Title: Honor One Another

Focus: All of hte diverse people of the church with their diverse gifts, strengths and fucntions are important, especially the behind the scenes member. Therefore, we ought to honor all member, especially the behind the scenes members by caring for them and edifying them.

Function: To enourage the hearers to look for the behind the scenes members of the congregaiton, and see that they are cared for, and edify them.

Text: 1 Cor 12:12-27

1.  This morning we talked about honor mothers.  Are we to honor anyone else?
2.  We are to honor God.  Anyone else?
	-1 Pet 2:17 - all men ;  1 Tim 6:1 - Honor masters ;  Eph 6:2 - parents
3.  Are we to honor our brethren?  
4.  Background - Gifts abuse in the Corinthian church
	a.  Missed the point of the gifts - edifying selves, but not brethren
	b.  Some felt superior in their gifts - Result - Divided Body with quarrels

I.  1 Cor 12:12-18
	A.  God designed a single body with many diverse parts
	B.  We are not all alike
		1.  Paul uses a great illustration - BODY with different parts
		2.  (v.15-16) - Everyone has a function in the body
			a.  Iím really not connected because canít teach - WRONG
			b.  Just because shoulder not do what bicep does
		3.  (v.17) - All parts are different by Godís design
			a.  What it be like if each part identical?
			b.  Body couldnít do much if a giant eye/ ear/ hand/ mouth
		4.  Think when God created Adam and Eve - With diverse parts
			a.  They could walk, talk, gather, talk, plant, listen, talk
			b.  Why?  Because God made them with diverse parts
			c.  He did the same with the church
		5.  Each part is different, but no less a part of the body
	C.  ILL:  Sing ďAmazing GraceĒ using only ONE note
		1.  Now sing just the melody
		2.  Now sing all four parts
		3.  Songs are made up of notes, rests, breaths, etc.
		4.  Not all are the same, but each contributes to the harmony
	D.  God created a church not to be in unison, but in harmony
		1.  You may be a quarter-note, a half-rest, or a clef, or a breath
		2.  You are an integral part of the song
		3.  Take away the breaths, what would happen?  Song not last long

So each part is different, and each part is important, which is next point

II.  1 Cor 12:19-22
	A.  Each part of the body is important
	B.  Notice how Paul continues to develop body metaphor for the church
		1.  If eye talks to the hand (Imagine - - -)
			a.  ďI can see colors, trees, rainbow, and READ.  You canít 
			      see anything.  I donít need you hand!Ē
			b.  Eye canít open a book without a hand
		2.  If head talks to the feet
			a.  I am covered with hair, people like to look at me, they 
			     donít like to look at you.  I donít need you feet!
			b.  Head canít get around much without the feet.
		3.  Each part is important & contributes to common good
		4.  First part of chap 12 - gifts for common good 
		5.  Roman 12:4ff - Non miraculous gifts  (all are important)
	C.  ILL:  What is the most important part of the house?
		1.  Siding?  Paint?  Woodwork?  Door?  Wiring?  Windows
		2.  NAILS  (House fall apart without the nails
	D.  Parts that are weaker are necessary
		1.  Siding canít say to the nails (I donít need you)
		2.  There is one body / house / song
		3.  Many parts, and all are necessary

Now after laying the groundwork, Paul moves to application in the next section

III.  1 Cor 12:22-27
	A.  Are we to honor one another?
	B.  What does it mean to honor one another?
		1.  More honor to the unseemly member
		2.  What is a seemly member?   -  Those that are visible by nature
			a.  Face is a seemly member
			b.  Hands are a seemly member  (received a lot of honor)
		3.  Unseemly member - Those in the background
			a.  My big toe, feet, heel, knee  -  Donít receive much honor
			b.  But text say they to receive MORE honor
		4.  This is what the kingdom of God is like  (1 Cor 1:26-28)
			a.  Kingdom is upside down
			b.  Nobodies are somebodies, sombodies nobodies
			c.  Humble are exalted and exalted are humble
	C.  ILL:  Back in 95 - Ingrown toenail
		1.  Didnít treat it like a cut on face, or a pimple, I ignored toe
		2.  Finally had to go to doctor, minor surgery.  Not on prayer list
		3.  Stacey said she would tell.  I told her no.  Why?  
			a.  Feet important to him
			b.  He said he hoped I cared for souls better than soles
		4.  I could have lost the toe from neglect
		5.  (v.27) We are CHRISTíS body, so all parts are to be honored
			- ESPECIALLY behind the scenes members
	D.  How do we honor the behind the scenes members?
		1.  (v.25) - Have same care for them as the ďfaceĒ (visible ones)
		2.  (chap 13) - Remember to love them
		3.  (cahp 14) - Do all things for edification
			a.  To edify means to ďbuild upĒ
			b.  Honor means ďvalueĒ - Let them know you value them

1.  We are to honor one another, especially behind scenes members
2.  To honor means to express ďvalueĒ to them  - THEY ARE VALUED
3.  We do this by caring for them, loving them, and edifying them.  HOW?
	a.  Encourage someone / appreciate them / ASSIST them
	b.  Notice that this is what Jesus did
		- He ate with them
		- He shared Godís word with them
		- He comminicated that they were valued in Godís kingdom
5.  Prayer - Thanks for the behind scenes members / You give them honor / We
want to honor them
6.  Invitation