The Prayer of Intercession

Summary: God wants us to earnestly pray for our brethren even when they have sinned instead of distancing ourselves from them like we so often do. After all they are brethren and we are all sinners.

Open (5-10 minutes)

1. Has anyone ever stuck up for you even when you were wrong? Who? A parent? A friend? Family member? Have you ever done this for anyone else?

Dig (20 - 25 minutes)

2. (Exodus 32:7-14) Why does God tell Moses to "let me alone?" Is it possible for Moses to stop God?

3. Why did Moses intervene? Wouldn't it have been better for him to just say "your will be done" when God planned to destroy what he called "this" people?

4. Why do you suppose Moses interceded for the people in spite of the fact they were so fickle and cause him so much grief in the wilderness?

5. (Read Exo 32:30-32; 34:8-9) Why did Moses ask God to forgive "our" sin? What does this say about the nature of intercession?

6. (Exo 32:21-24) How does Aaron's reaction contrast with Moses reaction? Why do you suppose he reacted in this way?

7. How did Jesus do something similar to Moses due to our sin?

Apply (20-25 minutes)

8. What do you typically do when you discover that there is sin in the body? Why? (For instance, suppose someone is guilty of sexual sin, gossip, slander, thoughtlessness, or simply not coming to worship?)

9. What kind of attitude does God want you to have when there is sin in the body? Why?

10. How does God want you to pray when there is sin in the body?

11. How does this lesson challenge you to change in your prayer life?

Prayer - Spend some time interceding for each other, the church, and even our country. Don't forget the empty chair.