Small Group Questions:  Honor for Mother

Summary:  Ruth is an example of what it means to honor a mother, or in this
case a mother-in-law.  She was loyal to Naomi and because of that loyalty,
valued her by caring for her.  We can learn from Ruth what it means to honor a
mother, grandmother, and others that we should honor.

Optional Ice Breakers:
- What is the most memorable memory you have of your mother, or the one who
raised you?
- What is the most memorable thing you have done for your mother, or the one
who raised you?

Discussion Questions:  (Ruth 1:8; 2:10-11, 18; 3:1-6)

1.  In what ways did Ruth honor and value Naomi?  Why did this make an
impression on the towns people?

2.  The root idea of the word “honor” is value.  What are some ways one would
show “value” to his mother?  Grandmother?

3.  (Rom 12:10) - How does the idea of “honor” apply to people besides parents
according to this passage and its context?

4.  What are some specific ways you can honor your mother?  grandmother? 
brethren in the congregation?

5.  What are some ways Jesus showed “value” to mankind?  What are some of
the stories in the Gospels that demonstrate this?

6.  What are some ways you can demonstrate value to those who are lost so that
they might be saved?  

7.  How would the sharing specifically of the Gospel fit into this?

8.  What are some obstacles that prevent you from showing value to others the
way you should?  What can be done about this?

Use 1 Sam 2:8 as a guide to your prayer