Title: Life of the Living Dead

Purpose: To move the hearers to true discipleship which involves a total surrender of self to Christ as Lord

	1.  Do you really know what a disciple is?  Pretty basic stuff, we all know that:
		-Noah gathered all the animals 2 by 2 into the ark, Money is the root of all evil
		 3 Kings came and worshipped Jesus in the manger
	2.  If so many got it wrong on these things, maybe we have some misconceptions about
	     discipleship.  (See how Jesus calls us to a discipling ministry)
	3.  What characterizes a disciple of Christ?    (3 Characteristics)

I.  A true disciple is a conformer
	A.  How do we conform?  Everyone knows that to---Christ!
		1.  It is possible to have a false conception of Jesus, many think they are 
		      following him but really are not.
		2.  (Read the quotation attatched) We can have a distorted smorgasboard Jesus as well
		3.  Cannot truly be disciple of only a half Jesus
	B.  What is a disciple?  --  Definition of “mathetes”
		1.  Student?  What is the modern connotation of “student” or “pupil”?  -or- “disciple”?
			a.  Teacher - Student -- Teach information
			b.  If teacher had great impact and changed your life, why?
				- Is it because he or she lectured so well?
				- Likely due to extra time teach spent with you
		2.  (Lk 6:40)A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone, after he has been fully
trained will be like his teacher a. A disciple is not there just to get academic information b. A disciples learns from the life of his teacher/master C. Greeks understood when they used this word 1. Example: The disciples (not mere students) of Socrates a. Overwhelmed with his teaching, hung on every word b. Basis of the relationship was not the information, but the teacher himself c. A disciple of Socrates, Plato, founded the Academy which lasted 900 yrs d. Disciples don’t just whither away and die when the teacher leaves 2. In churches of Christ, we talk about following the pattern a. What is the pattern? Not just items of worship b. JESUS IS THE PATTERN - Pattern our lives after him 3. (Rm 8:29) - Says that we should be “conformed to the image of His son” D. Problem today: We mis-apply the great commission: 1. Does not say to make converts, but make disciples 2. This is a great investment of our resources, our time, finances and energy 3. How do we imitate? Jesus is at the right hand of the Father a. Paul said “be imitators of me as I am of Christ” (I Cor 11:1) b. Two places people will look at (example and scripture) 4. Paul was able to say “be imitators” because he himself was a disciple. II. A true disciple is an obedient servant A. Liberal scholars have painted an incomplete or even false Jesus. 1. But we don’t do that do we? 2. We all “know” that Jesus is “pleading” with us to come home (Televangelist “invitation”) B. Do you remember when Jesus called his disciples? 1. Zacchaeus - Didn’t say “excuse me Mr. Zacchaeus, could I have a word...”(Lk 19:2) 2. Matthew - Didn’t say, “excuse me Mr. tax collector...” It was FOLLOW ME (Lk 5:27) 3. Peter, Andrew, James and John all left their business & family at “follow me” 4. (Lk 9:57-62) - No where to lay his head/ permit me to bury my father/ say
goodbye to family/ hand to plow.. 5. (Mt 19:16) Was problem that he was not ready to trust in Jesus as savior? NO 6. (Rom 10:10) - Confess Jesus as son of God? as Savior? NO, AS LORD! yet--- C. So many speak of him as anything but Lord 1. Accept Jesus as our personal savior 2. Billboards & Bumper stickers that say “try Jesus” 3. We have that “Blessed assurance Jesus is mine” 4. WHO PURCHASED WHO?, (WHOSE BLOOD WAS SHED FOR WHO) a. Is Jesus my Lord? b. Song: “Where he leads I’ll follow, follow all the way except when it gets uncomfortable c. That’s not how it goes, what am I doing trying to sneak that in there? D. Well, what shall we do? 1. This question was asked at first Gospel sermon, why that question? a. Peter had just preached: “Let all the house of Israel know for certain that God
has made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you have crucified” b. He is not just savior Messiah, he is Lord! 2. What shall we do? a. Peter said: Repent and be Baptized b. Like the rich young ruler, we may answer, “I’ve done this, what do I lack?” c. What did Jesus tell him, “give up everything and follow me” 3. Maybe you have been baptized, but have not been following, not a disciple 4. You have a choice today, you can follow him (obey “command”), or go away sorrowful III. A true disciple is a dead person A. Oh no, John is starting a cult! 1. Next he will have us going to a tropical jungle & drinking poison or catching a ride on a comet 2. That’s not what I’m talking about B. (Lk 9:23-25) - Explains what this death is all about 1. Do you want to “come after” him -I remember once in awhile brethren talking about friends who were so good, all they had to do was be baptized. They had already denied so many things 2. He says “deny himself” -- Not things, but SELF 3. He says “take up your cross” -- Familiar sight in ancient times a. IF saw a man carrying cross, he is going to his execution b. Jesus is talking about a daily execution 4. (Verse 24) - You have to lose yourself in Christ C. ILL: Do you like steaks? What happens if you eat a bad one?--Vomit 1. Steak meets gastric juices, “good evening, how are you? Fine, what do you want 2. We’ve come to dissolve you and transform you into John Telgren 3. Lost my identity? No thanks, it was enough that he ate me. I want to stay steak 4. Suppose Steak wins -- Vomit (Rev. 3:15-16 - Spew you out of my mouth) 5. Suppose Gastric Juices win -- Steak (or the cow) gets to preach a sermon D. (Rom 12:1-2) 1. He doesn’t want us killing ourselves, he want’s us alive -- LIVING DEAD 2. We we live the life of the living dead, we dead to self, alive to Christ Conclusion: 1. You haven’t lived until you have been Crucified with Christ! - It’s the adventure of a lifetime - follow him, and no telling where he will take you - Searcy, AR, Brattleboro, Vermont, or Leavenworth Kansas. 2. Are you going to follow him? a. To church? To the hospital? To the phone? To a brothers house? b. How about for this campaign? 3. “I AM SOMEBODY - Remember that the next time you say, somebody ought to do something” 4. Invitation: Follow Him