Title: Do you have a nickname?

Focus: When Jesus constituted the new kingdom, he chose the most unlikely people and demonstrated how he can use anyone by changing them. He can do the same for us.

Function: To encourage the hearers to allow God to use them as they are and not fret over feelings of inadequacy because transformation is ultimately God’s work.

Text: Mark 3:6-19

1.  What is a nickname?  My boys asked that a couple of weeks ago.
2.  Nicknames often say something about a person.
	a.  First Battle of Bull Run - Thomas Jackson and his bridage 
	    stood firm against Union attack - nickname became “Stonewall Jackson”
	b.  “Radar” on Mash could hear the choppers
	c.  Magic Johnson and his abilities on the basketball court
	d.  Hulk Hogan
3.  You have a nickname?  It’s a secret.  Mine was Johnny Jump Up
4.  We are going to be looking at some nick names this morning
	a.  Kingdom of grace as great physician - Closes with Pharisees scheme
	b.  3:7-12 - Summary signals a shift of focus in the story
	c.  Greater focus on disciples
5.  (3:13-15) - Jesus chooses his Apostles
	a.  Marks seems to include more details about them than the others
	b.  He includes more nicknames
	c.  Significance?  Lets look

I.  Simon whom Jesus called “Peter”
	A.  Peter (“petros”) means “Rock”  (Aramaic - “Kepha”)
		1.  When he hear name “Rock” what you think of?
		2.  Some today have similar names
			a.  Rocky Balboa
			b.  The “Rock”
			c.  Stone-Cold Steve Austin
		3.  This is what connotation was even in ancient times 
			Strength, stability, impeturbable
	B.  Problem - He doesn’t seem like a Rock at all
		1.  Mt 14:22ff - Peter sank like a Rock!
		2.  Mt 15:11,15 - Are you without understanding also?
		3.  Mt 16:22 - Peter rebukes Jesus - Get behind me Satan
		4.  Jn 13 - Never shall you wash my feet , wash all of me
		5.  (Mk 14:29-31) Never fall away - Starting to sound like a Rock
		6.  (Mk 14:37) - Slept like a Rock
		7.  (Mk 14:71) - Peter curses and swears, denying Jesus
		8.  Goes away and weeps bitterly - SOME ROCK!

II.  So why did Jesus call Peter the rock?
	A.  When did Jesus do this? 
		1.  Could have happened here - (Mt 16:13-18)
		2.  As part of a blessing - Blessing you predict success
		3.  Not Peter’s innate strength, but because of his faith - confession
		4.  Didn’t have much, but don’t need much
	B.  ILL:  
		1.  What happens when put a little yeast in dough - Grows
		2.  What happen when put a little seed in ground with water - Grows
		3.  Mt 13:31 - Kingdom of Heaven is like this
			a.  Faith as a mustard seed, can move mountains
			b.  Faith remove a mountain of doubt
	C.  Look how a little Leaven grew in Peter
		1.  (Acts 4:5-11) - Preached, arrested, Jesus-the cornerstone
		2.  (Acts 5:25-29) - Peter not deny or back down, was leader
		3.  (Acts 5:40-41) - Flogged - No denying Jesus
		4.  (1 Pet 5:1) - He is an elder!
		5.  In the end he himself was crucified upsidedown
	D.  (1 Pet 2:4-6) - Peter’s words to us
		1.  Believes in him not dissapointed - speaking from experience
		2.  You can become a living stone in God’s house - Through Faith
			a.  Doesn’t matter how uneven or rocky you are
			b.  God doesn’t build junk
		3.  Peter is not the only rock, you can be one too
	E.  So, you have a nickname - “living stone”

Trans:  But Peter was not the only one Jesus nicknamed

III.  James and John were called Boanerges
	A.  This means, “Sons of Thunder”
		1.  Also emphasizes Power
		2.  Was this what they were supposed to be, or what they were?
	B.  What do we know about James and John?
		1.  (Lk 9:51-56) - Samaritans not receive, want to call fire down
		2.  (Mk 9:38-40) - John wanted to hinder one casting out 
		3.  (Mk 10:35-45) - They wanted to sit on his right and left
		4.  Yep, the nick-names seems to fit
			a.  So are they really fit for the kingdom of grace?
			b.  Can Jesus do anything with the sons of Thunder?
	C.  Look at how Jesus effected John (James died early)
		1.  (1 Jn 3:16-19) - Does this sound like the same John?
		2.  (1 Jn 5:16-17) - Doesn’t sound like one to call fire down
		3.  (Jn 3:16; 13:34-35) - LOVE is central in John’s writings
	D.  Jesus changed a Son of Thunder to the Apostle of Love.  
		1.  The overbearing, ambitious apostle writes greatest things of love
		2.  Jesus works wonderful transformations on people

1.  God wants to change your name today
2.  Maybe you are a Son of Thunder, or a Volcano, Jello, 
3.  ILL:  Cracked Pots
4.  God will use you in spite of or through your shortcomings
	a.  Paul had thorn in flesh - power is perfected in weakness
	b.  Kingdom came with power, through imperfect weak apostles
	c.  Not matter if one leg, bad back, bad voice, poor health, too young/old
	d.  Weaker is better
5.  The key is faith - You have to trust that He can and will use you
	a.  All it takes is a little leaven, a seed
	b.  You can become a rock and a disciple of love (A loving rock)
	c.  Oh you will blotch things up, but that is okay
6.  Have you come to the cornerstone, the bedrock
	a.  Have you become a living stone
	b.  Do you have a new name?
	c.  Maybe you have forgotten your new name. 
7.  Invitation