Title: Honor to honor is due

Focus: The Bible instructs us to honor our mother from our wealth and through praising her

Function: To motivate the hearers to honor their mother from the biblical definition

Text: Rom 13:17

1.  Mothers can you relate to these:
	a.  Only mothers know about children being the spitting image - It has 
	      something to do with the first time you feed child baby food
	b.  Those who say the slept like a baby probably never had one
	c.  Mothers not believe evolution, because if true, they would have 6 arms
2.  Happy Mothers Day
3.  Mother’s Day is about honoring Mom
	a.  Rom 13:17 - Give honor to whom honor is due  
	b.  Is Mom due honor?  You bet  Eph 6:2 - Honor father and mother
4.  Lets look at some passages about Mom’s honor

I.  Prov 31:10-17
	A.  What is your reaction to these verses?
		1.  This not for the guys to “point out” to wife (couch is comfortable)
		2.  People often miss the purpose of this passage
		3.  Book title:  “Help I’m being intimidated by the Prov 31 woman!”
		4.  These passages are not for intimidating or challenging Mom
	B.  Prov 31:28-31
		1.  This was actually written for Fathers and children
		2.  The exhortation is to bless and praise Mom
		3.  Bless is a “church” word.  What does it mean?
			a.  Heb:  “Ashar” ;  Grk:  “Eulogia; Eulogeo”
			b.  The greek word is where we get word “Eulogy”
			c.  Bu we are not to wait until she is gone to “eulogize”
			d.  Say nice things to her and about her is to “bless” her
		4.  Next phrase complete the parallelism:  “Praise” her
	C.  ILL:  Boys have learned to do this
		1.  When they say, you are the best Mom ever
			- She say - That won you 2000 brownie points
		2.  What would you think of a guy braggin about Mom or wife?
			a.  Men usually not do this when with the “guys”
			b.  v.31 - Let her works praise her in the gates
	D.  So honoring Mom involves a blessing and praise
		1.  Could come in the form of a card (Mom’s like those)
		2.  A simple I appreciate you, a flower
		3.  There is another way to honor Mom -----

II.  1 Tim 5:3
	A.  Honor - What doe this word mean?
		1.  Respect, reverence
		2.  To hold in high esteem
	B.  In Biblical usage, the meaning goes beyond this
		1.  (v.4-8)  -  Tells how to honor widows
			a.  If widow has no family to care for her, church do it
			b.  If widow has children - they are to care for her
		2.  Honor often means honoring from your wealth
			a.  Mt 27:9 - 30 peices of silver “price” is same word - honor
			b.  Mt 15:1-6 - Honor = helping parents
			c.  1 Tim 5:17-18 - Honor means financial support
		3.  We still use the word in that way - “honorarium”
		4.  Idea behind honor is value  (when value someone-honor them)
		5.  It makes sense, mothers sacrifice 18 years PLUS for me
			a.  Kids are so very important to Mom
			b.  ILL:  Bus incident in Korea
			c.  Nothing will threaten a mothers child
			d.  Mom deserves all the honor we can give
	C.  ILL:  Harmony came to live with us (Harmony is grandma in Korean)
		1.  My parents wanted to care for her
		2.  She both a delight and a fireball
		3.  We were blessed to have her
		4.  She got homesick and went back home to Korea
	D.  Why did Mom and Dad do that?  They VALUED her
		1.  When you value mom, you honor her
		2.  Taking responsiblity to care for mom shows that you value her
		3.  One more way to honor Mom ---

III.  Prov 23:24-25
	A.  Make her happy - How?
		- Context: Make your Mom happy by being righteous and wise
	B.  ILL:  When I used to try and get ideas on what to get Mom
		1.  She would say, “just do real good in school and in life”
		2.  That’s the greatest gift you can give a parent
		3.  A good parent wants the best for their child so much
	C. Be righteous and be wise
		1.  On the job - Do the right thing, hard working, honest
		2.  In school - Be wise, especially in choice of friends
	D.  Your character is a reflection on your parents - Make them glad

1.  Bible says to honor Mom - By bless-praise /  Caring for  / Be righteous-wise
2.  This will make mothers day, a “happy mothers day”
3.  Prayer
4.  Invitation