Title: Follow Through

Focus: Being saved is just the beginning of the battle. With salvation comes follow up which means that we must continue fight our spiritual battle

Function: To motivate the congregation to follow up on the campaign by coming to ministry monday in order to follow up on contacts

Text: Judges 1:21-2:19

1.  Last several days have been wonderful with the campaign
2.  What makes a campaign successful? 

I.  Let’s begin to answer that by looking at (2 Kng 25:8-12)
	A.  What happened?  This supposed to be their land!
	B.  The answer lies in their campaign - The conquest of Canaan
		1.  (Jud 1:21, 27-35) - Why are these details significant?
		2.  (Num 33:50-52, 55) - They were to drive them all out
		3.  (Jud 2:11-19) - Look at the effect
	C.  It seems that Israel had problems from the very beginning.  Why?
		1.  They met their initial objective - Taking over the land
		2.  But God didn’t tell them just to move in
		3.  They also had to clean house
		4.  But they got comfortable, and didn’t follow through
	D.  Follow through is what makes a campaign successful

II.  I learned about Follow through at an early age
	A.  Nearly every sport has a follow through
		1.  Bowling - Follow through on the bowl
		2.  Golf - Follow through on the swing
		3.  Basketball - Follow through on the throw
		4.  Baseball - Follow through on the swing
	B.  Baseball - If stop right when make contact, what is that?
		1.  Called a “bunt” - Have to run and possible get out
		2.  Bunt will not bring you to home plate
		3.  God calls us to hit home runs
		4.  1 Cor 9:24 - Run in such a way that you may win!
			a.  Don’t just bunt the ball
			b.  Swing hard with all your might
			c.  Run with all your might and don’t stop
	C.  ILL:  I remember Jeremy’s first home run
		1.  It was when he was still playing tee-ball
			a.  Jeremy swung hard as he could at his baseball game
			b.  He ran with all his might and made a home run!
			c.  We told him he did, and he said “I did?  Yay!”
		2.  Several others have hit the ball this week
			a.  Crystal, Shane and Jeremy
			b.  This is just the beginning of the run around the bases
			c.  Keep going, and don’t stop
		3.  Christian life is like riding a bicycle
			a.  Can’t just peddle one turn
			b.  May coast a little, but will fall
			c.  Have to keep peddling
		4.  Christian life is about learning, doing and growing
	D.  You cannot live as a Christian without followup

III.  You also cannot have an effective campaign without follow up
	A.  Getting out into the community was not the sole objective
		1.  Just as getting into Canaan was not the sole objective
		2.  Follow up was needed if the results were to be lasting
	B.  I wonder what it was like living among the Pagan Canaanites
		1.  (Dt 9:4-5) - Canaanites to be driven out because wicked
		2.  But they didn’t drive them all out
		3.  So what happened next?
	C.  ILL:  Our Giant white Station Wagon
		1.  Winshield wipers
			a.  Had to hold tongue certain way to make them work
			b.  Started having to pound winshield to make them work
		2.  Never took it down to get it fixed - Got used to it
			a.  If got into someone elses car, they think I crazy
			b.  Make a face when turn on winshield wiper
			c.  Pound their winshield
		3.  One night, kept pounding, and I broke the winshield
		4.  Later found out it was a faulty ground, SIMPLE FIX
	D.  That is what happens when we do not follow through
		1.  The Canaanites became part of the scenery
			a.  After awhile, they got used to them
			b.  Then they began to mingle with them
			c.  Went downhill from there
		2.  Don’t ever let the lost become “part of the scenery”
		3.  There is still work to do

1.  Campaign over, we can relax
	a.  So was Joshua’s campaign, but there was still work to do
	b.  We still have work to do in order to follow up our campaign
2.  Interesting what happened to Armor of God sign on the last night
3.  Now it says Armor of “Go” - We need follow up
4.  Results - Talked to 77 people
	1.  20 Bible Studies
	2.  18 Correspondence Studies
	3.  12 Interested in Information about Marriage or Parenting Seminars
	4.  11 Interested in Information about VBS
5.  Come to Ministry Monday and help with these and other ministry
6.  Take some of the Green Bible Study Pamphlets, go over them with family and
7.  It begins with the most important question you can ask:  If the Lord were to
come right now, do you know without a doubt that you would go to Heaven to be
with him?
	a.  Doubt?  We need to study to remove that doubt
	b.  Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
	c.  Are you willing and ready to do whatever he requires of you?
	d.  If so, then you are ready to have your sins washed away and be saved
8.  When that happens, you will no longer have to say, “I don’t know”