Title: This Little Light of Mine

Purpose: To motivate the hearers to openly share the Gospel

1.  Going to talk about bushels
2.  Matt 5:14-16  -  Kids song:  This little light of mine
3.  We must not allow anything to detract from letting the light of
God shine in our lives.   Let’s try it.
4.  How?  By removing potential obstacles like the bushel

I.  Security Clearance
	A.  ILL:  I was in military, needed security clearance
		1.  That not guarantee I have access to all
		2.  Info dispensed on a need to know basis
	B.  I hope we are not secretive this way with our faith
		1.  Song:  Shout it from the moutain top
			a.  Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?
			b.  Come into something good, want to tell others
			c.  Not embarrassed if someone reject, because it is true
		2.  Could have been embarrassement to Jesus (Heb 2:11-13)
			a.  He is not ashamed to call us messed up people brethren
			b.  He salvaged us and transforming us
			c.  Intercedes for us in all our imperfections
			d.  Don’t you just love him?
		3.  Paul said we are “fools” for his sake in 1 Cor 4:10
	C.  Why would anyone be embarrassed by him?
		1.  If invest $1 and get 1 million, wouldn’t you share the news?
		2.  If someone ridicule you, would you be ashamed of it?
		3.  That is his deal, we invest our 70-90 yrs and infinite return
		4.  We don’t deserve it, but it offered to everyone
	D.  Why keep it a secret?
		1.  (Rom 10:9-10) - This not talking about conversion experience
		2.  Not a one time act (Eph 4:4) 
			a.  One body, spirit, hope, Lord, faith, baptism, God
			b.  Does not say one confession
		3.  Do I confess regularly, or use security clearance?
		4.  Maybe problem is a mask

II.  Mask
	A.  Mask transforms ordinary John Brown into SUPER CHRISTIAN
		1.  Leaps into car single bound to church
		2.  Comments, gives, sings with gusto
		3.  Who was that masked man
	B.  John Brown, was at every service with his mask
		1.  But went to hell for what he did on Monday
			a.  Backstab, curse, cheat on time card, get drunk
			b.  Not have bad reputation, but he no different than anyone 
		2.  No co-worker had any idea of his alter-ego
		3.  No church member had any idea of his alter ego
		4.  It’s one thing for people not know you a Christian, it another for
		     them to be in disbelief that you are a Christian
	C.  But didn’t all those years with a perfect attendance count?
		1.  (Mt 15:18) - This people honors me with their lips, but their 
		      heart is far from me.  In vain do they worship me
			a.  Monday’s activity revealed the emptiness of Sunday
			b.  Problem was all that worship didn’t mean anything
		2.  Need to be ready at ALL times to share our faith
		3.  (1 Pet 3:15) - This passage talks about that readiness
			a.  How can you be ready?
			b.  Text says that it is by sanctifying Jesus as LORD
	D.  Lordship of Christ most important factor to let light shine
		1.  This was case with early Christians - Faith inspired unbelievers
		2.  Many went to death for declaring Jesus Lord
		3.  Let light shine, means get rid of mask, no alter ego
		4.  Means being honest, and full of integrity

III.  Half Heart
	A.  Symbolizes a lack of love.  Without love, salvation hopeless
	B.  Love is the greatest command
		1.  Mt 22:37-38 - Love for God and neighbor
		2.  Lk 10:25 - Good Samaritan for “who is my neighbor?”
		3.  Love the strongest witness to the Christian faith - Jn 13:34
		4.  (1 Jn 2:7-10) - Our light shines through love
			a.  Walking in light is walking in love
			b.  No love is walking in darkness
	C.  Learned about walking in darkness in Korea
		1.  Blackout once a month
		2.  No cars, no lights, no one on streets
		3.  Even though can reach out and touch someone, feel isolated
		4.  That is how it is when there is no love in the church
	D.  People in darkness drawn to God’s love, to God’s light
		1.  Love is genuine and does not manipulate
		2.  Love is compassionate - Jesus fed bellies then fed bread of life
		3.  Acts of compassion and love gets attention
		4.  Love and uncompromising faith lets his light shine

IV.  Self
	A.  Even when live without mask and with compassion, light still not shine
	B.  (Matt 5:14-16)
		1.  Let light shine by letting people see good works
		2.  But this not let his light shine
		3.  Have you ever had anyone notice your good character?
	C.  ILL:  Downsizing in Air Force
		1.  Cursing and vulgarity declined with influx of femail airmen
		2.  They notice I not cuss and complimented me
		3.  I said, “Thank you.”
		4.  Whose light did I let shine?  Not God’s, but my own
	D.  Verse say “So they may glorify your FATHER” not you
		1.  ILL:  Singers who point up when people clap
		2.  That’s what we need to do, give glory to God
		3.  Use it as opportunity to let HIS light shine
		4.  Get out of the way, so they can see the cross

1.  Getting rid of these obstacles will permit his light to shine
2.  do you want to let his light shine in you?  
3.  There is opportunity coming up - Campaign
	a.  Notice back bulletin board
	b.  Read bulletin update
4.  What good will it do?
	a.  We will be doing what God wants us to do
	b.  Plant seed
	c.  Maybe seed already planted out there, and we let light shine on it
	      or water it
	d.  ILL:  Knock on door - I just praying God give me direction, and you 
5.  If we have planted and watered, then we have been successful
	- God give the increase
6.  Take this opportunity, we need you for the campaign
	- Housing, Food, to God out with the campaigners
	- Be a devotional here every morning
	- Gospel Revival Meeting nightly\
7.  All about OPPORTUNITY - Give opportunity for people to hear greatest news
ever told
8.  Invitation