Title: The Blessing of Motherhood

Focus: Mothers have a great blessing from God

Goal: To encourage and honor mothers

1.  Mother came to see me when had Pnuemonia.  Three hour drive.  Of course,
my response was - ďWhat are you doing here?Ē  Isnít that a nice way to greet your
2.  Been thinking about mothers and what they do
3.  Mothers, you are blessed.  3 Reasons

I.  You have the greatest career in the world
	A.  Some do not think a whole lot of motherhood
		1.  Some think those who want to be mothers - low aspirations
		2.  But they misunderstand what motherhood is
		3.  What it is not merely --
			a.  Changing diapers, doing dishes, cleaning house
			b.  Wiping runny noses, cooking, laundry, chauffering
			c.  Anyone can do those things
		4.  Itís much more
	B.  What motherhood is all about
		1.  (2 Tim 1:5) Paul chose Timothy, he had right stuff
			a.  Paul reminds him of where it came from
			b.  All the way back not to just mother, but grandmother
		2.  (1 Kings 22:41-44) Mothers did not remain nameless
			a.  This was the typical pattern for Kings of Judah
			b.  Here stand a tribute to a great mother
		3.  Even Rahab is a model of motherhood
			a.  Her grandson was Jesse, father of David - Matt 1:5-6
			b.  Davidís faith was great, delivered flock from predators
			c.  Later delivered Israel from enemies
			d.  His faith goes back to great great grandmother Rahab
		4.  Child Development Studies show
			a.  Childís personality already intact by age 5
			b.  How important is mom?  Very.
			c.  Whether Jehosephat, Timothy, or anyone else...
			d.  Mother has a dramatic influence on childís future
	C.  ILL:  Abraham Lincoln a great man
		1.  Man of integrity and character
		2.  When asked what shaped him - ďAll that I am or ever hope to be 
		      I owe to that angel who was my mother.Ē
		3.  What a great thing to acknowledge
	D.  Future of not just families, but of nations and the world
		1.  Not from economic status, education, etc.
		2.  But rests on the shoulders of mothers
		3.  It is not demeaning, nothing more noble, prestigious, beautiful, 
		     or lofty than motherhood
		4.  So you are a blessing from God

II.  You reflect Godís character
	A.  This may sound strange, because we refer to God as he
		1.  Technically, God has no gender
		2.  Bible speaks of God in human terms
			a.  Hands, feet, eyes, etc.
			b.  Also refers to him as a husband, us as bride
			c.  Refers to him as a Father, and us as children
		3.  All of these to help us relate to him
	B.  But Bible also refers to him using female imagery
		1.  (Isa 49:15-16) God just could not forget faithless Israel
			a.  Didnít use father imagery to convey this
			b.  Used mother, mothers never forget their children
			c.  Dadís may disown, but mothers donít
		2.  (Isa 66:9-14)
			a.  Godís comfort and affectionate love - mother image
			b.  No one comforts hurts like a mother does
			c.  Who do children call out for when hurt?  Mother
		3.  (Matt 23:37) 
			a.  Jesus laments over Jerusalem
			b.  Once again, uses mother image
			c.  Fatherís just donít long for children they way mothers do
		4.  Motherís are a model of Godís character
			a.  Endless mental & physical energy
				- ďWorking motherĒ a redundant phrase
				- Dadís come from from work, but mother lives it
				- Sheís always on the job - just like God
			b.  Love children fiercely
	C.  ILL:  Forest Fire - Bird burned sitting on ground
		1.  Must have overtaken bird so fast didnít have time to escape
		2.  Found a bunch of baby birds, alive and well under her
		3.  She literally gave her life for those babies
		4.  That is what God did when he came to earth
	D.  Motherís you model that kind of selfless love for your children
		1.  Children donít just learn about God from Fathers
		2.  Learn about selflessness, kindness, & love from mothers
		3.  So you are a great blessing

III.  You have a great reward
	A.  Not talking about kind of reward families try to give mother
		1.  Like little Timmy and Dad and 2 brothers
		2.  Told Mom - Itís motherís day, donít worry about dishes, washing
		3.  Can always do them tommorrow
		4.  And mother shakes her head and goes on being a mother
	B.  (1 Tim 2:15) - This passage can be puzzling
		1.  We can understand salvation through love, sanctification and 
		      discretion as Paul talks about in this verse
		2.  But how is a woman saved through child-birth?
			a.  Word not merely mean giving birth, but child-rearing
			b.  Context talking about roles of men and women
				- Role of men to lead through prayer
				- Passage following speaks of elder leadership
			c.  We all know about elders reward in 1 Pet 5
				- There is also a reward with motherhood
				- God acknowledges motherhood here!!!
			d.  Note:  Doesnít mean a childless or single not be saved
				- Paul discusses this in 1 Cor 7
				- Singleness is a blessing
	C.  ILL:  They deserve it for all they do
		1.  In tech school, my roomate an air traffic controller
			a.  Special skill - Have to do several things at once
			b.  I told my wife about this once
		2.  She said it no big deal, any mother can do that
		3.  If I try to multi-task, I would crash and burn!
		4.  No wonder they get tired at end of day!
	D.  Not only are you a great blessing, you have a blessing from God

1.  Mothers you have a great blessing from God
	a.  You have the greatest career
	b.  You reflect Godís character
	c.  You have a great reward from God
2.  So today we honor and give thanks for you
3.  Prayer
4.  Invitation