Title: The Practical Meaning of the Resurrection

Focus: The resurrection of Christ calls us to make a life change

Function: To motivate the hearers to be committed to Christ on a daily basis

1.  I really enjoy this time of year
2.  Cooped up all winter, cold, dead outside
3.  Signs of life, flowers, trees budding, warm sunshing
4.  Think it is so appropriate that this is the time of year Jesus rose from the grave
5.  Why did he do all this?

I.  To lead us in triumph over sin  (Col 2:9-15)
	A.  Baptism is nothing without the resurrection (v.12)
	B.  God displayed his power in the resurrection in 2 ways
		1.  (v.14) - Canceled out the certificate of debt
			a.  ILL:  Imagine getting a letter in the mail - URGENT
				- From law office - Says you own 78.2 million dollars
				- If not pay it, will be executed.
				- That is what a “certificate of debt” was
				- Not talking about the old law
			b.  Sin forfeits your life
			c.  Jesus “wiped clean” or “erased” the debt with his life
		2.  (v.15) - He disarmed the rulers & authorities
			a.  Lit:  He “stripped them” of their power.
			b.  How poetic, he was stripped of his garments, now he strips them
			c.  ILL:  He a military general - paraded the evil powers in victory
	C.  Through the resurrection, Jesus became two things
		1.  He became the debt that was paid
		2.  He became a military general

II.  To transform us from death to a new life
	A.  (Col 2:16-23) Not about external rules.  So what is it about?
	B.  (Col 3:1-3) Implications of the resurrection - Being “raised” with Christ
		1.  (3:5-11) - Put off the old self
		2.  (3:12-17) - Put on the new self
		3.  (3:18) - Resurrected wives
		4.  (3:19) - Resurrected husbands (ILL:  Where is my husband?)
		5.  (3:20) - Resurrected children
		6.  (3:21) - Resurrected fathers
		7.  (3:22-25) - Resurrected employees
		8.  (4:1) - Resurrected employers
		9.  (4:2-6) Wisdom toward outsiders
	C.  ILL:  Resurrection is not just something for easter, it is for everyday
		1.  Most radical ways to depict transformation is death and resurrection
		2.  20 years ago, John Telgren died
		3.  Now you have the new and improved John Telgren
		4.  Problem is that the wrong John keeps trying to raise from the dead

1.  In order to be resurrected later, must die and be resurrected now
2.  Have you died and been raised with Christ?