Sermon:  Resurrection of Christ (pt 3) - Redemption

Summary:  Sickness and other ailments of this world have come as a result of sin, which 
initially came into the world which brought corruption and sickness upon all creation.  
Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection defeated the power of sin and death, enabling 
all of creation to be redeemed from corruption to life.

Know:  The only freedom from the ills of this life is through Jesus, who takes away the 
root cause, which is sin.

Feel:  A sense of joyful freedom

Do:  Reflect on the nature and power of sin, and on the way Jesus has removed its power.  
Discuss how this changes your attitude toward God's instructions, rules, ethics, etc., 
on how you keep them.  Identify ways this can not only encourage you, but also encourage 
your brethren.  

Text:  Rom 6:6-10; 7:7-24; 8:1-2; 16-23

Scripture Reading:  Rev 21:1-4

1.  Lot of us have been sick.
	a.  Older you get, the easier it is to get sick, ailments come easier
	b.  Why?  
	c.  Goes all the way back to the beginning, to the "original sin"
		-  (Rom 5:12) - Through one man, sin entered into the world
		-  Original sin was when Adam and Eve disobeyed God
		-  Death came as a result of sin, all die because all have sinned
	d.  Sin got passed on from generation to generation
		- Not genetic, Bible says all have sinned
		- We learned
2.  Think about it, we are all slowly dying, our bodies are wasting away
	a.  When you are young you don't think about it
	b.  But then your eyes start to go
	c.  Find you need naps, don't have as much energy
	d.  Things don't work as well, and begin to break
3.  Jesus came to restore what is right -  That is what the Gospel is all about
	a.  You get a small glimpse of the Gospel in Gen 3
		- God said the seed of the woman would defeat the serpent
		- Everyone is born of "seeds" the fathers and the mother
		- The only one born of the "seed" of woman was Jesus in the virgin 
		   birth, only the seed of the mother
	b.  The Gospel began to take clearer shape with the promise to Abraham 
	      in Gen 12
		- All the families of the earth would be blessed through his offspring
		- Jesus is a descendent of Abraham
	c.  The promise takes shape through David
		- A descendent of David would sit on the throne of God forever
		- His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom
		- Jesus is the one who inaugurated the Kingdom of God
	d.  The prophets declare that Messiah, the anointed one would come
		- His rule would be a just rule, righteous
		- He reign would be one of forgiveness
		- He would be crushed for our transgressions
4.  The Gospel becomes clear when Messiah finally comes
	a.  The Lord, Messiah, Alpha and Omega visits earth in the flesh
	b.  He himself dies for our sins, was buried and raised from the grave
	c.  Why did he do this?
	d.  To defeat the deceitful power of sin and death

I.  Rom 6 - We have been freed from sin
	A.  (6:10) - Jesus died to sin once for ALL
		1.  Not just for himself, but for all
		2.  Only had to die once
	B.  What does that mean for us? (6:6-10)
		1.  We died with Christ in baptism
			a.  It is a true spiritual burial
			b.  Our old man is put to death, and the new man comes
		2.  In Christ, we died to sin
			a.  We are freed from sin
			b.  We are no longer slaves to it
		3.  Because of this, death is no longer master over us
			a.  Through the Gospel, Jesus defeated sin at the cross
			b.  Because sin was defeated, death was also defeated
			c.  When we die with him and in him, it is the same for us
		4.  If we died with Christ, we also will live with him
	C.  ILL:  Once you have pneumonia, each time more susceptible
		1.  Scarring in the lungs causes it - body permanently changed
		2.  Kind of the same way with sin
			a.  Once sin comes, it corrupts you, changes you
			b.  In that sense, you become enslaved
			c.  Due to the weakness of the flesh, corrupted by sin
		3.  If enslaved to sin, can't be joined to God
	D.  But Jesus took sin out of the way at the cross
		1.  Now we can be joined to God
		2.  Also means we free from law
II.  Rom 7 - We have been freed from the law
	A.  (Rom 7:1-6) - Marriage analogy to show we are free from the law
		1.  If a spouse dies, it is not adultery to marry another
		2.  In Christ, we died to the law
			a.  Does not mean we no longer have any standards, ethics, 
			     or values to live by
			b.  We live according to the standards, ethics, and values 
			     taught and demonstrated by Christ
		3.  Means that we are no longer under condemnation of the law
		4.  We are now under grace that come from Christ
			a.  Not in the oldness of the letter
			b.  It is  in the newness of the Spirit
	B.  Why is this significant?  (Rom 7:7-13) 
		1.  (v.7-10) Sin uses the law to produce evil desire
			a.  v.7 - The law specifically identifies what actions are sin
			b.  But it is like telling a child not to touch the cookie jar
				- What are they tempted to do after that?
				- They now have a desire for the cookie
			c.  When you sin, it brings forth death
			d.  Law is good, but sin uses the law to produce evil desire
				- Almost as if sin is a power unto itself
				- Actually, sin derives is power from the law
				- You break the law, you sin, you die
		2.  (v.11-13) Sin deceives us through the law
			a.  v.11 - It deceived Paul through the law
				- We can understand deception, as in the case of the 
				   serpent in Genesis who lied to Eve
				- But how does sin use the law to deceive?
			b.  (v.14-24) - Illustrates the deceptive power of sin
				- Many think this is about the Christian's struggle
				- Therefore, there is a lot of comfort 
				- But, look v.14 - Christians enslaved to sin?  No!
			c.  Paul never indicates that his former life was a conscious 
			     "struggle" with sin
				- Acts 23:1 - Always lived with a good conscience
				- Phil 3:5-6 - Blameless in the law
				- But then Paul says in Rom 3:23 - All have sinned
			d.  This is how sin uses the law to deceive  - Produces a 
			      false self confidence in keeping the law
				- Paul counts all his former "accomplishments" as 
				- Why?  To attain the righteousness that comes from 
				   the faith of Christ, not through his law keeping
	C.  ILL:  Do we live by laws in our society?  Of course
		1.  What is purpose of a law? - Supposed to identify right & wrong
		2.  Now I know there are limitations with human laws
			a.  Human laws are only as righteous as those who make 
			b.  In human history, have been unjust, unrighteous laws
			c.  However, God's laws are different
				- If they are as good as their creator, they God's laws 
				   are good, just, and upright
				- Psalm 19:7 - Law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the 
		3.  God's laws do identify what is right and what is wrong
		4.  Therefore,  it by nature CANNOT justify
	D.  Therefore, we have been released from the condemnation of the law
		1.  Rom 8:1 - There is therefore now no condemnation for those 
		       who are in Christ Jesus
		2.  Rom 8:2 - The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you 
		     free from the law of sin and death
		3.  Sin and death no longer has any power over you
		4.  When death does its worst, what happens?  You are united with 

