Title: The Power of the Spirit

Proposition: The Spirit Gives us Power

Text: Eph 3:14-21

SERMON:  The Power of the Spirit
		1.  What does power make you think of?
		2.  Walking down the flightline, 100 feet away from F16, nice wind
		3.  Would you like to know about power that can make you soar
		4.  Text:  Eph 3:14-21
		5.  The Spirit of God gives us Power
			-Misunderstandings about the Spirits power today (miracles)

	A.  Paul wanted a strong united loving church, it would take Godís power
	B.  What is the Greatest Need in the church?
		1.  Parking Lot, Money, Building, etc.
		2.  We need Godís power 
		3.  Prayerless is Powerless
	C.  ILL:  Our Old Car, not a lot of maintenence, need a mechanic, overhaul
		1.  Need God to overhaul us
		2.  May just need new fuel
	D.  WHY Godís power for us ....
		1.  So that Christ may dwell in our hearts through Faith
			-Dwell is a permanent dwelling unlike John 1:14
		2.  What is the sign of Christ dwelling in us?
		3.  Being ďrooted and grounded in love
			- ILL:  Mike pushing trees over with his bull dozer
			- Nearly tipped, good roots
			- A Solid church is a loving church, canít soon be pushed

	A.  Greatness of Love
	B.  ILL:  In High School said ďcanít comprehend a million dollars
	C.  We canít comprehend Love of Christ without the Spirit
	D.  ILL:  Mammoth Spring = Spring River
		1.  Jesus said at Feast of Booths Rivers of water (Jn 7:37-38)
		2.  Can know the greatness of his love
		3.  Breadth - ALL MEN, including child molesters, murderers, ...
		4.  Length - Eternity (before we were born)
		5.  Height - Advocate with the Father
		6.  Depth - Deep love unmatched, born in a barn
	E.  Once comprehend it, we change
		1.  Canít go on mistreating, being unkind,
		2.  We know how Jesus loved other people
		3.  We canít keep from worshipping and loving him
		4.  Canít keep it bottled up (full of it)
			ďah youíre full of it.  Thatís right!  Full of his love ....Ē

	A.  Reason for church to have power and love and comprehension
		-To be filled up to all the fullness of God
	B.  ILL:  Kay Williams - Simple, kind, loving, (walked with her one day)
		Robert ?  - Had Knowledge, Quote, etc.
	C.  A mature Christian is one that is full of Jesus
		1.  ILL:  Jars of Honey that leaked in my suitcase - They wer full
		2.  We need to be so full of Jesus that he oozes out of us
		3.  Leave some of his sweetness on everyone we touch
	D.  A Christian full of Christ, is full of love

	Spirit gives us power through prayer

	Power to love others to comprehend the love of Christ, and to be full of
		His love, loving others
	Only when we are solid, rooted an grounded in this love can we weather
		storms, or bulldozers

	ILL:  Got lost, couldnít find a church, asked directions, yeah, theyíre over
	 there, know nothing about them but know that they are the most loving bunch
	 Iíve ever seen?  That is a church that is full of it?\\

	Do we reflect his fullness as a church?

	How are we known as a church? 
	Three great things, faith - hope - love,  greatest is love

	Will show by our love that we are Christs

	If need to renewal, come forward.