Title:  The Lordís Prayer

Summary:  Jesus prayer for us is that we would glorify God in our lives through
sanctification and love so that the world may know God and have eternal life.

Purpose:  To motivate the hearers to focus their prayers on asking that God
would use them to glorify him

Text:  John 17:1-26

Scripture Reading:  (Isaiah 43:5-7)

1.  Lordís Prayer - 
	1.  Not Matt 5, but John 17
	2.  Matt 5 provides an outline for prayer
	3.  This prayer very specific - One of the last of Jesus on the earth
2.  Jesus ultimate prayer here - For Godís glory

I.  Jesus prayers for self - That God would be glorified in him (v.1-5)
	A.  Meaning of glory
		1.  To glorify means to reveal Godís honor, power, character
		2.  Godís ďgloryĒ used to dwell in the temple
			a.  Later Jews referred to the ďshekinahĒ glory
			b.  Visible manifestation
			c.  But Godís glory is not just about what is seen
		3.  (Exo 33:18-23; 34:6-7)
			a.  Text emphasize Godí character, not what see
			b.  Godís character is summed up
			c.  That is how Moses ďseesĒ Godís glory
	B.  ILL:  See a similar thing at funerals
		1.  Canít tell everything a person ever done
		2.  Instead, tell stories that sum up what they are like
		3.  If a loving person, tell stories that show this
		4.  If a benevolent person, tell stories about how they benevolent
	C.  So what does Jesus mean when he asks to glorify God?
		1.  How many have seen the movie - The Passion?
			- This is what Jesus is referring to
		2.  The passion of Christ and resurrection glorified God
			a.  Reveals what God said in Exo 34
			b.  God is abounding in lovingkindess...
		3.  Nowhere character of God more vivid than at cross & tomb
	D.  Purpose of glorifying God
		1.  To bring eternal life
		2.  What is it? 
			a.  Not existing forever - Otherwise those in hell have it
			b.  It is knowing God and his son
		3.  Jesus revealed God in himself, can know and have life

II.  (v. 9-19) - Prayer for his disciples sanctification
	A.  Came as a result of seeing Godís glory through Christ
		1.  John 1:14 - We have seen his glory, full of grace and truth
		2.  Jesus said - sanctify them in truth
		3.  Thy word is truth - Who is the word?  Jesus Christ
	B.  Through knowing Christ, they can be sanctified
		1.  What is sanctification?  
			a.  To be different, set apart, dedicated
			b.  ILL:  Many of you took an oath in military
				- You no longer just an American
				- Became an american soldier, airman, sailor
				- You set apart, dedicated for specific purpose
		2.  Jesus said disciples were not of this world
			a.  Yet this still in the world
			b.  He sent them into the world
	C.  ILL:  Wed evening class - At the Cross roads
		1.  God picked the land long before there was an Israel
			a.  Not just that the land was fertile
			b.  Land was literally a crossroads of the world
		2.  Long after Abraham died, he redeems Israel
			a.  Exo 19 - Says they a ďholyĒ nation
			b.  Set apart, different, dedicated
			c.  Where did he put them?  At the cross roads
		3.  God did not pull them out of the world
			a.  They a kingdom of preists
			b.  They to mediate Godís presence to the nations
			c.  They to glorify God among the nations
	D.  Being holy means glorifying God AMONG the people
		1.  God wants us at the cross roads (John 1:14)
			a.  Word became flesh - lived among us
			b.  We beheld his glory - In the flesh
		2.  Not merely by sending tracts, passing out Bibles, radio 
		      programs, direct mail, newspaper articles
		3.  Jesus sends us into the world - to the cross roads
		4.  Result - Can know God = eternal life

III.  (v.20-26) - Jesus prayed for us - That we might be one
	A.  Probably think of this when think of John 17
		1.  Prayer is not all about Unity
		2.  Prayer is all about glorifying God
	B.  Purpose of Unity
		1.  That the world may believe (v.21, 23)
		2.  Still talking about glorifying God (v.22)
			a.  Jesus passed glory on to us
			b.  He wants us to glorify God to the world
			c.  Not have to do it by being crucified.  How do we?
		3.  (2 Cor 3:18 - 4:7) - Glory transforms us for ministry
			a.  Result - We preach Christ, manifest his power
			b.  How is power shown
				- We Godís children, no one can mess with that
				- We redeemed as one body, in spite of differences
			c.  Power for ministry without fear
	C.  ILL:  How many have a benefits package in their job?
		1.  How many went over it at job interview
		2.  How many went over ONLY benefits package?
		3.  Most interviews emphasize suitability for the job
	D.  Jesus didnít give us just a benefits package, but a job description
		1.  Simple - Glorify God
		2.  Happens when we committed to each other in love as one

1.  How should all of this affect our prayer life?
2.  Our ultimate prayer always - For God to be glorified in us
	a.  Happens by sanctification - Being set apart at the cross roads
		- Means being feircely devoted to God IN THE WORLD
		- Shows the world Godís truth
	b.  Happens by being one
		- Means being fiercely devoted to each other (Rom 14)
		- Shows the world Godís grace
		- (John 13:34-35)
	c.  We beheld his glory - full of grace and truth
3.  After looking at the ďjob descriptionĒ here are the benefits
	a.  Eternal life which is fellowship with God  (Invitation)
	b.  Full Joy (v.13)  - This is a by product
4.  If Joy is lacking, maybe need to pray that God use you for his glory
	- How can God use you?  That a topic for life Group.

Questions for Small Group Discussion