Small Group Questions:  Elastic Faith  Luke 5:33 - 6:11

Summary:  In these stories, we are presented a choice between two ways.  One is an old way of
rigidity in mourning, traditionalism, and legalism.  The other is the new dynamic way in Christ of
joy, his lordship, and his love.  We must choose Christ’s way through joyful ministry.

Optional Ice Breakers
- As a child, what rules did you consider stupid?  How do you see these rules
- What is a tradition you valued but have now given up?


1.  What issues did the Pharisees have with Jesus?  Why do you think they were
filled with rage (literally: folly/madness)?

2.  Did Jesus break the Sabbath by continuing his work on the Sabbath?  Did the
Pharisees have a legitimate gripe with Jesus?  Why or why not?

3.  Why did Jesus provoke the Pharisees by healing on the Sabbath?  Why not
wait a day?

4.  The Pharisees had generations of rabbinical teaching, wisdom, and expertise
behind them.   In their eyes, Jesus was a “new-comer” on the scene.   What do
you suppose it would have taken for them to realize they were off base?

5.  What point(s) was Jesus making with the analogies of the new, un-shrunken
cloth and the new wineskins?  From these analogies, what does it appear the
Pharisees root problem(s) may have been?


6.  When was a time it was difficult to accept the “new wine” God needed to put
in you?  Was it a belief, an action, or something else?

7.  Since preconceptions are sometimes so difficult to recognize, what would it
take for you to perceive and dispense with preconceptions that prevent you from
taking in God’s “new wine” and grow spiritually in ministry and kindness?

8.  What area in your life do you have the most difficulty in taking in “new wine.” 
Is it a ministry?  A change of mind toward someone or something?  etc.?

Use Jeremiah 18:1-6 as a guide to your prayer