Honor Your Mother

Summary: The Bible tells us to honor our parents. Only through obedience to this command can we have an honorable relationship with our family and children and God. Honor begets honor, and dishonor begets dishonor.


1. What is the nicest thing anyone every said about/to you? How did it affect you?


2. (Eph 6:2-3) What does it mean to “honor” your parents?

3. Explain how it would go well or not go well with someone if he or she did not obey this command.

4. In your own life, how has your honor or lack of honor for you parents affected you?

5. (Matt 15:8 - You may want to read the contect). What does this teach us about the nature of honor? How would you know if honor is really honor or something superficial?


6. What keeps you from honoring your parents? What can you do about it?

7. What are some ways you can honor your parents?

Expanded Application:

8. Let’s expand the application. How does the principles of honor we have been discussing also apply to other relationships (our spouses, children, brethren, etc).

9. What are some ways we can show honor to each other?

10. A personal exercise (to do without comment). Pick one person in the group, and honor them in some way this week.