Title: God and Abraham

Purpose: To Understand God's Overall Plan and our Part in it

1.  New Series:  Through the Bible
2.  Genesis - An introduction
	a.  Chap 1-11 - The stone that hits the pond
	b.  Imagine a pefectly calm pond
	c.  God created world, it was very good
3.  Throw a rock, what happens? - Ripples
	a.  Rock hits water - Sin in the Garden
	b.  Ripple - Cain murders Able
	c.  Ripple - (4:23-24) - Murder common
	d.  (6:2) Took women for self (immorality)
	e.  (6:5) Mind only on evil
4.  After flood, it not get better

5.  Centerpiece of Genesis - Abraham?
	a.  God apprears to Abram
	b.  God tells him what he going to do (12:1-3)
6.  If someone ask, who the hero in Genesis?
	- Not Abraham, it is about God
	- What do we learn about God?
	- 3 Stories:

I.  God can be trusted (Gen 15)
	A.  We know that God is trustworthy, he does not lie
	B.  However, God wanted us to understand this
		1.  He does something remarkable
		2.  He obligates himself (v.17-18)
	C.  Whenever make agreement, business, sale, lease, etc.
		1.  You make a contract
		2.  If not, may cause problems later on
		3.  Sense of assurance that will be true to agreement
		4.  If not, can do something about it
	D.  God has made a contract with us
		1.  Not because he cannot be trusted
		2.  God is true, and does not lie
		3.  He did it to assure us who struggle in our faith

II.  God is Able to all things (Gen 17:15-21)
	A.  Abraham is ready to be a great, great-grand parent
	B.  Abraham laughs.  Why?
		1.  90 & 100 year olds donít go around having children
		2.  Did he rush home and eagerly tell Sarah?
		3.  (Gen 18:9-15)
			a.  Obviously Abraham did nothing
			b.  Otherwise, she would have said, ďso thatís whatís 
			     gotten into him latelyĒ
	C.  ILL:  Prayed for and laid hands on our van on a trip
	D.  Nothing is impossible for God, even if we struggle to believe

III.  God desires faithful obedience (Gen 22:1-10)
	A.  God is faithful, and expects us to be faithful as well
	B.  Notice the drama
		1.  And they walked . . .and they walked
		2.  Had to be most difficult thing for him
		3.  First he had to send Ishael away, now this!
	C  But God was testing his loyalty and faithfulness (v.11-15)
		1.  Abraham passed
		2.  (v.16-19) - God swore by himself to bless him...
		3.  Faith is not about mental agreement, but faithfulness
		4 Sometimes God calls you to do things that not make sense
			a May be very, very difficult
			b But God will bless your faithfulness
	D.  This is an example of what faith is all about
		1.  You believe in God?
		2.  Question should be:  Are you faithful and obedient?

1.  But this story is not just about Abraham
	a.  Heb 6:9-20 - Assurance and endurance
	b.  God will bring about his purposes
	c.  God is not through with you yet
2.  Abraham waited for years, and God came through as he always does
3.  Donít give up hope
4.  Our hope enters the viel = Heaven

5.  We will inherit the promises - Letís live like it