III.  Rom 8 - We will be redeemed from corruption
	A.  I am talking about "corruption" or "futility" that comes as a result of sin
		1.  Every morning get up and look in the mirror, see evidence of it
		2.  You know what I am talking about
			a.  Receding gum line, receding hair line
			b.  That old tooth wearing, hair piece wearing, hair dyed, 
			      makeup covered body
			c.  No amount of makeup, hair weaves, botox, plastic 
			     surgery can prevent the inevitable
			d.  This is all the handiwork of sin
		3.  Rom 6:9 - Jesus died, never to die again
			a.  Rom 6:10 - He died to sin once for all
			b.  Neither sin nor death was master over him
		4.  The same will be true for us
			a.  If in Christ, when we die, we will never die again
			b.  As Jesus rose from the grave, so will we
	B.  (8:18-23) - Talks about the redemption from corruption
		1.  v.21 - The creation will be set free from its corruption
			a.  Is their corruption in the created order?  Yes
			b.  Mankind was created to have dominion over creation
			c.  Due to sin, the creation fought against mankind
				- The ground would no longer yeild its fruit without 
				  difficulty to Adam
				- Perhaps tornados, floods, disease, etc. all are 
				   indications of the corruption of sin as well
			d.  But God will redeem the creation from corruption
		2.  v.23 - Also we ourselves wait eagerly for redemption of our body
			a.  We "groan" - Do you ever do that in the morning?
			b.  Our bodies will be redeemed from corruption as well
			c.  We have the first fruits of the Spirit
				- v.26 - The Spirit helps us in our weaknesses
				- The inner transformation has already begun
				- Our bodies will follow suit
			d.  No more pneumonia, sickness, death
	C.  ILL:  Have you noticed a lot of the new homes going in around here?
		1.  Beautiful houses, winding streets, manicured yards, etc.
		2.  Nothing compared to the new home Jesus is preparing
			a.  The creation will be "redeemed" from its corruption
			b.  We will not live in the clouds, but in a new creation
			c.  Jesus said he has gone to prepare a place for us
	D.  This will be our redemption from corruption
		1.  Jesus defeated sin and death
		2.  Now we have the hope of redemption of us and a home

1.  Scripture Reading from Rev 21:1-4 - No more sickness, no death
2.  Jesus death, burial, and resurrection frees you from sin and death
	a.  If you die with him, you are free from sin
	b.  If you die with him, you are from condemnation of the lie
	c.  If you die with him, you will live with him
	d.  If you die with him, you will be redeemed
3.  Have you died with him?  (inv)
4.  If you have, then take courage, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in 
    the work of the Lord, knowing that you toil is not in vain in the Lord

Small Group Notes:  No more sickness

Summary:  Sickness and other ailments of this world have come as a result of sin, which 
initially came into the world which brought corruption and sickness upon all creation.  
Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection defeated the power of sin and death, enabling all 
of creation to be redeemed from corruption to life.

What is the sickest you have ever been?

Explore: Rom 6:6-10; Rom 7:7 - 8:2; 8:16-23

1.  Where and how does sin derive its power?  What is sin's relationship to the law?  
How does sin use the law to deceive?

2.  What does it mean to say that once sin comes into your life, you are then enslaved to it?  
(An analogy:  How does sin compare to quicksand?)

3.  How has sin affected us?  How has it affected the created order itself?

4.  What did Jesus do concerning sin and death?


5.  What is the only way you can escape the power of sin?  (Think of the quicksand analogy)

6.  What in this study encourages, inspires, or challenges you?

7.  In what way could you use what you have learned to encourage, inspire, or challenge your