Small Group Questions   Text:  Luke 1:48-52

Summary:  Jesus proclaims freedom for the poor, captive, blind, and oppressed.  But it takes
more than speaking or thinking well of Jesus to receive it.  Before we can accept Jesus and his
freedom, we need to humbly acknowledge our true condition.  Pride blinds us to our condition and
causes us to reject the freedom that Christ offers.  Like the widow at Zarepath and Naaman the
Syrian, we need to humbly accept our helpless condition before we can receive anything from

Optional Ice Breakers (choose one)
- What do you like best about your home town?
- When have you recieved a dear John letter?


1.  In what ways was Jesus bringing the "favorable year of the Lord?" (see
Leviticus 25 as the background to this phrase)

2.  What initial reaction did the people of Nazareth have to Jesus when he taught
in the synagogue?  Why was Jesus not impressed?

3.  What did the proverb, "Physician heal yourself" reveal about the hearts of the

4.  Why did the people go from speaking well of Jesus to trying to kill him?  What
did Jesus do or say that they would react this way?

5.  Why did the people reject Jesus?  Was the problem in Jesus or them?  What
was it?


6.  Consider and discuss these statements as to how they may or may not be
	- "Pride that hides in humility feels guilt, low self esteem, gets defensive,
may beat itself up, and has trouble ministering authentically"
	- "True humility does not get defensive nor beat itself up, but is filled with
joy and peace and is able to minister to others"

7.  What are the sources of pride in your life?  How does it affect your
relationship with God and others?  How does it affect your ministry to others?

8.  What will it take to eliminate that pride?

Prayer:  Read Psalm 131 as a guide to your prayer