Small Group Questions:  Reality C.V.  Luke 5:1-32

Summary:  Jesus makes the call to be fishers of men and demonstrated the meaning of this by
showing compassion to a sick, social outcast, by bringing salvation to a cripple, and by accepting
a sinner and welcoming his friends.  These stories teach us that our job is not to get results, but to
be obedient and humble while following him in touching social outcasts, sharing the good news,
and welcoming sinners and not worry about appearing “respectable” by the world’s standards, but
by God’s standards.  

Optional Ice Breakers:
- When was a time you felt out of place or even shunned?
- When was a time you could have felt left out, but were made to feel welcome?


1.  How would you have reacted if your were in Peter’s shoes and Jesus told you
to go fishing after an unsucessful night?  Why?

2.  What did Peter go ahead and do what seemed to be a useless waste of time
and effort?  What lesson(s) did Jesus teach in all of this?

3.  How do each of the subsequent stories demonstrate what it meant for his
followers to be fishers of men?

4.  Why did Peter react the way he did after the miraculous catch?  Why did
Jesus at that point call him to be a fisher of men?  What about Peter’s changed
attitude enabled him to “fish” as Jesus did?

5.  Why did Jesus not seem to be more concerned about his public image? 
Should he have been?  Why?  


6.  What causes you to avoid the “lepers,” “cripples,” or “tax collectors” in your

7.  What would it take for you to be able to overcome the tendency to avoid

8.  Who are the “lepers” “cripples” or “tax collectors” in your life?  What are some
specific ways you can “touch” them?

Use John 4:31-35 as a guide to your prayer