Title: The Purpose of Humility

Focus: We as disciples of Christ should humbly lead others to Christ who will forgive and strengthen them

Function: To challenge the hearers to witness of Jesus

Text: Mark 1:1-13

1.  We know that the Bible calls us to be humble.  When we say we humble, already problem
2.  Is there a reason behind this humilty?
3.  Text:  Mark 1:1-13   -  
	Introductory material:  Mark an Envagelistic Gospel
		-Uses "Gospel" (Mt - generations/Lk-Orderly Acct/Jn-Preexistence)
		- Follows outline of Apostolic preaching in Acts
		- Sparse details (no infancy narratives)
		- Does include a little on John the Baptist's public ministry
		- Highlights the humility of John.  Why?

I.  John was an announcer to introduce someone else (v.2-3)
	A.  Mark uses a prophecy from Isaiah to show how John fit into God's plan
	B.  John had a very popular ministry, but did not call attention to himself
		1.  (v.5) ALL the country of Judea were coming to him
		2.  In Acts 19, there were still followers of John in Ephesus
		3.  (v.6) Wore not the Tassels of the scholar, but the garments of a prophet
		4.  (v.7) One who is mightier is coming
		5.  So John basically functioned as an announcer
	C.  Used to watch the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
		1.  It wasn't until recently that people began to realize who the voice was 
		     that announced him
		2.  For a long time, I didn't know who Ed Macmann was.  
		3.  Why?  He was the announcer, but the star was the one coming on stage
	D.  John was the announcer for Jesus who was coming onto the Stage

II.  Mark also showed that:  The star of the show is the one with the needed baptism
	A.  John baptized a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins
	B.  John contrasts the difference between his baptism and that of Jesus (v.8)
		1.  Jesus immerse in Holy Spirit (Jn 3:34 - He gives the spirit without measure)
		2.  Joel 2:28 - Prophecy - will pour out spirit on all flesh
		3.  Joel 3:1-2 restore the fortunes of Judah and gather all the nations
	C.  Summer heat is coming and can suck the energy right out of you
		1.  Glass of water can really help to liven you back up
		2.  How many times have you gotten so hot and tired that you begin to 
		      think of a nice cool swimming hole?
		3.  John 7:37-39 - "If any man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.  He who believes in me, as the 
			scripture said, ‘From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water."  But htis he spoke of the Spirit, 
			whom those who believed in Him were to receive"
	D.  That's what Jesus' baptism is like
		1.  Not talking about our baptism in water, but the work of Christ in you
		2.  He gives the Spirit without measure to strengthen you.
		3.  John know that it was Jesus, not himself that was the star of the show

III.  John was a prophet, while Jesus was the Christ (v.1) and the Son of God (v.9-11)
	A.  Two titles for Jesus in this passage 
		1.  Christ (Grk:  Christos; Hebrew - "Messiah", meaning - Annointed one)
		2.  Son of God by God's declaration (A common title for kings - Ps 89:27; Ps 2:7)
	B.  What kind of King is Jesus?  -- A conquering King, a warrior
		1.  3:22-27 - Entered the strong man's house & freed captives
		2.  Jesus is not portrayed as a child in Mark, but as a adult who defeats Satan
		3.  At the beginning of his ministry, the heavens are "ripped open" (v.10)
			a.  Maybe an allusion to Isaiah 63:18-64:1 - "Your holy people possessed your 
				sanctuary for a little while, our adversaries have trodden it down.  We have become like those 
				over whome you have never ruled, like those who are not called by your name.  Oh, that you 
				would rend the heavens and come down..."
			b.  This wish has now come true.  The heavens are ripped and the Spirit 
			     of God is descending on Jesus
	C.  We went swimming when William was getting used to the water
		1.  William walked around in the water that was only waist deep for me
		2.  I was hot, so I stopped, thinking it neat to be on Williams level
		3.  William did not like it, told me to stand up -- So he could hold on to me
	D.  John recognized Jesus was greater than himself
		1.  Jesus is one who will rip open the heavens so we can have access to God
		2.  Jesus is the one who will empower us by giving the Holy Spirit
		3.  Jesus is the one who will overcome the strong man and free the captives

1.  Back to the original question.  What is the purpose of humility?
2.  It can be self-serving, could try to impress someone with humility
3.  However, we see in this passage that the humility was to point to one greater - Jesus
4.  We are humble because we live and serve in the presence of the Messiah, the Son of God
5.  John was careful to point the way to Jesus.   Do I point the way to Jesus, or are people just impressed with my humility?
6.  The humility of John in itself would have saved no one,  Neither will my humilty
7.  The purpose of my humility is to point to Christ	
8.  Are you ready to respond?  Let's do it now: Prayer

1.  Only Jesus saves.  He died on the cross for the remission of your sins, buried and raised
	-It takes humility to be able to come to him because He is LORD
	-Will you humble yourself and give yourself to him
2.  If you believe in him, and are willing to turn your life around, you can be saved
3.  Begin turning your life around by publically acknowledging him as your Lord and Savior
4.  Be baptized, Have your sins washed away and start with a clean slate with God
5.  Become his child, part of his family, give all of yourself to him, live a life of service to him