Small Group Questions:  Look at the Signs  Luke 7:18-28

Summary:  Jesus’s identity was confirmed by his actions so that there was no question that we
was the expected one.  Similarly, John’s lifestyle confirmed his identity as a prophet, one devoted
to God and his mission.  Our actions need to confirm our identity as one devoted to God and his
mission.  We can demonstrate it through benevolent and evangelistic works, and through a
lifestyle that shows single-minded devotion to God.

Optional Ice Breakers
- What is the most interesting or unusual sign/logo you have seen?
- How do you take care of doubts about someone or something?


1.  How did Jesus answer the question that John the Baptist had?  Why do you
suppose he answered in such an indirect way?

2.  How is Jesus acts of ministry related to preaching the Gospel to the poor?

3.  How did Jesus characterize John?  What did not characterize John?  

4.  What characterizes prophets?  In general what sort of people were they? 
(You may want to consider Jer 27; Ezek 4; Isa 20; and John the Baptist)

5.  Does God in any way expect the same level of service from us today as he
did from the prophets?  Explain.


6.  If someone were to ask you if you were a Christian, how would you answer
indirectly (ie: point to certain actions in your life as “signs” that demonstrate it)?

7.  In carrying out God’s mission, which are you most like?  A reed shaken by the
wind?  A person in fine clothes?  Or a prophet?  Explain.

8.  What would it take for you to have more passion for God and his mission?

9.  What resources are available to help you in this?

Use Psalm 96:1-6 as a guide to your prayer