Title: Tracing your Geneology - A Theological Task

Focus: God reveals that he is concerned with not just making his name known to his own people, but with making his name known to outsiders as well.

Function: To motivate people to make God’s name known in word and action to family and friends as well as other Christians

Text: Ex 6:10 - 7:7

I.  Introduction
	A.  My extended family and I have become more interested in geneologies
	B.  Discovered a lady in Omaha who traced family tree.
	C.  Found out we were supposed to be Nilssons
	D.  Why do people do Geneologies?    Roots
	E.  Does the Bible have any interest in roots?

II.  Exodus 6:10-27
	A.  This geneology appears in an awkward place in the text.  Why?
	B.  Purpose and characteristics of Geneologies in scripture
		1.  Not to list EVERY person in a lineage
		2.  Used for land ownership & inheritance rights (Ruth)
		3.  Priestly lineage (Neh 7:63-65)
		4.  Interest in Geneologies even more so in Post Exilic (I Chronicles)
	C.  This Geneology focuses on Moses and Aaron, more so on Aaron
		1.  Shows Aaron was qualified to be a High Priest
		2.  Also shows that Moses was qualified to be a priest
	D.  Why is this priestly qualification important?

III.  6:28-7:7 - The lineage and God’s purpose in the following section go together
	A.  Moses was “God” to Pharoah was acting on BEHALF of God
	    (the word "as" does not apear in the Hebrew text)
	B.  God had already given “part” of his purpose in 6:4-8
		1.  To take Israel to be his own people in their own land
		2.  Israel will know that he is Yahweh their God who delivered them
	C.  God now gives an additional purpose in 7:5 - So the EGYPTIANS will know that he 
	      is Yahweh.    -WHY?
		1.  Could it be that Pharoah insulted and challenged Yahweh in chapter 5 by 
		      responding with increased labor and oppression?   Who is more powerful?
		2.  Could this be poetic justice?
			a.  Israel blamed Moses for troubles at the hand of mighty Pharoah
			b.  Egypt will blame Pharoah for troubles at the hand of Yahweh
	D.  Could it be that Yahweh is concerned with making his name known to MORE than 
	      just Israel?

IV.  Was God concerned with more than Just Israel?
	A.  Old Testament
		1.  Gen 12:1-3 - Promise had “all the families of the earth” as its scope
		2.  Isa 12:4; 56:3-8 - God is concerned with more than just Israel
	B.  New Testament
		1.  Rom 4:16-17 - Children of faith are descendants of Abraham
		2.  Rom 9:6-8 - Children of promise (not flesh) are descendants
			(Gal 3:28 - We are the children of Promise)
		3.  Heb 11:39-40 - We are the fulfillment of what Abraham looked for
			(Old Testament is your story too)
	C.  So God was concerned with you too, not just Israelites

V.  God’s concern for every nation comes front and center in the New Testament
	A.  Israel was to “draw” people to God by means of the priesthood
	B.  I Peter 2:9 - For us as Christians
		1.  We are now all priests
			a.  Are you qualified?
			b.  Are you descended from Abraham?   Yes.
		2.  One purpose of the priesthood is STILL to bring God and others together
			a.  Jesus made it possible by his Atoning work
			b.  Mt 28:19; Mk 16:15; Acts 1:8 - Jesus sends us out as to 
			    draw people to God
		3.  The purpose is not just to offer up spiritual sacrifices (v.5) but to 
		    proclaim his excellencies (v.9)

VI.  Conclusion
	A.  You are Abraham’s descendants
	B.  That means
		1.  The history of Exodus is your history
		2.  The history of the Gospel is your history
	C.  Your are a royal priesthood, and all of the nations of the earth are to be blessed 
	      through you
	D.  How?  Proclaim his excellencies