Title:  God Will Make a Way

Summary:  When God calls you to do something, there are no excuses because
God will make a way.  It is up to us not to be extraordinary, but to trust and
extraordinary God.

Purpose:  To motivate the hearers to be sensitive to the opportunities around
them to serve God and be his witness

Text:  Exodus 3-4

Scripture Reading:  2 Cor 4:7-11

Intro:  A Sermon from Ken Davis is the inspiration for this
1.  Exod 3:1-2 - God getís Moses attention after he moved to Midian 40 years
2.  v.3-9 - Great news, God is coming down to rescue Israel
	- Donít know if it had been a concern of Moses, but it was to God
3.  I know many of you have concerns, heartbreaks, desires,
	a.  Maybe a bad marriage, bondage to alcohol, pornography
	b.  And here comes God to deliver you out of bondage
4.  Then God says, ďI am sending ... YouĒ  (v.10)
	a.  Theme of this Sermon - You Are Godís Answer
	b.  God sending Moses was God coming down
	c.  You are Godís chosen instrument - And there are no excuses

I.  Excuse #1 - Iím Nobody  (have you every used that excuse?)
	A.  What does God say to that  (v.11-12)?
		- He simply says - I will go with you
	B.  God does not call for extraordinary people
		1.  Ordinary people to believe in an extraordinary God
		2.  (1 Cor 1:26-30) - Always ďBy his doingĒ
			a.  Doesnít matter if you are nobody
			b.  God will be with you
			c.  He not asking you to do it alone
	C.  What if God appeared to you like he did to Moses?
		1.  You would be very motivated
		2.  And if he says, ďIíll go with youĒ  Youíd be on your way!
	D.  Surely Moses did right?  Wrong!

II.  Excuse #2 - I donít know what to say
	A.  Donít wait till itís perfect to do it, or you will never do it
	B.  Godís Answer - Iíll tell you what to say
		1.  Why do you think God has given us his word?
		2.  But I donít know where to start!
	C.  My Youth Group doubled while I was a teen (10 - 22)
		1.  Why, we filled with joy and always sharing and bringing
		2.  We not trained or experts
			a.  Remembered a girl named __________
			b.  Shared difficulties she had in life with one of the teens
			c.  She shared with her, and brought her to me
			d.  She wanted to know Christ, and was baptized next day!
		4.  Her freind still didnít know what to say, brought several to Christ
	D.  (1 Cor 2:1-4) - Not great oral abilities, but weakness showed power
		1.  Means we not have slick answers and methods
		2.  Means we donít hide our failings
		3.  But we demonstrate the grace and joy of God in weakness
		4.  So, now is Moses ready?  Hardly

III.  Excuse# 3 - What if they donít believe me?
	A.  Godís Answer - Itís not your job
		1.  Not our job to persuade, twist arm, manipulate
		2.  Our job is to be obedient, The rest is up to God
	C.  (4:1ff)
		1.  God turns the staff into a snake
		2.  (v.5) - This is so they may believe - Itís not your job
		3.  Put hand in your coat - Leprous
		4.  Water from nile into blood
	D.  That should have eliminated all worries of Moses right?

IV.  Excuse#4 - Itís not by gift (4:10)
	A.  Have you ever used that excuse before
		1.  Oh, I see the opportunity, but itís not by gift
		2.  Iím too introverted, young, old, fat, skinny, uneducated, etc.
	B.  Godís Answer - ďWho Made You?Ē
		1.  God knew what Moses could do in his hands
		2.  God made him just the way he wanted him
		3.  God saw you before you were born
		4.  When he has job for you, not matter whether you have ability
	C.  Student I went to school with, name was Keith
		1.  Okie through and through - Stayed at brother, cow at window
		2.  Went on a mission trip - He only one with two interpreters 
		3.  Not educated, some teachers not think he belonged
			a.  Became evident school was not his thing
			b.  Didnít do well at all, maybe it was a mistake
		4.  He dropped out of school - To go to Mission field
	D.  When God calls you, he will use you just as you are

1.  So Now Moses is ready to go right?  Wrong
	a.  4:13 - Moses asked God to send someone else
	b.  4:14 - God got angry - Moses trying to get out of it
2.  There are no excuses
	a.  I am nobody - God says Iíll go with you
	b.  Donít know what to say - God says - Iíll tell you
	c.  What if they donít believe me - Not your job
	d.  I have no ability, just look at me - I know I made you
	e.  Send someone else
3.  No, not someone else - YOU are Godís answer
4.  Song:  God will make a way
5.  What is God calling you to do?
	- Teach, VBS, LTC, Life Group, Share Gospel, Encourage sick, etc.
	- There are no excuses

Questions for Small Group Discussion