Title: Walk worthy of our calling

Proposition: We need to walk in a manner worthy of our calling

Text: Eph 4:1-3

SERMON:  Therefore, Walk worthy of our Calling
	1.  Have you ever signed a pledge agreeing to live up to a set of standards?  (Military)
	2.  Paul Speaks of Standards at this point in his letter
	3.  Passage (Eph 4:1-3)
		a.  Flow of Thought - Transition (Chap 1-3 - Grace, Peace, Unity, Love)
		b.  Move from Doctrinal Theology to Practical Theology (“Therefore...”)
	4.  PROPOSITION:  Walk in a Manner Worthy of our Calling
		a.  Calling - klesis  - God’s invitation to accept him (Chapter 2-3 explains our calling)
		b.  Worthy - axios -
			1)  When used of people - “worthy”  or  “fit”  or “deserving of blows” in a bad sense
			2)  When used of things - “worthy”  “coresonding”, or “equal in value” 
			3)  Idea of “Balance”  --  Equal 
			4)  Balance between Doctrine and Practice (Not Predistination, but Open Calling)
		c.  Manner Worthy of our Calling is one reflective of Grace, Peace, Unity and Love
		d.  I.E.  v. 3 - Being Diligent (Striving) to preserve (lit.  “Being Laborious)
			To Keep (Preserve, Keep, Gaurd) The Unity of the Spirit....



	A.  i.e.  Modesty, Lowliness of Mind

	B.  Example of a Problem with Humility
		1.  Romans 1:28-32 -  Gentiles (Jews saying, yea, yea sock it to them)
		2.  Romans 2:3 , 17-24.  - Jews were unrighteous as well
		3.  Just because we have been Christian longer, grew up in a good home, etc.
		4.  (Phil. 2:3) - “Do nothing from selfish ambition or empty conceit, but with HUMILITY of mind let
				each of you regard one another as more important than yourself
		5.  (I Peter 5:5) - “Clothe y-selvs w/ humility toward o-another, for God is opposed 
		    to the proud but gives GRACE to the Humble

		1.  His Grace (Not our Works)  We are HIS workmanship
		2.  Isaiah 6:1-7
		3.  What would be your reaction?  (Revelation 1:9-18)
	D.  In order to have Unity and Peace, Humility is necessary
		1.  Intellectualism  (Knowledge puffs up)     eg.  Pharisees
		2.  A preacher equated knowledge with maturity
		3.  Maturity is a growth in the Christian Graces


	A.  It is not epieikhs - Gentleness, but  prauths  - “Meekness”

	B.  This is a hard word to translate in its fullest meaning
		1.  Gentleness deals with behavior, but Meekness is a deeper attitude
		2.  Meekness and Mildness suggest weakness (Meek is not Timidness)
		3.  Jesus was Meek (the fruit of power - had the resources of Heaven)
		4.  Two words associated with each other ---  Meek and Lowly
		5.  Galatians 6:1  -  Restore with a Spirit of MEEKNESS
		6.  ANTONYMNS for Meek:  Harsh, Overbearing, Assertive, Proud, Arrogant, Bold, Lofty

	C.  ILL:  Bulletin Article:  “He Wont Last”

	D.  Characteristics of a Meek Man
		1.  Approahceable (Down to earth)
		2.  Listener (As if nothing else matters)
		3.  Servant (Scrape the mud off your boots)
		4.  Sweet and Kind
		5.  Not pushy, doesn’t twist your arm
	E.  Even when we know we know more, can do somethign better, etc. do we reflect the Meekness
	     of Jesus?


	A.  KJV - “Longsuffering”

	B.  Grk  “Long Tempered”  - Opposite of Short Tempered
		1.  We usually Patience with God
		2.  In this context, he is talking about Patience with one another
		3.  Does not mean a crossing your arms and “tolerating” each other

	C.  ILL:   Hosea & a Friend who was unfaithful to his wife numberous times

	D.  If someone falls away, or is weak, are we quick to write them off
		1.  I’ve heard this very thing here “Oh, they will not last”
		2.  What if God were just as patient with us as we are with others?
		3.  Tolerance v.s. Patience
			a.  Tolerance is a sitting down gritting your teeth
			b.  Patience is working with and investing it
			c.  ILL:  Do you tolerate or have patience with your children?   
				-It’s patience because you work with them?
		4.  How much are we working with each other?

	A.  Forbear:  Ana + Echo   Up & I hold   or  “I hold up”
		1.  Came to mean to endure, listen to and bear with
		2.  An obvious connotation is a supportive relationship
		3.  Same idea expressed in Gal 6:2 - Bear One anothers burdens

	B.  Motivation should come out of love
		1.  Agape
		2.  “I have to love you, but I don’t have to like you”  WRONG
		3.  Read I Cor 13
		4.  This is Real Love

	C.  ILL:  Knock Down Boluva Watch (ONe letter different)
		1.  Real Love will stand the test of time and quality
		2.  It wont fail you

	D.  Do we truly hold each other up in love?

CONCL:  1.  GOAL - UNITY -   Humility, Meekness, Patience, Forebearing Love
	2.  ILL:  Peacock Feathers, and Cranes noble flight in the clouds
	3.  God made us different
	4.  Different abilities, expereinces, and yes OPINIONS
	5.  Unity Movement has become divisive   (Pat selves on the back, we are right, all else wrong)