want to live that long or get that old
		2.  Eternal life is something we can have beginning now
		3.  It is a quality (not quantity)  relationship with God
		4.  Jesus died, and left you a fortune
		5.   New home, new body, new world, etc.
	C.  ILL:
	D.  Are you going to claim your inheritance
		1.  It's offered freely by God
		2.  You have to accept it, by accepting him

III.  Understand and live by his power
	A.  Toward us who believe
	B.  Power is in Christ through his resurrection
		1.  Gospel has the power to save - Gospel is...
		2.  Power over life and death (Col 1:16 & I Cor 15:20)
		3.  We can participate in his power
	C.  Power today is seen in the church
		1.  v.20-23
		2.  We are his body, his hands, his feet
		3.  ILL:  Angel asking Jesus about his plan of evangelizing
	C.  ILL:  Rom 6 re-enacting the Gospel
	D.  Do you know the power of Christ?

		1.  Have you been enlightened, do you know the way to go?
		2.  How can you get enlightenment?
			a..  If you are not born again
			b.  If you have been born again
				- If we confess ....
				- If anyone sins, Advocate
				- Make the decision (that's called repentance)
		3.  There are many things you can live by, who are you living by?