Title: Jesus is Supernatural

Focus: Jesus performed miracles and signs not only to validate his message and claims, but because he felt compassion on those who were hurting.

Function: As Jesus showed compassion on those who were hurting, so should we.

1.  Song:  All that I need is you Jesus
2.  Do we mean the words to that song.
3.  Jesus demonstrated by his miracles that he can do anything

I.  One things for shure, he got people’s attention through his miracles
	A.  Why did Jesus want to get their attention?
	B.  Look at several accounts
		1.  Jn 2:1ff   (note reaction in v.11);      Jn 4:46-54  (not reaction in v.53)
		2.  Jn 11:1-44 - (note reactions)
			a.  v. 45 - reaction
			b.  v.46-48, 53; 12:10-11 - Negative reaction (some not believe)
			c.  Mt 13:58 - not many miracles in home town because of unbelief
	C.  Jesus made clear his power and message were from God
		1.  Man’s abilities today great -tall buildings, fly, space, test tube, A-Bomb
		2.  Man can’t create life, walk on water, touch & heal, call name & raise 
		     dead, die on cross for remission of sins
	D.  Only Jesus has the power (Mk 2:1-12) to forgive sins

II.  There is another dimension to his motivation for miracles
	A.  Jesus is not just another wonder worker
	B.  Examples
		1.  Mk 1:40-41 - He had compassion
		2.  Lk 7:11-16 - Compassion
		3.  Mt 14:13-21 - Compassion even when he was greiving for John
	C.  Jesus miracles different from other wonder workers
		1.  Not just “tricks” to ask “how’d he do that?”
		2.  He doesn’t make stuff dissappear in smoke, or magician stuff
		3.  His miracles involved compassion for PEOPLE
	D.  Implication for us?
		1.  We can’t heal, but we can comfort on another
		2.  In reaction against social gospel, maybe gone to far
		3.  Imagine the good samaritan saying, “I am not in social gospel business”
		4.  While helping with needs not our sole purpose, it is part of what we do

III.  The greatest sign of all - Resurreciton
	A.  Was it to demonstrate his power, or his compassion?
	B.  Examine
		1.  Mt 12:39-40 - Calls the resurreciton a “sign”
		2.  Lk 24:34 - “Forgive them” - compassion as well
			a.  Jesus went to cross not just to show sign, but because of love
			b.  Conquered sin and death
	C.  Sign = Points to God, not self
	D.  Do our actions point to God or self?

1.  Jesus did miracles, but some not believe anyway
2.  Can’t do miracles to bear witness to authenticity, but we can show compassion - which
bears witness to authenticity.
3.  Sometimes it takes so little to show compassion