Title: What submission means

Proposition: As Children of light we must live in submission to one another

Text: Eph 5:21

	1.  Have you ever known anyone who you have to be careful what you say you like?
	2.  My parents are that way
	3.  Paul outlines a principle such as this in Eph 5:21
	4.  Context:  Spirit filled life; Thanksgiving, and now submission to one another
	5.  We need to be submissive - Let’s examine this phrase

I.  Being subject
	A.  The concept of submission is a popular one in the New Testament
	B.  The scope of submission:
		1.  Matthew 5:38-42 - To Enemies
		2.  I Peter 2:13 - “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human 
		3.  Acts 5:29 - “We must obey God rather than men”

	C.  ILL: Daniel, Shrach Meshack and Abendego (submit, but not dishonor God) 	

	D.  We need to be submissive
		1.  First of all, to God
		2.  To all men (but not disobedient to God)
		3.  How much more should we be submissive to other Christians?

II.  Be subject to one another...
	A.  In this context, Paul is talking about our one-ness, which would lead to submission

	B.  Word meaning

		1.  In the Greek:
			a.  Military term, meaning to rank under
			b.  Word development:  hupo-”under”  tasso-”arrange” (Chain of command)
			c.  Each person in an army is important, but their is an arrangement to
			     opperate efficiently

		2.  In English:
			a.  Subject synonyms:  “submissive, open to, dependent on, answerable”
			b.  Subject antonyms:  “independent, superior, exempt, autonomous”

		3.  The submission to one-another is at a much deeper level  
			a.  Gal 6:10 - especially to the household of faith
			b.  I Cor 6:7 - Why not rather be wronged, why not rather be 

	C.  ILL:  What made him give it (precious stone a monk found and gave away to a traveler
	     after he simply asked.  Traveler came back following day, wanted the thing that
	     enabled the monk to give the stone to him.

	D.  How have you been submissive to each other lately?
		1.  Anyone have any kind of need - 
		2.  Note synonymns and antonymns again

III.  Be Subject to one another in the fear of Christ

	A.  Same word is used in v.33 - “respect” of Christ

	B.  What does it mean-

		1.  Formerly in Ephesians, we have learned
			a.  Christ gave himself up for us (5:2)
			b.  That our function in the church is a gift of God (4:7)
			c.  The same God and father gives us all gifts to buildthe body (4:6)
			d.  That our new self is a work of God (2:10)
			e.  Our relationship with God (salvation) is a gift of God (2:8)
			f.  Every spiritual blessing is in Christ (1:1-14)
			g.  CHRIST brought us all together as equals with different functions in
			      the body of Christ we grow when we are submissive to each other

		2. On the submission of Christ

			a.  Hebrews 2:11-14 - Christ fellowshipped (shared) in our being 

			b.  Philippians 2:5-8
				1  Jesus became a servant (slave)
				2.  Submissive to parents, paid taxes, washed feet, submitted to 
				3.  Slave to the point of being mistreated
				4.  Notice v.3-4 - humility lead him to this
					-LACK OF HUMILITY, is the root problem to not being
					   submissive to one another
					- What is a humbling experience, but to have Jesus
					   washing your feet

			c.  When we fellowship with Christ
				1.  Phil 3:10 - Song - I want to know Christ
				2.  Fellowship in his suffering - means to partake
				3.  READ MATTHEW 20:25-28
					- Are we going to fellowship (partake) of his servanthood?

	C.  ILL:  Focus to much on self, Story of man who wouldn’t give, preacher took him to
	     window, saw family, to mirror, saw self.  Difference was a little bit of silver.
		Silver = Pride, Vanity, Focus on rights, 

	D.  The reason we are submissive is out of respect for Christ
		1.  For his servanthood
		2.  For the example he left
		3.  Not to do so would be to disrespect Christ, Like saying “I’m better than Christ”

Concl:  1.  We need to be subject to one another in the fear of Christ
	2.  This means being both submissive and dependent
	3.  Notice the focus was not on our RIGHTS but our DUTIES
	4.  Challenge:  To actively contribute to each others welfare.  Who_______________
	5.  Stimulation:  Be like my parents, whom you never had to ask for anything