Small Group Questions:  We are not a recorded message

Summary:  Jesus brought the kingdom of God not only with power and authority, but with
compassion as can be seen in the nature of his miracles and his touch which freed people from
the devestation of sin.  We also should be involved in preaching the kingdom through ministries of
compassion which means doing more than mechanistically getting the job done, but “touching”
people to touch their heart with the Gospel in action.

Optional Ice Breakers (pick one)
- Who in your life have you looked to as an authority?
- When have you been touched by someone showing you a kindness?


1.  In what way did Jesus demonstrate authority in this passage?  What effect
did it have on the people? 

2.  Why didn’t Jesus allow the demons to reveal who he was?  Wouldn’t more
testimony to his identity be beneficial?  What were the things in this passage that
testified of Jesus’s identity?

3.  Why didn’t Jesus do such spectacular miracles such as making a boulder
float, or blacking out the sun?  Why did he do the types of miracles that he did?

4.  Why did Jesus physically touch the people he ministered to?  Was it
necessary for him to heal them?  Describe what his touch must have
communicated to them. 


5.  In what way can the power of God be experienced through kindness and

6.  What inhibits you from going out of the way to show a compassion or a

7.  What would it take for you to be more kind and compassionate?

8.  What are some specific ways in your life that you can “touch” someone with
the kindness and compassion of God?

Prayer:  Use Romans 11:22 as preparation for your prayer.