Title: Satan's Case

Focus: Satan has a case against us because we are filthy with sin. The only hope is to let Jesus defend us.

Function: To motivate those who have never converted to Christ to do so now

1.  You saved?  Maybe the question should be, are you lost?  Don’t know?
2.  Text - 1 Pet 3:18

I.  Christ Died for Sins
	A.  Are you a sinner?  Some find that term offensive
	B.  But I’m a good person
		1.  Never stolen, murdered, etc.
		2.  Sin problem (Rom 3:23 - ALL have sinned)
			a.  Definition of sin = Missing the mark/fall short
			b.  Not same as transgression
			c.  (Rom 3:28-32) - Notice the sins mentioned
			d.  Rom 6:23 - Wages of sin is death
		3.  Your sin is a wedge between you and God
		4.  Jesus provides reconciliation between you and God, Col 1:19ff
	C.  Jesus is a mediator 1 Tim 2:5-6
		1.  Everything was perfect, but you/ I blew it with sin
		2.  You/ I commited adultery against God
		3.  Imagine spouse, (if  child - your mother/father) commit adultery
		4.  That is what we all have done to God
	D.  Something big had to happen to bring us back together
		1.  Jesus came and reconciled us together
		2.  Jesus brought us and God back together through the cross

II.  The Just for the unjust
	A.  Jesus was just, we are unjust
	B.  There have been courts of law for a long long time
		1.  People are found guilty, and some not guilty
		2.  Are Christians found not guilty?
			a.  No, we are as guilty as sin
			b.  We are not even declared innocent
			c.  We are declared forgiven
		3.  Jesus DIED for sin, NOT HIS OWN, but ours
	C.  ILL:  There is a prosecutor out there
		1.  He is a sharp lawyer
		2.  As we speak, day by day he is building a case against you
		3.  It’s all there in his files, every stinking thing you have done
			a.  When you cheated
			b.  When you gossiped
			c.  When you lied
			d.  When you looked at those dirty pictures
			e.  When you got back at that person who wronged you
		4.  He has thousands of pages of evidence on you
	D.  He’s got all kinds of dirt on you,  some you have even forgotten
		1.  What are you going to do about all that dirt?
		2.  Can’t pay God, everything is all his anyway
	E.  Only one way to wash away that dirt

III.  v.19-22 - There is a way
	A.  Noah is an example of one who has been saved.
		- He and his family were brought safely through the water
	B.  This is a “correspondence”, “type”, or “illustration” of our salvation
		1.  Baptism now saves you
			a.  It literally means “immersion”
			b.  Common Christian practice - Immersion in water
			c.  Jesus himself commanded to baptize in Matt 28:18-20
		2.  Have to keep reading - not the physical act that saves you
			a.  It is the appeal/pledge to God for a good conscience
			b.  Conscience is not Jimminy Cricket
				a.  Talking about your mind
				b.  God can take away your guilt (you can’t)
		3.  Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ
			a.  Understand that he does the saving, not us
			b.  Baptism is useless without the resurrection
	C.  ILL:  The world is a sinking ship
		1.  We are not saved by water, but through the water
		2.  Only way off the sinking ship is on the lifeboat
		3.  Lifeboat is Jesus - Get in, be saved through the water by him
		4.  The lifeboat cannot sink, and will take you home
	D.  I don’t know how much longer this old ship will hold out
		1.  Maybe it will sink today, maybe tommorrow
		2.  Don’t know when, but I do know it WILL sink
		3.  What are you going to do about it?

1.  Remember, a judgement day is coming
2.  Satan will be on one side with thousands of pages of accusations
	a.  Who will represent you?
	b.  If you have not converted, you will represent yourself
	c.  Can’t stand up to Satan on your own
3.  Rev 12:10-11 - Can overcome the accuser through his blood
4.  Are your sins washed away?
	a.  Where is that dirt?
	b.  Let Jesus take it away
5.  Have you been saved?  
	What are you waiting for, arise, be baptized, have your sins washed away
	by Jesus tonight!