Sermon:  Honor for your mother (in law)

Summary:  Ruth is an example of what it means to honor a mother, or in this
case a mother-in-law.  She was loyal to Naomi and because of that loyalty,
valued her by caring for her.  We can learn from Ruth what it means to honor a
mother, grandmother, and others that we should honor.

Know:  God instructs us to honor our mothers.  Not only is it obedience to God,
but we typically will benefit from it

Feel:  Appreciation for mothers, since having mothers is part of God’s plan

Do:  Identify ways to honor those whom we should honor in our lives, including
parents, gradparents, husbands, wives, brethren, and even the lost.

Text:  Ruth 1:8
Scripture Reading:  Ruth 1:8
Meditation Scripture:  1 Sam 2:8

1.  Something my wife used to do when going on a trip
	a.  Boys were young, we pack, she always found place for stuffed animal
	b.  Sometimes I complain we don’t need them, she sneak them in pillow
	c.  She knew what she was doing, that what kids looking for at bed time
	d.  There is nothing like a mother, and I want to look at one this morning
2.  Naomi a mother in law, also a mother, can’t be one without the other
	a.  Tragic story with a happy ending
	b.  What we know about Naomi
		-  Moved to Moab due to famine, with husband and 2 sons
		-  Husband dies, single parent raising 2 boys, they got married
		-  They die to.  Food back home, getting ready to go back
		-  She can’t care for daughters, urge them to return to their families
3.  Naomi a wonderful mother in law.  Why?
	a.  Acceptance, not every mother in law is like this, but Naomi was
		- Ruth was a Moabite, a foreigner
		- Far as we can tell, she accepted her as family
	b.  Concern for daughters in law
		- They shouldn’t have to be uprooted from home because I want to
		  go back to mine
		- Little chance of a foreigner finding a husband in Israel
	c.  Could spend rest of the times looking at characteristics of Naomi
	d.  But want to look at Ruth
4.  Ruth an example of honor
	a.  God says to honor your Father and Mother, 1st command with promise
	b.  Ruth extended this to her Mother - in law

I.  By dealing kindly with her (1:8) - 
	A.  They didn’t have typical in-law relationship
	B.  Hebrew word for “kindess” here is “hesed”
		1.  Theologically loaded word
			a.  No single English word coveys the full range of meaning
			b.  Many scholarly articles and at least 2 books on this word
		2.  Used in many significant passages
			a.  Hos. 6:6 - Delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice
				- Jesus quotes in Matt 9:13 as compassion
				- Lam 3:22-23 - Compassion according to hesed
			b.  Psalm 136 - His lovingkindness is everlasting
		3.  So, Hesed is love, kindness, compassion, loyalty
			a.  We do not have a single English word of this
			b.  Basic idea is “covenant loyalty”
				- One person loyal to another based on covenant
				- Loyal to you until death
		4.  So why did Ruth show hesed to Naomi?
			a.  Covenant of marriage with husband
			b.  Hesed to him meant hesed to family
			c.  Naomi didn’t lose son in marriage, but gained daughter
			d.  Mother in law and daughter in law accept as family
	C.  (1:16-18) - Hesed comes through here
		1.  Now that husband dead, not write off mother in law
		2.  She was family, and it was going to stay that way
	D.  Shouldn’t we have that kind of “hesed” for mothers and grandmothers?
		- This hesed led her to do what comes next
II.  By valuing her (3:1-6)
	A.  Naomi gave Ruth some wise instructions
		1.  Ruth could have said, “That’s out of style”
		2.  She could have ignored her instructions
	B.  Dt 5:16 - Honor father & mother, days prolonged & go well with you
		1.  Root idea of honor in both Old and New Testament - value
			a.  Value parents advice - listen to them - honors them
			b.  Recognize them, appreciate them
			c.  Naomi honored Ruth, Ruth honored Naomi
		2.  (Prov 30:17) - Eye mocks father, scorns mother, ravens pick it
			a.  If dishonor parents, will come back on you
			b.  Honor begets honor, dishonor brings shame
			c.  Honor brought life for both Naomi and Ruth
		3.  Days were prolonged, and it went well
	C.  ILL:  This doesn’t just apply to mother in laws.  Do you value mom?
		1.  But she isn’t cool like the other moms
			a.  She a probation officer - Want to know were we are,
			     who we are with at all times
			b.  We get sandwich, not twinkie and coke for lunch
			c.  Uses us for free labor, breaks child labor laws
			d.  Everyone else dating, she making us wait
		2.  She is a mean, old fashioned mom
		3.  We miss out on what every kid and teen experience
			a.  Not caught shoplifting, vandalizing, alcohol, pregnant,etc.
			b.  And it is all her fault
	D.  There is a reason why God says to honor parents
		1.  Prolong your days, go well with you
		2.  If adult, will likely find you are being mean and old fashioned
		3.  Value, recognize, appreciate her
		4.  One specific way to do this is how Ruth did...

III.  By caring for her (2:10-11, 18)
	A.  Ruth made sure Naomi was taken care of
	B.  We have very specific instructions concerning this (1 Tim 5:3-10)
		1.  This is talking about supporting widows
			a.  The church was to support widows who met qualifications
			b.  But not if they had family.  Why?
			c.  Family was to “honor” her
		2.  So honoring your mother or grandmother is caring for them
		3.  If you don’t - worse than an unbeliever
	C.  My parents were going to do that at one point
		1.  My “halmoony” came to live with us for awhile
		2.  It was supposed to be permanent, but she got homesick
		3.  While she was with us, it was a great blessing for us
			a.  We couldn’t communicate real well
			b.  But we always managed
	D.  When she went home I actually missed her
		1.  She has passed away now
		2.  I know many of us have lost grandmothers and mothers
		3.  We can continue to honor them by the way we live

1.  We looked at the example of Ruth and her mother in law this morning
2.  BUt understand, the principles are not limited to the mother in law
	a.  Honoring parents and grandparents part of God’s plan
	b.  That means kindness/loyalty; value; caring for them
	c.  We don’t want to say “corban” when the time comes
3.  When you stand back and look at big picture, God has “honored” us
	a.  1 Sam 2:8 - Hannah sings of this
	b.  God has showed us “value” by sending Jesus to die for us
	c.  (Invitation)
4.  (1 Tim 5:1-2) - We are all family, and are to honor each other
	a.  Rom 12:10 - Outdo one another in showing honor
	b.  But today we want to honor our mothers, grandmothers, and in laws

Questions for Small Group Discussion