Title: Getting Ready for a Campaign

Purpose: To move the congregation to evangelism

1.  Going to have a “campaign”   What is it?
2.  Synonymns:  Warfare, Crusade, Expedition, Mobilization
3.  Webster:  “A connected series of military operations forming one distinct
stage in a war . . . A series of operations to bring about some result
4.  “A connected series”  _ This is not a one time effort, but one of many
5.  Josh 1:5-11 - A preparation for a campaign
	a.  Several intangibles necessary to wage an effective campaign

I.  First intangible:  Courage
	A.  Be strong and courageous (repeated 3 times)  (v.9)
	B.  ILL:  Have had several experiences in door knocking campaigns
		1.   First time door knocking with Verlin Koke (marched on)
		2.  Used to meet Dogs at fences (Col 3:2)  Marched on
		3.  Another time it started a gentle rain (marched on)
	C.  Could have called it quits, but chose not to
		1.  Fear and apathy are the top reasons we don’t march
		2.  What is there to be afraid of?
		3.  (Mt 28:20) - Jesus said “Surely I am with you always”
	D.  What marching tunes will we be singing?
		1.  His truth is sneaking on”  but  “His truth is marching on”
		2.  No Onward Christian Reserves -Onward Christian soldiers
			a.  Can make a full committment
			b.  Not just weekend commitment
		3.  So take courage

II.  Second Intangible:  Dedication
	A.  Other words for dedication:  Devotion, loyalty, 
	B.  God called for dedication, devotion, and loyalty  (v.7) 
		1.  Do not turn to the right or the left of the orders
		2.  So that you may have success wherever you go
	C.  ILL:  Two illustrations
		1.  Dedication:  Leave the military analogy for a moment
			a.  Survey of the National Retail Dry Good Association
			b.  Stats:
				-48% of salesman make one call and quit
				-25% make 2 calls and quit
				-15% make 3 calls and quit
				-Shows 88% salesman quit after 1,2, or 3 calls
				-12% keep on calling, and do 80% of the business
				-Other 88% do only 20% of the business
			c.  Takes dedication to stay with the objective
		2.  Opposite of Dedication:  Apathy
			a.  Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941, 353 Japanese planes
			b.  Lost 8 battleships, 6 airfields, nearly all planes, 2400 men
			c.  Surprise attack?
				- 7:00 that morning, Japanese 137 miles (50 minutes)
				- 2 soldiers spotted blips on radar station in Pacific
				- Notified the officer, a young lieutenant
				- Thought it might be planes from Californian
				- His words:  Don’t worry about it!
	D.  Takes devotion and dedication to wage an effective campaign

Trans:  Where does devotion come from?
     1.  Do you know why someone would volunteer to serve in wartime, 
	or why a saleman would keep calling, 
	or why a weatherman chase tornado?  
     2.  They believe in what they are doing!
     3.  Why would poorly trained, rag-tag group of individuals prevail against trained soliers?  Often
	 times it because they believe in their cause

III.  Third intangible:  Belief in the mission (v.9-11)
	A.  The generation before Joshua didn’t believe in the mission
	B.  What is our mission?   Many people do not know
		1.  3 Fold Mission- Worship God; Evangelism; Edification
		2.  Ever thought about Door Knocking being poorest method
		3.  Easy to make this a reason not to do it
	C.  What makes it successful?
		1.  Aftermath - Was it successful?  No, only one conversion
		2.  How many times moblize an entire army, spend millions to
		      rescue a handfull of hostages overseas?
		3.  If say, such a poor method, is it really worth it?  Angelina?
	D.  Do you believe there are those who need a rescue mission?
		1.  Who had God given orders to engage in search & rescue?
		2.  But what if no one comes?  Would it be failure?
			a.  No, WE would not be failures
			b.  We plant the seed, God causes the growth
			c.  Depends on condition of the soil
		3.  It one thing if not grow because of soil, another if we not 
		     plant we not plant

IV.  Fourth Intangible:  Right Armament
	A.  For people of Israel - It was faith and obedience in God
	B.  What is the armament we have, what power?
		1.  Rom 1:16 - Power to save is in the Gospel
		2.  What is the Gospel?  Not church, not instrumental music, 
		3.  1 Corinthians 15:1-4 - Need to get to the point - Gospel

1.  YOu have opportunity to serve in a campaign in the Lord’s Army.  Takes
	a.  Courage
	b.  Dedication
	c.  Belief in the MIssion
	d.  Right armament - Gospel
2.  Notice, did not mention military strategy, or might, training, etc.
	a.  This help tremendously
	b.  However, these intangibles we looked at this morning are
3.  This a rescue mission.  do you believe in God’s mission?  Let’s march