Title: God and Jacob

Purpose: To Understand God's Overall Plan and our Part in it

1.  Every read story and after awhile lost track of the plot?
2.  Easy to do in Bible after Abraham
3.  In Genesis, there are three major human figures
	a.  Abraham
	b.  Jacob
	c.  Joseph
4.  Tonight we look at Jacob, Abrahamís grandson
	a.  Sometimes you can tell something about a child before they born
	b.  ILL:  Jeremy ran laps before born, William kicked when scold Jer
	c.  (Gen 25:19-26) - Already can tell this going to be interesting
5.  As we read, will look at how Godís promise is threatened and what Godís
reactions say about him

I.  (Gen 27) - Jacob steals Esauís blessing
	A.  ILL:  Ever remember The Smothers brothers
		- Mom always liked you best
	B.  This was more than sibling rivalry
		1.  Jacob along with mother steals blessing
		2.  Messing with family traditions a serious thing
		3.  Jacob tries to manipulate things to his advantage
	C.  (Gen 28:10-22) - Jacob trying to manipulate God
		1.  So far, Jacob has not acted very honorably
		2. Does he get any better?

II.  (Gen 29:15-27) - Jacob runs to Laban
	A.  This is poetic, what goes around comes around
		1.  Maybe Jacob has finally learned something
		2.  Now heíll start acting more honorably?
	B.  (Gen 29:28- 30:2)
	C.  So Jacob still has a lot to learn
		(Chap 30, Dishonest business dealings with Laban)
		(31:1 - About to make more enemies)

III.  Gen 32 - Meeting with Esau
	A.  (v. 3-5) - Wanted to make amends 
		1.  (v.6-8) - Esau coming with 400 men
		2.  (v.9-12) - Jacobís prayer - recognizes his unworthiness
	B.  After sending gifts to appeas Esau, Jacob wrestles with a man
		1.  (v.22-32) - When did Jacob realize it was God?
		2.  Why didnít he give up and bow?
	C.  Should be the last straw  This person is self-serving and insolent
	D.  Can see the many threats to Godís promise.  They going to blow it
		1.  Now he is about to meet his end from brother turned 	
		2.  (33:-1-2) Just what we would expect of the low life Jacob
		3.  (v.3) - But wait!   He went on ahead - That was selfless!

IV.  (Gen 35:1-15) - What all this say about God?
	A.  God remains true to his promises
		1.  This is in spite of our warts and blemishes
		2.  Doesnít matter how you are, God will use you
	B.  ILL:  Work in progress
		1.  A guy who built house.  Framed.  Chain saw for window 
		2.  Looked awful
		3.  It was a work in progress
		4.  Godís people are a work in progress
	C.  Jacob had long and difficult life  (Heb 12)
		1.  He had a lot to learn
		2.  Difficulty the result of a loving God
	D.  This teaches us that God is faithful
		1.  Dad used to discipline me  - I played injured one time.
		2.  He said Iíd better move it or another one
		3.  I was miraculously cured
		4.  My Dad loved me

1.  God has a plan, and it involves us
2.  We may not be perfect, but if walk with God, he will remain faithful
	a.  Not mean no difficulty
	b.  Does mean God will stick with us
3.  Are you walking with God?