Life Group Notes: God will Make a Way (Exod 3-4) Summary: When God calls you to do something, there are no excuses because God will make a way. It is up to us not to be extraordinary, but to trust and extraordinary God.

Open (5 minutes)

1. If you could be any of these characters, who would you rather be and why? Oscar the grouch, Grover, Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, Mr. Snuffolufocus, Elmo, Kermit

Dig (20 - 25 minutes)

2. Why do you suppose God chose to appear to Moses in a burning bush as opposed to just sending him a prophet or something like that?

3. What were the five excuses (or objections) Moses made to God? Why did Moses make each of the excuses he did to God?

4. How did God respond to each of the excuses?

5. Why did God not get angry until 4:14?

6. Read 1 Corinthians 12:12 to the end of the chapter. What does this say to the excuses Moses made?

Apply (20 - 25 minutes)

7. What part of a human body do you think describes you and why?

8. What are some opportunities that you may have to serve God or glorify him at this point in your life?

9. What are some of the excuses you have (or are) using to not take hold of the opportunities God has placed in your path?

10. What do you think God answer would be to your excuse?

11. Take a minute or two (no more than a minute or two) and pick one person in the group to encourage to take hold of the opportunities that God has laid before them. (Once again, since the blessing is in giving more than in receiving, don't worry about everyone in the group being on the receiving end of this)

Prayer Donít forget the empty chair -- invite your family and freinds to Life Group!