Sermon:  The Ministry of Motherhood

Summary:  The Bible holds motherhood in high esteem, yet our culture does not.  We 
need to view motherhood with God's eyes and honor his vision of motherhood by 
holding it in high esteem and affirming those who aspire to motherhood and those 
who are mothers.

Know:  Motherhood is ordained by God and part of his plan.  Therefore, God hold motherhood 
in high regard and we should too.

Feel:  An appreciation for motherhood.

Do:   Identify challenges to motherhood and ways to encourage your mother or other mothers 
as well as those who aspire to motherhood.

Text:  Titus 2:3-5

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 66:13

1.  We set aside days to honor certain people
	- Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day
2.  One of the best is Mother's Day
3.  We need to continue to hold motherhood in high esteem

I.  Our Culture Devalues Motherhood
	A.  In 1963, book, "The Feminine Mystique" by Betty Freidan
		1.  Author claimed women trapped in an unwanted domestic life
		2.  Saying that most women not want to be stay at home moms
		3.  3 Years later, she established the National Organization for 
     		     Women - radical organization to promote feminism
	B.  Radical Feminism assaults the esteem of those who make motherhood 
      	     a priority in their lives
		1.  Raising children is for day cares
			a.  Find their place by competing with men
			b.  Most don't want to identify with feminist movement
			c.  However, what used to be considered radical is moved to 
     			     the center
			d.  The message is that it is not fulfilling to be a mother
		2.  A "valuable" or "worthy" woman is the professional
			-  Runs a business, serves in public office, report the news
		3.  Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with these things
			a.  But shouldn't we communicate the value of motherhood?
			b.  What greater thing is there than to raise children
				- May seem mundane
				- Driving to little league games, doctor appointments,
				  band-aids on a scrape, etc.
		4.  You can ask my Mom
			a.  Rather have successful children she raised than business
			b.  She draws more satisfaction from her kids and grandkids 
    			    than being Q.A. where she now works
			c.  She didn't work while we were young, she devoted herself 
    			     to us
			d.  There were professionals that looked down their nose at 
    			     here because she was just a housewife and mother
	C.  ILL:  We should never buy into the cultural view of motherhood
		1.  Peg Campolo didn't let herself be intimidated
			a.  Husband a college professor, she stayed home to raise 
     			     her children
			b.  At faculty parties, when asked condescendingly what she 
   			    did, she never said, "just a housewife"
				- "I am socializing two homo sapiens in the dominant 
values of the Judeo-Christian tradition in order that they may be instruments for the 
transformation of the social order in the teleologically prescribed utopia, inherent in the 
				- That usually ended the intimidation
		2.  I was listening to James Dobson's radio program one morning
			a.  Woman called in, he asked, "What do you do?"
			b.  He answer was "just a mother and housewife."
			c.  Dobson replied, "Stop, don't ever say "JUST" a mother"
			d.  He then spend a couple of minutes affirming the 
     			     greatness and the value of her motherhood
	D.  Mothers are mothers by God's design
		1.  God created them to do what they do best
		2.  This is why he tells us to honor our mothers
		3.  Brings us to our next point

