Title: The Christian Wardrobe

Proposition: We are to put on a new way of living as Christians

Text: Eph 4:17-24

The Christian Wardrobe
1.  Each year People Magazine prints “best dressed” & worst dressed
2.  Did you know that God cares about your wardrobe?
3.  TEXT:  Eph 4:17-24
4.  Christians need to wrap themselves in a whole new way of living in Christ (Gal 3:27)
5.  HOw?  Ways:

I.  By forgetting the past
	A.  New thing in the 60’s “Situation Ethics”  (no absolutes)
		1.  What is right one day may not be the next day
		2.  Now this seems to be the rule of society
	B.  The words of the passage seemd directed directly toward us in our days and time (v17)
		1.  No longer walk as the Gentiles walk (forget the past) (dont go along w/ teh
		2.  Characteristics of the “Gentiles”
			a.  Futile thinking  
			  	1) Darkened in Understanding
					a - Reject Biblical Principles (raising kids, right & wrong)
					b - Some have said, Russia will be the next “Christian
					c - Church can wrongly trust Pop- Psychology
						(try to compete w/ MTV, Social Services, etc. - wrong
				2) Excluded from God
			b.  Because:
				1) Ignorance (*willfull)
				2) Hard heart
				3) Had become Callous (given themselves over)
	C. ill:  Callous:   Drinking - Starts with one (GIVE SELF OVER, NO LONGER HEAR)
	    ILL:  Effect of sin-  Ancient Greek story about a spartan boy who
			stole a fox, hid it under his coat, refused to admit he stole it
			while the fox ripped out his organs and killed him
	D. No longer go along with the crowd
		1.  Still have to be in the world, challenge is to no longer be like them
		2.  Forget the past, press on to the goal
		3.  V.20--22 Lay aside the Old Self  (lusts of deceit - promise joy, but not)
		3.  How do we do this?

II.  Renewal
	A.  Learn Christ and be Renewed
	B.  Renewed:  (from neos)
		1.  Significance of the word
			a.  neos (new in time), kainos (new in type)
			b.  The idea is starting fresh (new slate)
		2.  In the Spirit of your mind
			a.  Spirit likely is refering to the human spirit (though the Holy Spirit
			     makes renewal possible Tit. 3:5)
			b.  What he is talking of is a NEW WAY OF THINKING
		3.  It is in the Present Tense
			a.  It is a continual action
			b.  Renewal that begins in Christ, BUT NEVER ENDS
			c.  HOW do we Renew ourselves?
	C.  ILL:  Bible Camp; Tulsa Workshop ---- The Value of Retreat for Renewal
		1.  For the Jews , it was Passover, Tabernacles, and even the Sabbath
		2.  For Christians - The Lord’s Supper, Worship,   and any other traditions
			(someone has said that L.S. helps to bring him back)
	D.  What do you do for Renewal?
		1.  Remeber, it is not a one time thing
		2.  Actions can strengthen your faith

III.  Putting on the new Self
	A.  Notice the progression, lay aside the old self, be renewed, put on the new self
	B.  Significance of the word
  		1.  The word used here is “kainos”, new in kind (Same Idea in Rom. 12:2)
		2.  It is Aorist (not present tense) indicating a decisive act
		3.  Renewal (dealt with the mind)
		4.  Putting on (deals with external)
		5.  The New Self is given to us out of God’s wardrobe
			a.  Created in Righteousness (has to do with our duty to God)
			b.  Holiness ( has to do with our duty to others)
	C.  ILL:  Never have to decide what to wear to work:  Put on the Uniform, do not shame it
			1.  We always walked straighter, taller, etc. It seemed to change our attitud
			2.  We were proud of them (those who were dufflebags were disciplined)
	D.  Our New Uniform should be the same for us
		1.  We shouldnever take it off
		2.  It should be a reflectiong of our true inner renewed self

CONCL:	God has given us a new wardrobe, are we going to wear it everyday
	1.  Reveiw:  Put off, renewal, Put on
	2.  What specific steps can we take?
		a.  Decision to worship every Sunday
		b.  Draw the line, and don’t play around it
		c.  Gaurd every thought and action, wear the uniform
		d.  Take time out for God and your family
	3.  Invitation