Three Short and Powerful Prayers

Summary: Jesus teaches us that we should pray for others even when they abuse us. Even though it may seem as though God has forgotten us in our persecution, he does not. We need to place ourselves in his hands and he will give us life.

Open (5-10 minutes)

1. Who was the most difficult bully you ever had to deal with? Why?

Dig (20-25 minutes) Read Matt 23:34; Luke 23:34, 46

2. What had been happening up to the points that Jesus said each of these prayers?

3. What do each of these prayers reveal about Jesus?

4. How does Jesus reactions in prayer contrast (or are similar) to ours?

5. What do each of these prayers exemplify for us?

Apply (20-25 minutes)

6. Which of the three types of prayers Jesus prayed do you find most difficult to apply to yourself? Why?

7. What would it take for you to be able to pray more as Jesus did?

8. (Rom 12:19-21) - What connection could this passage have with Matt 5:43-44. Would Romans 12 help you to do what is in Matt 5, or is it the other way around?

9. Make a list of people you have not prayed for that you could be praying for and commit to pray for them

10. Make a list of people you can invite to life group - Spend tiem praying for each of them this evening

11. Make note of those who are not at life group this evening - pray for them