II.  The Bible Values Motherhood
	A.  Most obvious scripture for this is Proverbs 31
		1.  This is not written as a standard for mothers
		2.  This is written to the husband and children to affirm, praise and 
  		     bless mom
	B.  The Bible always holds motherhood in high esteem
		1.  Gen 30:1 - Rachel said to Jacob, "Give me children or I'll die!"
			a.  Rachel recognized the honor and dignity of motherhood
			b.  Her fulfillment in life was connected to motherhood
		2.  Don't get me wrong - Nothing wrong with being single
			a.  Some claim that this is inferior to marriage and children
			b.  1 Cor 7:32ff - Singleness, can devote self to God in a 
  			    different way than when married
			c.  Acts 9:36 - Tabitha/Dorcas, ministered with acts of 
 			    kindness and charity for others
		3.  If choose motherhood, you engaging in an important ministry
			a.  Need to recognize motherhood as ministry
			b.  Primary area of ministry is with your kids
				- Paul mentions a couple of great ministers
				- 2 Tim 1:5 - Timothy's grandma Lois and mother 
			c.  Greatest thing you'll ever do is tell story of Jesus, whether 
 			    they call you preacher or "Mama"
				- Mother's, you can tell the story a way the preacher in 
 				  the pulpit can't
				- Teach and demonstrate the love of God
	C.  ILL:  This is what my sister chose to do
		1.  Graduated High School with honors, college bound.
		2.  Dropped out of college after first semester.  Got married
			a.  A year later, Savannah was born
			b.  Year later, it was Arial, Skyler, then Jayden.
			c.  She is a stay at home mom
		3.  Some say she threw away her future by dropping out of college
		4.  I look at her and my nieces, and I say she took hold of a 
		     wonderful future.
			a.  She revels in her motherhood.
			b.  She is very domestic, and that is a great compliment 
			c.  Never would have thought this about her in High School
			d.  She is applying all of her energy into motherhood
	D.  Because Anna recognizes the value of motherhood, she has four 
 	     wonderful little daughters
		1.  I am confident they will grow into beautiful young women
		2.  To value motherhood is to value your children
		3.  It will show in your children

III.  Motherhood is part of God's plan
	A.  God didn't just make men, but women
		- Creation was incomplete without mom
	B.  (Titus 2:3-5) - Mothers, your work fits in squarely with the God's 
		1.  Older women, teach the younger women
			a.  If you have raised children already, your ministry isn't 
			b.  You have years of valuable insight, wisdom and 
			      experience to pass on to these younger ones
		2.  Love your husbands, love your children
			- To be sensible, subject to their own husbands
		3.  SO THAT the word of God will not be dishonored
			a.  So, not only does your ministry raise children
			b.  Your ministry with your children also contributes to God's 
 			    evangelistic mission as well
			c.  People will notice a godly mother raising godly children  
	C.  ILL:  I remember overhearing one of my uncles talking to my parents
		1.  His kids and myself were coming into our teen years
		2.  My uncle asked, "What is your secret to raising kids?"
			a.  He was struggling valiantly as a parent
			b.  He saw something in our family
		3.  I don't remember what my Dad answered that day
		4.  Reflecting on that, I think it was simply this
			a.  Us kids were the priority in the home
			b.  Not just to feed us and clothe us, but to love us
			c.  My parents and us kids were far from perfect
			d.  But love and grace made all the difference
	D.  So mothers, you have a truly valuable, indispensable role
		1.  Should feel good about your God given role
		2.  We thank you and honor you today.

1.  (Isa 66:13) - Close with this verse
2.  God usually uses the image of Fatherhood to describe his relationship with us
	a.  Here he uses the motherhood imagery
	b.  We have the idea of loving nurture and comfort
	c.  God is waiting with open arms (Inviation)
3.  With the redefinition of the family, we need to keep all of this in mind
	a.  Motherhood is truly honorable and is God's plan
	b.  Being a mother is one of the greatest things in life you can be

Small Group Questions:  The Ministry of Motherhood

Summary:  The Bible holds motherhood in high esteem, yet our culture does not.  We need 
to view motherhood with God's eyes and honor his vision of motherhood by holding it in 
high esteem and affirming those who aspire to motherhood and those who are mothers.

- What is the nicest thing anyone every said about/to you?  How did it affect you?


1.  How does today's culture view domestic women, such as mothers and housewives?  Give 
some examples.

2.  (Titus 2:3-5; Isa 66:13; Matt 22:37).  What can you deduce about how God views motherhood 
from these verses.  Explain.

3.  What is important about motherhood?

4.  (Eph 6:2-3)  What does it mean to “honor” parents?  How is this connected to it going well 
with you?


5.  What are some ways you can combat the negative view of motherhood in our culture?

6.  What are some ways you can esteem motherhood?  How would you affirm those who aspire 
to motherhood?

7.  What are some ways you can honor or encourage your mother?  Other mothers?