Title: Who Did It?

Purpose: To motivate the hearers to Praise God for their salvation

	1.  Ezekiel 37
	2.  Do you every feel dried up and dead?m   Who brought the bones to life?
	3.  Text:  Eph 2:1-10
	4.  We need faith.  Why?  

I.  We were destined for wrath (1-3)
	A.  This is an ugly picture
	B.  Explanation.  Notice verse 2
		1.  The course of this world
		2.  Prince of...
		3.  Indulge
		4.  But what about the good people?
	C.  ILL:  There are different levels of decay of dead things, but all are still dead
		- Sin has differenge degrees, but the effect is till ultimately the same

II.  God can save us (v.4-7)
	A.  Paul then shows us what God has done
	B.  BUT God is rich in mercy
		1.  Alive TOGETHER with Christ (Jn 14:6; 1:4; 3:16)
		2.  Raised us up (from death to life)
		3.  Seated us with him in the heavenly places
	C.  We live in a new habitat, in the heavenly places
	D.  This word has nothing left to offer, but death....... BUT GOD..

III.  Only God can save us (v.8-10)
	A.  For by grace you have been saved
		1.  Didnít say you saved yourselves
		2.  Int was through Godís unmerited favor on us
	B.  It is a gift of God
		1.  Not of works
		2.  We are HIS workmanship
		3.  Created in Christ Jesus
	C.  To accept a gift, you must do something to receive it
		1.  I got an anonymous $100 in the mail from one of you
		2.  I didnít earn it, it was a gift
		3.  I had to get the envelope and open it
	D.  We know who did it on the cross

	1.  Who did it in the valley of the dry bones?  God.
	2.  We may feel like a valley of dry bones, but God can bring us back to life
	3.  You didn't do it, so praise and serve God!