The Lord’s Prayer (John 17)

Summary: Jesus prayer for us is that we would glorify God in our lives through sanctification and love so that the world may know God and have eternal life.

Open (5 min)

1. What was responsible for your conversion to Christ?

Dig (20 - 25 min)

2. Why do you suppose John includes this prayer in his Gospel? (John 20:31 may give a clue)

3. What is the central theme to Jesus prayer? What was his desire for all people?

4. How is God glorified in Christ? In his disciples?

5. What tension is there between being holy and set apart from the world and being sent into the world?

6. What does it mean to be “one?” (You may want to refer to Romans 14)

7. How does being one contribute to Jesus desire to glorify God? (See John 13:34-35)

Apply (20 - 25 min)

8. Which do you struggle with more - Being holy and set apart IN the world, or being “one” with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Why?

9. What are some ways the people in your daily routine might see the glory of God in you?

10. An excercise to strengthen our devotion to each other - Take no more than a minute or two to tell someone else in the group how you appreciate them (since the blessing is in giving more than in receiving, don’t worry about everyone in the group being on the receiving end of this)

11. How will this lesson make an impact on your prayer life?