Small Group Questions  Luke 6:39-49

Summary:  Jesus warns against spiritual blindness that can lead to disaster.  The way to avoid
this blindness is through looking honestly at what we are following, looking honestly at ourselves,
honestly looking at what our decisions will produce, and acting on what we see.

Optional Ice Breakers
-  Have you ever had to wear glasses?  How did you feel about it?
-  What is the most important part of a house to you?


1.  Why does Jesus make the observation he does in verse 40?  What does this
have to do with the context of his lesson here?

2.   What warning does Jesus give his disciples about following blind leaders?  In
what way does the analogy of the the speck and the beam serve as an additional

3.  What does this proverb mean?  - “As is the tree, so is the fruit.”  What point
does Jesus make with this image?

4.  How can a person ensure both the tree (himself) is good and the fruit (his
actions) is good?  Does the parable of the builders give any help to this


5.  How can you ensure you are not “blindly” following someone or something
that will lead you in the wrong direction?  Is there a cure for blindness?

6.  What prevents you from being honest with yourself?  What are some
shortcomings you tend to overlook in yourself?

7.  What are some specific things or people (whether they be friends or
celebrities, activities, etc.) that can lead you away from God?

8.  What proactive plan can you make to prevent that from happening?

Use Lam 3:39-41 as a guide to your prayer