Small Group Questions:  Luke 7:1-17

Summary:  Like the centurion, we need a faith that accepts our unworthiness and Christ’s authority.  Only then can we carry out his mission without fear or compromise.

Optional Ice Breaker
-  What is the most dramatic “near death” experience you ever had?  An accident?  Illness?  Showing your Dad a report card?  Stock market crash?  etc.


1.  What can we piece together about the centurion's character?  Why do you suppose the Jewish leaders and the centurion’s evaluation of himself were different?  

2.  Do you suppose the centurion had a poor self-image?  Why or why not?  

3.  What is the difference between a “healthy” sense of unworthiness and a low self-image?

4.  What was the Centurion’s view of authority?  How do you suppose his sense of unworthiness affected his view of authority?

5.  What sorts of things does Jesus raising the widow’s son reveal about him?


6.  How do you feel about ministering to strangers that are hurting?  About sharing the Gospel with the lost?  Why?

7.  Do you ever “assert” yourself to help someone’s hurt or share the Gospel?  Why or why not?

8.  What prevents you from sharing the Gospel to those in your life who need to hear it?  What motivates you to share it?

9.  What can you do to start being more courageous or motivated about ministering to the lost with the Gospel?

Use Psalm 71:14-19 to guide your prayer