Title:  Acting Christianly

Summary:  Acting like Christians towards means not giving in to everything
around us, not does it mean to be so rigid that no one can come near us unless
they are an identical copy of us.  We need to understand that true love mean
being firm yet gentle to one another.

Purpose:  To help the hearers to be both firm and loving

1.  Some guests have come today to help me with the sermon
2.  They will remind us how to act like Christians

I.  Spike (brick)
	A.  Good Characteristics:
		1.  Very consistent.  He knows his Bible very well
		2.  Is very tough and firm - No compromise
	B.  Bad Characteristics:
		1.  Not a warm person - very cold
		2.  Often conk people in the head
		3.  Tough to get along with
			a.  Unless identical to him, not fit in well
			b.  Broken bricks find it impossible to fit in
		4.  One of those people rather be right than be nice
	C.  Scriptures
		1.  (Rom 14:1, 13-18)
			a.  Not everyone has the same shape
			b.  God accepts bricks that are not identical
		2.  (Rom 15:1-3)
		3.  These passages call for chiseling so we can fit in
	D.  God's message to Spike:
		- Firm is good, but cold rigidity is not

II.  Herman (jar of water)
	A.  Good Characteristics
		1.  Easy to get along with.  No one dislikes him
		2.  No one every intimidated or threatened by him
	B.  Bad Characteristics - Total opposite of spike
		1.  No back bone - He is a conformist
		2.  Different shape on Sunday than during week
		3.  Story:  Friend going on date
			a.  Asked Herman - How do I look?
			b.  Herman said fine
			c.  MIddle of date, went to bathroom, giant nose hair!
			d.  Why didn’t you tell me?  Didn’t want to offend you
		4.  Herman rather be nice than be right
	C.   Scripture:
		1.  (1 Cor 9:19-23)
			a.  Herman thought he doing what this passage say
			b.  Problem - He forgot purpose
			c.  To win people to the Gospel
			d.  Got doesn’t want us to just “fit in”
		2.  (1 Pet 3:14-15)
			a.  Notice v.14
			b.  Sometimes giving answer will be negative experience
	D.  God's Message to Herman:  (Eph 6:10-13)
		- Stand Firm (we are at war)

III.  Claxton (cymbals)
	A.  Good Characteristics
		1.  Did not keep faith a secret - Always ready to give answer
		2.  Loved debates - was good at it
		3.  Educated, eloquent, taught classes in church
		4.  Seemed to be good at everything
	B.  Bad Characteristics
		1.  Could win arguments - But could not win people
		2.  Extrinsic Motivation - Cared only about himself
			a.  Tough to see, because he so good at what he did
			b.  If intrinsic, he not fish for recognition
			c.  If not get recognition, he eventually stops
		3.  Main concern - To look good
	C.  Scriptures:
		1.  (Matt 23:5-15)
		2.  (I Cor 13:1-3)
	D.  God's Message to Claxton: (Mt 6:3-6)
		-Be anonymous

IV.  Terry nerf ball
	A.  Good Characteristics:
		1.  Firm on the truth, does not conform
		2.  On the other hand is not rigid 
		3.  Does not bash people, bit firmly guides them to truth
	B.  Bad Characteristics: - Fall’s short from time to time
	C.  Scriptures:  (Gal 6:1-2; Phil 2:2-4) - He does these things
	D.  God's Message to Terry (1 Thess 4-9-10)

1.  A true story - A woman we will call Fern - Sinned sexually, with child, comes
forward.  More than once for same thing.
	a.  The Spikes shamed her, wanted to put her out of the church
	b.  The Hermans could see everyones side, but really took no stands with 
	      anyone or anything
	c.  The Claxtons wanted to teach classes on this
	d.  A small handful of Terrys went over and prayed with her
		- Helped her with a “plan” to keep from sinning
		- Checked with her daily to see how she was doing
		- They were firm, helpful and loving
2.  Q:  Who am I most like?  
3.  Q:  What is God's message to me?