Title: Characteristics of the New Self

Proposition: We are to put on a new way of living as Christians

Text: Eph 4:25-32

	1.  Eye Opener’s Skit - Fight
	2.  Review:  Put off old self, be renewed, put on new self.
	3.  Here we have several specific chraracteristics of our new “wardrobe”
	4.  What is the new self?  Characteristics - 

I.  Honesty
	A.  States both negative and positive:  Putting of falsehood, speak truth....
	B.  Some translations make say speak truthfully
		1.  This is a quotation from Zech. 8:16 - “Speak truth to one another”
			a.  Here it is with one another
			b.  Emphasizing Interpersonal Relationships
		2.  Reason for telling the truth
			a.  We are members of one another
			b.  “If the eye sees a serpent, does it deceive the foot, if the tongue
			     tastes what is bitter, does it deceive the stomach?” -Chrysostom
			c.  “We can life in safety only because the senses and nerves pass
			     true messages to the brain.”  -William Barclay
		3.  Reason for body having senses
			a.  To sense the nice things
			b.  For protection
	C.  Yet we need discretion:  4 PASSAGES
		1.  In context:  Eph 4:15
		2.  Proverbs 3:3-4  -  Truth without kindness can be an empty, cold, cruel, hurtful
		3.  Proverbs 12:16; Proverbs 17:28
	D.  What does it take to be honest
		1.  Speaking the truth in love - Setting for honesty
		2.  Kindess - Encouragment for honesty

II.  Good Anger
	A.  Sinful Anger v.s. Good Anger
	B.  Difference between the two
		1.  Good Anger
			a.  Heb. 1:9 - Hated lawlessness (Drove out money changers)
			b.  Righteous Anger against sin, be good haters
			c.  Jesus hated sin, BUT NOT SINNERS
			d.  We are sanctified sinners
		2.  Bad Anger
			a.  One that festers (do not let the sun go down)
			b.  on your anger (word is “provocation”) used in 6:4
			c.  Even righteous Anger if left alone can turn to selfish anger
			d.  Old Latin proverb:  “He who goes to bed angry has the devil for a 
			      bedfellow, never take your enemies to bed with you”
	C.  ILL:  Apple tree on Wizard of Oz (Anger mad him throw the apples)
		1.  Selfish anger cause Cain to kill his brother
		2.  Moses to lose the promised land
		3.  King Saul to try and kill David
		4.  Haman to try and kill an entire nation to get at one man because he didn’t bow
	D.  How to handle anger:  Prov. 14:17; 15:1  (Studies show soft reply keeps conversations)
		Mat 5:20-24 - Look out for one another
III.  Work Hard
	A.  Stealing v.s. Working
		Stealing was common in those days - bath houses
	B.  One who works can be nearly as bad off as one who steals
		1.  The motivation can be the same - stockpiling of goods
		2.  Selfishness can characterize both
		3.  Why should a person work?
			a.  To support himself?  NO
			b.  To share with the needy
	C.  ILL:  James Agate tells of a letter that Arnold Bennet, a famous novelist, wrote 
	    to another writer not so fortunate.  “I have been looking at my bankbook; and I find
 	    that I have 100 pounds which I don’t need, I am sending you a check herewith for that amount.”
		1.  Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-20)
		2.  “FOr where you treasure is, there will be your heart also” Lk 12:34
	D.  What can I do to help the poor
		Gal. 6:10 - especially to those who are of the household of faith

IV.  Uplifting Speech
	A.  Unwholesome Speech vs Edifying speech
	B.  Adjective is literally “Rotten” speech
		1.  Rotten speech will spread rot, like rotten apples
		  	a. This would include, complaining, gossip, hurtful words, even bad jokes
			b.  Col 4:6 - Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned w/salt
		2.  Edifying speech will also spread
			a.  This includes compliments, encouragement, or a simple “I understand”
			b.  It gives grace to those who hear (mercy and joy)
	C.  ILL:  A new Christian who listened to a bad joke, influence was ruined
	D.  NOt putting on the new aself GRIEVES THE HOLY SPIRIT
		1.  The question is not “am I keeping my speech pure”
		2.  The question is “am I being an encouragement”

V.  Kindness
	A.  Unkindness (v.31) vs Kindness (v.32)
	B.  Comparison
		1.  v. 31
			a.  Bitterness (pikria) - Resentful spirit which refuses reconciliation -grudge
			b.  Wrath - Outbreak of passion
			c.  Anger - Long standing Anger
			d. Clamor- Loud self assertion of the angry man who will make everyone 
			     hear his greivance
			e.  Slander (blasphemia) - To speak harm against, or abusive speech
			f. Malice - Ill will toward, (used to gather up anything not included in this list)
		2. v.32
			a.  Kind (2:7) A virtue basic to God and Christianity
			b.  Tenderhearted
			c.  Forgiving - Wider  Meaning of “dealing graciously with one another”

Concl:	1.  Review
	2.  Challenge:  Do Something to show kindess or encouragement to a brother