Small Group Questions:  Active Love

Summary:  We must love all people, especially our enemies and express it in a godly way by
being actively generous, selfless and merciful to them.  God takes notice and will in turn be
merciful and generous with us.  But if we are selfish and do not love in a godly way to avoid
hardship, woe to us because we have our reward in full.  However, if we do, we are blessed even
if being loving to our enemies makes us poor, hungry or sorrowful, because God will reward us.

Optional Ice Breakers
- As a child, who were the bad guys Saturday morning cartoons or T.V.?
- Whatís something that really makes you mad?

Explore  (Luke 6:20-38)

1.  Why do you suppose that treating others as you wish to be treated is called
the Golden Rule?

2.  According to this passage, what are the observable differences between
"sinners" and "saints"?  Why was Jesus so critical of conditional love?

3.  Why does Jesus want his followers to be generous, merciful and forgiving? 
What is the basis of our being merciful?

4.  What danger is there in judging or condemning others?

5.  What do the beatitudes and woes have to do with the instructions Jesus gives
in this passage?

6.  Is there anything in this passage for those who are worried about their mercy
and good nature being taken advantage of?  


7.  When do you find it easiest to  be generous?  Hardest?
When do you find it easiest to forgive?  Hardest?
When do you find it easiest to judge or condemn?   Hardest?

8.  Which of Jesusís commands do you find goes most against your human
nature?  Which do you find most difficult?  Why?

9.  What would it take for you to be able to incorporate Jesus instructions into
your life more?

Use Psalm 139:23-24 as a guide to your prayer